What Republicans Can ‘Do For’ Black People In 2018

I’ve written exhaustively about the many ways Democrats and their media allies create brand new racism, and how Republicans — rather than indict them for it — allow themselves to be blamed while offering pathetic rebuttals that usually amount to “But Chicago!” or “But Robert Byrd!”

I’ve written about how the GOP has led every meaningful Civil Rights movement in our nation’s history, and how the Democrat/media’s efforts to literally segregate our nation while metaphorically enslaving people commands similar determination and action from the Republican party.

I’ve written about how President Trump is the first person I’ve seen actually start winning national conversations from the right and, in turn, creating social and cultural evolution that can be followed by lasting legislative change. But I’ve also noted that even President Trump and his team are way behind on the conversation about race in America, and effectively prosecuting the Democrats and media who exacerbate racial and ethnic disunity and disparity.

I’ve written about our failure to call out the media/Democrats for their regressive insistence that we focus on skin color, and I’ve written about our failure to call them out when they mistake identity for social/intellectual monolith.

But nobody with a real platform — conservative media, elected officials and their parasitic consultants, “strategists” and advisers — seems to hear. Or care. As I wrote just yesterday, most of them are more interested in helping themselves and each other as opposed to actually winning over new voters, disarming the biased media, and forcing the Democrats to play defense for once.

Their uniform professional inbreeding nets a lack of competition, which nets a lack of new ideas, which nets not only appreciation for the swamp’s do-nothing status quo — but dependence on it.

The apathy of our most amplified messengers is why we couldn’t win a conversation until someone with Donald Trump’s candor and courage entered the fray. And that same apathy is why our nation is destroying itself with disunity among our people, dishonesty from our media, complete normalization of Left-on-Right violence, and a total decimation of the family.

So on this the 3 year anniversary of having started this website (so many people to thank!) (Just kidding. I built this. Every word.), I’ll just make one very simple point that I hope everyone with a platform can understand and appreciate…

The Democrats talk a lot about what they will “do for” black people. And Republicans along with conservative media, as usual, eagerly follow suit.

Here’s the simple reality: What the GOP can “do for” black people is to stop treating them like their skin color means they need some kind of unique treatment or solution.

The fact that in 2018 we still talk in those terms and not only accept it but actually celebrate it when we hear it, is a vicious assault on our nation’s progress. President Trump should stand up and announce that he’s no longer going to talk about black unemployment. He’ll no longer reference “the Hispanic community.” He’ll no longer let his team spend time thinking about winning over women voters. He’s going to stop enabling segregation-by-identity, which — while politically expedient for the media/Democrats — only exacerbates division, disparity and destruction.

What the Republican party can “do for” black people — and Hispanics, and women, and gay people, and Muslims, and everyone else who the media/Democrats proudly segregate based on their identity — is to stop promoting the idea that our skin color, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation and/or religion have any bearing on the content of our individual character; who we are as individuals.

What Republicans can do for real progress and unity is to stop enabling the media/Democrat lie that judging people based on identity is a progressive step forward.

It’s not.

Black people are not a monolith. Neither are Hispanics, women, gays, Muslims, Christians, Jews, etc. And segregation is supposed to be behind us. So what Republicans (and conservative media) can do to help inspire our nation’s next great Civil Rights movement, is start acting like they know those things. And, by default, exposing the Democrats and media whose power is derived from our nation never accepting those realities.


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