To Jackie Kucinich & Other CNN Enablers Destroying Media Credibility

Hi Jackie,

Here’s the thing…

An anonymous source reported that Jackie Kucinich is a Democrat activist pretending to be an impartial journalist. Weeks later, another anonymous source confirmed the same thing. A few weeks after that, yet another anonymous source told a very similar story. And then Alex Jones said it was true. And now someone wrote an anonymous op-ed saying it’s true. Folks. We’re seeing a pattern here. Obviously this must all be true!

That’s what you and your dishonest media pals are doing. Unless a filing of people who aren’t rank idiots go on the record (meaning other than Omarosa), it’s just gossip. But you’re hoping that if you tell the same story long enough then we won’t notice that literally none of your “sources” have even a shred of credibility, because we don’t know who any of them are.

So we the viewers, readers and voters see right through you guys, as evidenced best in November 2016.

But the most egregious part is that you claim to be impartial.

In 2018, fake news/media bias isn’t about absence or even distortion of facts. It’s about the prominence of partisan characterization. And virtually every time, you and your pro-swamp propagandist pals start and end every story from a decidedly left-minded perspective. You characterize everything from an anti-Trump, pro-Resistance angle.

I wrote about it here: Trump Beats Media At Their Own Game

But you, of course, deny it. And you say ridiculous things like, “If only Trump hadn’t tweeted today then we’d totes be covering how awesome things are and how many great things he’s done and promises he’s kept!” Or, “We’re just reporting the facts. And the fact is, Mueller is possibly maybe someday about to put Trump in prison. Sources say. I’m sorry if you don’t like it, but it’s not bias. We’re just reporting the facts.”

And again, we all see right through it.

You and people like you are destroying the media’s credibility for generations to come. And people like me, who have seen you and the mainstream media doing this for years, couldn’t be happier about it. So if that’s what you’re going for, keep up the great work. But if not, admit your partisanship and stop playing the CNN game of claiming to be impartial despite clearly being a progressive activist who despises the American right.

Hrand Tookman
About Me


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