Desperate Media Try To Slow-Walk Discrediting Of Woodward’s Book

Even as Bob Woodward’s book is summarily discredited by its central figures, the desperately flailing US media are sticking to their story that all of it must be 100% true.

This, of course, because the US media are parasites in the swamp that Trump is busily draining. And so they’re fighting for their professional lives.


PHASE 1: A handful of anonymous sources told Bob Woodward that people close to President Trump said and did things that make President Trump look bad.

PHASE 2: The highly aroused and entirely uncritical media spend days insisting that all of Woodward’s anonymous sources must be credible even though nobody has any idea who they are.

PHASE 3: The book’s central figures deny the claims made by Woodward’s anonymous sources.

PHASE 4: The media essentially ignore the denials, and slow-walk the inevitable discrediting of Woodward’s book.


I’ll give you a few real-world examples below, but basically…

John Kelly, Jim Mattis, Gary Cohn and Rob Porter (off the top of my head) all come out and say that Woodward’s book is garbage, as are the claims in it. But that’s not good enough for the media who insist that despite the denials, it’s still probably all true.

For instance, hypothetically: An unnamed source tells me that, ever since Hillary lost, Jake Tapper starts crying every night as soon as he puts on his bedtime romper. Tapper comes out and says that the claim is untrue. Then I say, “Okay but he didn’t say which claim was untrue. He wasn’t specific in his denial.” So he comes out more clearly, “I don’t cry myself to sleep every night since Trump’s victory.” Then I say, “Okay but he didn’t say he doesn’t cry himself to sleep most nights.” So he comes out more clearly again, “I don’t ever cry myself to sleep. Not before Trump’s victory. Not after. Not ever.” Then I say, “I can’t believe Jake Tapper — a grown man — just admitted that he wears a romper to bed.”

That’s what’s going on with the media right now regarding Woodward’s book, and more specifically the denials of its accuracy by the central figures in the book. They are clearly denying the book’s accuracy and central tenets, but none of that is good enough for the media. There is literally nothing that Kelly, Mattis, Cohn, Porter and/or the rest could say or do that would be good enough for the media to concede “Maybe this book, and its anonymous/unnamed sources, aren’t all that reliable.”

It just won’t happen because, as noted: The US media are parasites in the swamp that Trump is busily draining. And so they’re fighting for their professional lives.

And Woodward’s book — just like Michael Wolff’s and Omarosa’s and the anonymous NYT op-ed — is just another tool in their pathetically ill-equipped arsenal of pseudo self defense.

As promised, a few real-world examples from, where else, CNN…

And here’s Bloomberg’s Joshua Green on CNN doing the same thing, cheered on by pro-swamp propagandist Brooke Baldwin…

And I’m sure there are many, many more examples out there. I’ve seen it happening quite a bit today so it was time to write about it and capture some of those examples.

The mainstream media is nothing more than a propaganda arm for the swamp. And nearly two years after Trump brutally crushed them, their transparent bias is eclipsed only by their desperation. And it’s hilarious. And we’re still not tired of winning.


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