Insane Bias, Even For CNN, In Coverage Of Strzok-Page Texts

Tuesday afternoon, CNN’s Jim Sciutto and Manu Raju teamed up to package the most insanely dishonest and partisan coverage of an important news story that we’ve seen in a very, very long time.

We’ve seen CNN just give up in the past with respect to their mask of impartiality. Several times, in fact. But those were more incidental events. Today we saw them take a legitimate news story and butcher it with partisan hackery that was over-the-top even for CNN.

The story is pretty simple and potentially very damaging. The short version: There’s reasonable evidence suggesting FBI agents teamed up with the media to leak stories designed to hurt President Trump.

No small deal, right?

Here are the relevant details and timeline…

(You can read a more detailed version of the story from Chuck Ross, here.)

Enter CNN with their version of events, kicking things off with their favorite two words when it comes to stories they don’t like: “Without evidence.”

CNN’s Jim Sciutto — a former Obama political appointee dishonestly held up by CNN as an impartial journalist — says, “Republican Congressman Mark Meadows without evidence suggests that new texts indicate misconduct by former FBI officials.”

Let’s pause for a moment to point out the first major problem with Sciutto’s butchered reporting.

He says “without evidence” in the exact same breath as he reports on “new texts,” which are themselves the evidence.

Sciutto then throws it to Manu Raju for the full story.

And if by “full story” you thought I meant the truth, to include the details of the text messages and the extraordinarily damning timeline, you’d be wrong.

Because this is CNN, the “full story” is actually just one of the texts with a nondescript reference to the others, zero exploration of the highly suspect timeline, and an entirely uncritical acceptance of the laughable explanation given by Strzok’s attorney.


As noted many times before, CNN is a 24×7 cesspool of fake news and media bias. You can turn the network on any time of any day, and find 5-10 people sitting around eagerly implying that President Trump is a racist, a rapist, a Russian spy or literally insane. And what’s most egregious is that unlike Fox News or MSNBC, they claim to be impartial. But stories like this where they aggressively butcher every critical angle just to protect their anti-Trump narrative are beyond the pale even for them.

We’ve seen them promote and excuse radical Islamic terror (here).

And we’ve repeatedly explored how CNN promotes and excuses violence against Trump supporters (here and here and here and here).

And today we’re seeing CNN proudly broadcast their version of “catch and kill” when it comes to a story they don’t like.

They lied about what the story was in the opening, then left out the most important and damning details before uncritically accepting as fact the laughable defense from the person at the center of the controversy.

This isn’t news.

This is the journalistic equivalent of a story’s cold-blooded murder. And while some may think the phrase “enemy of the people” is hyperbolic, desperate anti-Trump propagandists like Sciutto and Raju are doing everything they can to prove that’s exactly what they are.

UPDATE, 9/12/18 at 10:57AM ET: Buck Sexton gets it.

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  1. I avoid the TVs in airports that are on that fake news channel, apparently I’m not the only one because I noticed that there are more available seats / chairs near those TVs, I don’t need to be sick to my stomach before I get on the plane 😳


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