3 Year Anniversary Of This Website: Love Breeds Accountability

Today is the three year anniversary of this website, and many people still don’t really understand why I chose “Love Breeds Accountability” as the name for it. So I shared an explanation with my email distribution list, and decided to add it here as well.

I chose the name LoveBreedsAccountability because I grew up watching my parents fight through very hard times as a couple but honor their commitments to each other and their family. And now, after 56 years of marriage I’ve never seen two people more in love. And they — in the face of great adversity — raised 5 kids (3 conservatives, 1 Democrat, 1 socialist), all of whom are well-adjusted and successful in our own rights. And we’re well-adjusted and successful not because we’re better than anyone else. It’s because the love we saw and experienced from our parents, even and especially watching them endure the tough times, instilled in each of us a sense of accountability to them, each other, and ourselves. And when we take that with us in to the world, we are automatically productive contributors.

Our nation needs more productive contributors. We need the meaningful contribution of all our citizens. But too many in our nation don’t get that example of honor and commitment. And instead of going on to be productive contributors, they become victims who lack any meaningful hope or sense of individual Liberty. And it’s a cycle that, like abuse, often repeats itself generationally. And it’s evident to even the most small-minded of observers if they’re willing to apply intellectual honesty.

The existence of loving (read: committed), two parent homes — who lead by example by honoring their commitments even when the going gets tough — are the greatest difference maker in a free society. And the absence of those loving, committed, lead-by-example two parent homes, is the greatest detriment.

So why did I name this website “Love Breeds Accountability?” Because it’s true.


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