Anonymous NYT Author Will Turn Out To Be, And Stay, A Nobody

The person who wrote the anonymous NYT op-ed will be someone you’ve never heard of. But the media will spend several days trying to lionize them. And they will insist that the person was in fact a very senior member of the Trump Administration. And compared to me or you, that will be true. But relatively and realistically speaking, the person will turn out to be a nobody.

It’s the easiest and most obvious of all current political predictions, but I had to say it out loud because I haven’t heard anyone else yet do so.

Whoever wrote the op-ed will either be an Obama holdover, or a decidedly pro-swamp parasite brought in by apathetic, entrenched handlers who helped with transition efforts.

The author will hold sway only over the people who report to him/her. The author will not be an actual decision-maker or anything close to it, with respect to President Trump’s agenda being carried out. And the extent to which the author could stall President Trump’s agenda will come to a grinding halt with whomever he/she reports to in the chain of command.

Still, once his/her identity is revealed the media will elevate the author to national hero and rock star status. The person will be hailed for what the media will say is unprecedented courage and patriotism. And the media will insist that even though nobody has ever heard of this person, and even though they didn’t actually do any of the things they claimed to have done, they’re still a hero because they believed in something even though it meant sacrificing everything.

(If that sounds familiar, it’s because Nike is using the same nice sounding but misplaced pitch in their latest bid to exploit brown people.)

Here’s how it will go down…

Day 1: The person will one way or another be identified, exited from their job, and trashed as a nobody by President Trump on Twitter.

Day 2: There will be an exclusive interview with either Jake Tapper or Lester Holt. And literally everyone else in the media will offer glowing reviews of the person’s character, along with wildly exaggerated accounts of the person’s role.

Day 3: The person will do 2-3 more interviews. Nothing too crazy. He/she will have learned from Comey and Brennan that overexposure and too much anti-Trump zeal can irreparably damage the message. The Resistance will be squabbling among itself about crucifying or canonizing the person, while the Democrat television stars ensure their appreciation for the person’s “courage” never eclipses their lament that not nearly enough is being done to stop Trump.

Day 4: It’s not looking good. The public, as they did in November 2016, see right through the media’s antics. And they aren’t at all impressed with this “nobody” who didn’t actually do anything, and who carried no actual weight despite holding what can technically be called a “Senior” position somewhere in Trump’s government.

Day 5: The story almost immediately falls off the radar and it becomes clear that the media’s desperate attempt to damage President Trump was yet another colossal failure driven entirely by their own partisanship and intellectual dishonesty.

And that’ll be it. That’s exactly how this will all play out. There will likely be some additional “bombshells” in first 1-3 days by way of additional claims or even documentation purported to be far more damaging than it actually is, but those will fade within their own 24 hour news cycles. In the end, the person will either become a fixture at MSNBC or CNN where exiled Republican swamp parasites and grifters go to retire (Joe Scarborough, Nicolle Wallace, Steve Schmidt, Tara Setmayer, Rick Wilson, Ana Navarro, etc), or they’ll quietly fade away while plotting with a publicist about either hurrying to release the book before the midterms, or waiting until 2020 and hoping nobody has forgotten his/her name (again).

The person will be a nobody. The person will have done nothing they actually claimed to have done. The swamp’s most desperate and destitute parasites (the DC media) will do everything they can to make the person a rock star and hero. They will fail. Badly. And in the end this person, who was never an actual value to anyone except the swamp that Trump is busy draining, will go back to being a nobody who no one cares about or even knows exists.

And Trump will keep winning. And America will keep winning. And the media will keep losing.


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