Mike Shields Brutalizes CNN Panel Over Network’s Dishonesty

It was a bloodbath Tuesday night on CNN when political commentator Mike Shields destroyed everyone in the room over the network’s “disgusting” and dishonest Puerto Rico coverage in the wake of Hurricane Maria.

CNN has spent months leading the charge in exploiting the U.S. island’s tragedy and fallout after the devastating hurricane. While the official death count stands at 64, CNN — with help from intellectually dishonest liberals in academia — has insisted that the real death count is closer to 3,000.

But sober observers are able to easily rebut the network’s sick exploitation of legitimate tragedy…

Simply put: When people want to know how many died from a weather event, they count the deaths that happened during or in the immediate aftermath of the event. They don’t keep a running tally of deaths that occur weeks and months later, long after the event was over. And the reason they don’t keep that tally is because that number varies greatly depending on the stability of the region. At that point you’re not really auditing deaths from the weather event. You’re auditing the stability of a region to absorb the impact of that weather event.

And in Puerto Rico — compared to, say, Houston, TX — there was tremendous instability. And as Mike Shields pointed out to Don Lemon and Kaitlan Collins and Ana Navarro (all card-carrying members of The Resistance who are too ashamed to admit it), the tragedy in the wake of Hurricane Maria has nothing to do with Donald Trump, who has granted Puerto Rico’s every request. The tragedy in Puerto Rico was 30 years in the making, thanks entirely to the island’s jerry-rigged and cratering infrastructure.


It was a brilliant and long overdue reckoning from the reliably intellectually honest and fair Shields, who CNN should be grateful still graces them with his presence after Lemon’s past treatment of him.

After months of CNN disgustingly exploiting real tragedy and death, Shields sat down and just dismantled them like no one has yet had the courage or competency to do.

The conversation continued, complete with Navarro accusing Shields of being racist (“Maybe you just don’t understand my accent!”), and Shields was able to get a few more points in. But ultimately, as is so often the case on CNN and the reason so few people actually watch the network, the host filibustered when confronted with intellectual honesty that challenged CNN’s anti-Trump narrative.


Shields’ key point stands. If you’re going to count all the deaths that happened in the weeks and months following Hurricane Maria, you’re not not litigating the response to the hurricane. You’re litigating the instability of the region to have absorbed the impact.

Hurricane Maria caused 64 deaths in Puerto Rico. And Puerto Rico’s crudely constructed and maintained infrastructure grid, apparently, resulted in thousands of more deaths since Hurricane Maria. But President Trump has granted every request made by Puerto Rican officials. And the men and women of FEMA are doing an excellent job. And nobody has any ideas on what more could have been done. But for Don Lemon, Kaitlan Collins and Ana Navarro — none of that matters. There’s a good crisis with a lot of deaths attached that they can exploit, so they’re going to do that…

…right up until Mike Shields walks in and jumps off the top rope, making them instantly and appropriately regret it.


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  1. wow – I guess your site is a puppet for the corrupt. “destroyed” the panel…- funny stuff here. the death toll of close to 3000 was from the puerto rican government, who hired george washington university to research the REAL number. recorded deaths are any that were caused by that storms damage, directly. hospitals without power, that caused life support to stop…flooding that washed people to their demise…emergencies that could not nbe reached due to demolished roads, are all part of the storms death toll – like katrina, harvey, hugo, and every other storm death toll in american history are all counted this way. PLEASE check your facts before misinforming the public…and the person who argued against the cnn panel looked like a fool, just like anyone else who spreads the lie that the death toll is only counted by deaths during the storm. come on now with this insanity!!! nothing will ever get accomplished basing your opinions on lies.


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