On CNN, Ben Sasse Embraces Democrats’ Anti-Free Speech Messaging

Ben Sasse is a once capable activist who today does nothing more than sit in the comfort of his ruby red Senate seat poll-testing when it is and isn’t okay to attack President Trump.

He is to the pro-Liberty movement what Jake Tapper is to impartial journalism: A paper-thin cutout of what something is supposed to be, bolstered exclusively by positive reviews from other paper-thin cutouts of what that thing is supposed to be.

And today, Sasse yet again proved that his commitment to limited government will remain stymied by his commitment to the swamp.


He went ahead and became the latest in a growing list of Republicans who — rather than indict the Democrats’ messaging — chose instead to adopt it. He hopped on board the “Who we are as a people” bandwagon.

You’d be forgiven for not immediately recognizing that the phrase “Who we are as a people” serves not to inspire healthy dialogue, but to chill free speech and negate what we are: A nation of free and diverse individuals.

We are not a monolith. We are not a single-minded or focused — morally or socially or politically or otherwise — body.

In fact, if there is a single thread that tells the story of America, that thread is our freedom to think, speak and express ourselves as individuals. Not “as a people” or “as a nation.”

I wrote about this not long ago in a piece called “The Phrase ‘Who We Are As A Nation’ Is Bad For Freedom.” An excerpt…

The phrase “who we are as a nation” was, to my recollection, first pushed with some regularity by President Obama. And then Hillary picked it up, along with the usual suspects like Wasserman Schultz and that Gutierrez guy who always sounds like he’s about to cry. And then, slowly and predictably but still to my dismay, many Republicans started using it.

The phrase is a tool of social engineering. It’s meant to promote groupthink, and stifle independent thought. It’s a lousy expression. And while the Democrats brought it to the table first, my beef is with the constantly-terrified-of-them establishment Republicans who thought it was an effective means of communication until right now, as they’re reading this sentence.

The one thing that the United States is more than anything else, is a nation where people are free to think and act for themselves. So miss me with your “who we are as a nation” garbage. Stop trying to convince me that we’re a monolith all in lockstep with each other and devoid of independent thought.

Ultimately — to claim that there’s one “who we are as a nation,” and I’m not it if I don’t agree with you, is literally the antithesis of the freedom our nation was founded on.

And I’ve since written other pieces about the GOP and conservative media’s penchant for adopting, rather than challenging, Democrat talking points. And I’ll link those pieces at the end of this in the “RELATED” section.

But if you follow what I’m saying and agree, I’d ask that you share this piece on Twitter to help spread the word. Because Twitter has long since banned me, so I can’t do it myself. And I attack “our side” for inefficacy more than I praise them, so — like a middle school cafeteria — everyone in conservative media has basically banned me from their cheesy little circles.

(And look around; I don’t use advertisers, and never will. I pay a very small fee to WordPress to host this site, and that’s my only expense.  So this isn’t about revenue for me. I have a day job. This is about intellectual honesty, original thought, attracting new voters, disarming the biased media, putting Democrats on defense, promoting Liberty and combating all who oppose it.)

The only place that really helps get my stuff out there is WhatFinger News. And I’m really grateful to them for that. But virtually any of you reading already know that, because virtually every one of you reading got here from WhatFinger News! So thank you very much for visiting and if you agree with and appreciate the thinking in this piece and others at this site, please help spread the ideas by sharing them.

Thanks again,

Hrand Tookman


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  1. sasse fooled a lot of people including the “great one” mark levin… i remember listening to his radio program one evening and he was touting what a sterling tea party conservative mark sasse was and encouraging his election…. another fake politician pretending to be a tea-partier… he got to washington and apparently didn’t like being marginalized…. too bad for him if he planned a long career in national politics…..


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