The Lazy GOP & Conservative Media Almost Cost Us Our Nation

My political activism began, as is the case for many Americans, with me yelling at my TV. Only I wasn’t yelling at the people with whom I disagreed. I was yelling at the people on my side for doing such a miserable job communicating our message.

There are really four areas that the political Right should be focused on.

1). Sustain a united Right

2). Attract new supporters (disaffected Democrats, recreationally-engaged voters, etc)

3). Disarm the biased media

4). Put the Democrat party so far on defense that it’s forced to repackage its entire platform

Most of our most amplified voices — from establishment Republicans to conservative media and the DC strategist/consultant/adviser cesspool, parasites all — most of them only do the first one. They only preach to the already faithful. And it’s usually in an effort simply to enrich themselves.

They do nothing to attract new voters. They terrified of attacking their mainstream media peers/enablers, with whom they insist on playing nice. And rather than go after the Democrat party with any real efficacy, they instead cede the terms of the debate and adopt the Democrats’ message!

(Examples of the latter here and here, to name a few.)

The professional Right’s elitist hatred for anyone outside of their cliques, and anyone who dares to challenge them, breeds apathy among them. And that apathy is why we spent so many decades getting crushed where it matters most in every national conversation: Socially and culturally. And that really is what matters most. If we don’t win the conversation socially and culturally, then those we send to DC have no mandate to effect any real change. And that — the absence of courage to effect real change — is how “the swamp” became not only okay with its do-nothing status quo, but in fact dependent on it.

And we in the grassroots have watched the GOP and conservative media just get absolutely crushed every step of the way. And we, their ardent supporters and faithful voters/readers, suffer the brunt of it. Because we’re the most poorly-armed to fight back. Some of us don’t have the same rhetorical craftiness or clarity of those atop the political and media food chains. But even those who can effectively articulate their ideas are cast aside as feckless dolts for daring to assert themselves as equals to people like Jonah Goldberg, Ana Navarro, Seth Mandel and the rest of the insiders-only, clicks-for-cliques clowns. Ultimately they have all the power — and all they do, all day long, is work to retain that power. They think they’re the smartest people in the room, and will band together to slit the throats of anyone who challenges that claim. And that’s why rather than attracting new supporters, or disarming their best friends in the biased media, or actually winning the conversations and forcing Democrats to repackage their entire platform…all they really do is preach to people who already agree with them. And their sermons usually amount to how great they all are.

We’ve spent several generations getting absolutely pummeled socially and culturally. Racism and disunity are both exploding on both sides in plain sight, the decimation of the family is almost entirely complete, violence against the right by perfectly lucid leftists is entirely normalized, our schools and entertainment blocs are 100% monopolized by unhinged leftism…and the one thing that all of our right-minded “betters” can agree on, is their hatred for the one person who is finally starting to do what they all lacked the courage and competency to achieve: Putting up a real fight, socially and culturally, to course correct so many of those destructive realities.

Their hatred for Donald Trump, and the people who support him, is palpable. And that’s because the vast majority of them are nothing more than parasites in the swamp that President Trump is busy draining. And so, as I said in the second post I ever wrote here almost three years ago to the day, good riddance to bad messengers!

Their lazy, apathetic and inbred commitment to doing nothing more than enriching themselves and each other is why we’ve lost so badly. It’s why our nation is in such relative peril and it took President Trump to actually start bashing heads to help us re-chart our course. It’s not because the Democrats and media are good. It’s because our most amplified voices are terrible.

And it’s true across every debate in our country with the sole exception of the 2nd Amendment, where we’ve managed to hold our own despite the political and media inbreeding of those allegedly tasked with helping defending our interests.

From racism and abortion to education and media bias — The National Review, Weekly Standard and even The Wall Street Journal are rife with whipping boys and girls who are more desperate for approval from Jake Tapper and Chuck Todd than they are hungry to actually defend what compels we the intellectually honest and progress-minded Right.


There is no more harmful display of racism in 2018 America than that which exists in plain sight, as asserted by the media/Democrats, who promote literal segregation and metaphoric slavery while not only celebrating identity-based disunity but demanding it as an alleged moral good. And nobody on our side says anything about this. We on the right have always led on civil rights, and mitigating celebrated division and growing hatred is easily the greatest civil rights issue of our time. So we need to get caught up.


On abortion — the media/Democrats, in plain sight, went from “Safe, legal and rare” to simply “Safe and legal.” And nobody on our side even seemed to notice let alone care or draw from the incredibly instructive, subsequent implications.


We are having years-long debates about public education and how to improve it while ignoring the bullet-proof reality that education starts and ends at home. And school is just a middleman. And no matter how bad a school or school system might be, kids who fail more often than not have parents failing them.


We The People are at this very moment in a literal war with the media to the figurative death. Either they will win and will continue, as they have for decades before Trump came along, lying to and about us completely unimpeded. Or we will win, and they will be exposed as the foremost propaganda arm for “the swamp” that they are and have been for my entire lifetime.

These are just some of the areas where the arbiters of messaging efficacy — from elected Republicans to conservative media — are failing us, and our nation, so wildly. And the vast majority of them, however cowardly from behind closed doors, are furious at President Trump for doing what they never had the guts or passion to do. He’s a threat to their very way of life, as dependents on the swamp and its status quo. The status quo that insists they are all the smartest people around, and we’re all just rubes who are here to keep them fat and happy. Those days are quickly coming to an end. And I’m excited to start seeing and hearing some of the more powerful ideas from a more productive-minded right start to emerge.


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  1. I can’t even be bothered to read such an article. Come on, wake up and stop talking about the time th edoor knob came off. The Republicans who vote with Democrats (RINOs) conspire to weaken America and open our boarders and they did it for the Chamber of Commerce and the large multi national s and everyone knows it.

    There’s only one phucking issue. Is America to survive as a strong, independent& sovereign nation. The globalist consisting of many different interests hope not and came within a “Trump” of cinching the deal.


  2. Repost this in three months and if articles of impeachment aren’t staring us in the face we’ll have more time to talk.
    At this moment I think most politically motivated right-wingers aren’t entirely sure what to plan for three months from now.

    Waiting to see if the general public will notice improvements in the economy and if a tech-sector collapse will somehow dominate the economic coverage.


  3. Those of conservatives that are saying the right things and saying it loud are shadowbanned and/or blocked …my comments on newspaper sites are submitted for moderation and are never approved…it’s discouraging and to tell you the truth, i’ve been in search of making myself and my opinions known by going underground..i hate to say this because i don’t like pessimism but i think freedom of speech only applies to liberals and trolls and globalists ….i don’t want to sound all doom and gloom but it’s getting harder and harder to find like minded genuinely concerned with direction that the democratic party is going in …as an ultra-conservative christian grandmother raising my grandson i worry about what his future is going to be like in 10 years when he is turns 18…i’m turning 60 next month….so you can see i have cause to be concerned….either way, it’s refreshing to read your post. Thank God i found someone who feels the same way i do…God bless you…


  4. So I googled Republican inefficacy and this was the first thing that popped up. Been looking for a Conservative site that says what I think & for the most part, you’re batting 1.000. It’s not the Dems are better, the GOP is worse, it really is that simple. The partial shut down, many on the Right blame the Left for. I don’t blame Trump or the Democrats, an ineffective GOP has this laid solely at their feet. The entire brouhaha over the border wall is exactly like the unrealized Obamacare repeal. In many ways, the lack of cohesion in the Republican Party is worse than anything the Democrats come up with. They’re a known quantity., you know they’re out to screw you from the jump, but these RINO’s, though I have a hard time calling them Republican In Name Only, because this bumbling bunch of buffoons is what the GOP has become, so Republicans should be called what they are- Not Conservative. The only real hope the GOP had at being effective was the TEA Party and the establishment Republicans own just as much of the murder of the TEA Party as the Left and the Media. Sorry for the redundancy.

    Just as the TEA Party tried to supplant Republicans, like Republicans supplanted the Whigs, we need true Conservatives to jump the GOP ship, it’s sinking anyway, and give us true representation. Otherwise, the Democrats will march us all toward another failed Socialist paradise. Progressives have usurped the Liberals in the Democrat Party, hell, these days I miss Liberals, but Republicans constantly caving to Democrats leaves a large part of our nation unrepresented. We’re in dire need of something new.


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