Resistance Jake Tapper Humiliates Himself After Anonymous NYT Op-Ed

Poor Resistance Jake yet again ran head first in to reality when viewers across the country discerned a fatal flaw in his latest opposition to President Trump.

Tapper is most famous for pretending to be an impartial journalist despite boasting an entire career as a liberal activist and, most recently, his role as a leader of the anti-Trump resistance movement.

You can see examples of Resistance Jake’s aggressively biased interviewing styles here and here.

And you can read about his career pretending to be impartial, here.

And you can see many more examples of Resistance Jake exposing his bias and making a fool of himself here and here and here.

Today merited a quick write-up because he’s absolutely giddy over two days in a row of anonymous sources trashing the sitting President of the United States.

According to Resistance Jake, basically: There are now several examples of people trashing President Trump that, combined, all create a very consistent theme. The theme is that Trump is unhinged, and everyone hates him, and the only thing stopping him from nuking the entire planet are the people around him.

Resistance Jake cites as evidence Michael Wolff’s book, Omarosa’s book, Bob Woodward’s book, and today’s NYT op-ed.

There’s just one problem with the “theme” that Jake and his anti-Trump propagandist pals are so eagerly sewing together…

Every single stitch is threaded by anonymous sources.

Literally the only person who has actually gone on the record, is Oma-freaking-rosa.

That’s a problem for Resistance Jake, and the rest.

They’re doing exactly what the left do when it’s revealed that a hate crime turned out to be a hoax. They’re saying, “Well okay maybe it’s not exactly true or we can’t actually prove it, but c’mon. You totally know it’s exactly true and we can totally prove it!”

It’s just ridiculous, laughable, circular illogic.

Until one of these allegedly credible sources actually goes on the record, they’re all just playing further in to the narrative that Trump is masterfully navigating: They’re all liars and crooks, beholden to the swamp, who are furious and terrified because he’s ruining the grift they all built their careers on.

This is what Tapper is doing…

An anonymous source said that Jake Tapper writes a confidential newsletter for other allegedly impartial journalists. The newsletter is focused on how they can destroy Trump’s Presidency and usurp the will of the American people. Another anonymous source a few months later said that the story is true. A third anonymous source, a few weeks after that, also said the same thing. Then Alex Jones confirmed that it’s true. And now yet another anonymous source has also said it’s true. Guys. We’re seeing a real pattern here. Obviously it all must be true. And even if only some of it is true — obviously it all, basically, must be true.

That’s it. That’s how Resistance Jake Tapper and his idiot pals in the media treat these stories. It’s a series of unidentified people over several years telling the same exact stories and often using the exact same language, and then Jake and his idiot pals in the media hope you won’t notice that they’re literally all anonymous sources except for one notorious psychopath.

And they think people are dumb enough to believe them.

I’m honestly to the point where I doubt that alleged “journalists” like Resistance Jake actually think they’re fooling anyone. They can’t be that stupid. Instead, I’m starting to believe that they’re just trying to create content for their anti-Trump audiences. That that — delivering content that will compel viewers, subscribers, etc — is their only real goal. It has nothing to do with effective political activism, and we already know it has nothing to do with actual journalism or reporting the news. It’s just about creating content for people who are so unhinged and intellectually far gone that they’ll actually mistake the anonymity shell game and obstruction loop* for legitimate intelligence.

And that would make sense. Because Resistance Jake along with the rest of the media, as I’ve noted in the past, are some of the swamp’s most desperate and destitute parasites. So it stands to reason that all they’re trying to do is scrape by enough to survive.

But it won’t last long. Because President Trump keeps racking up wins, and Cruz is taking notes from him on how to ignore the media for his 2024 run and ensuing 8 years in office. The mainstream media — thanks to their partisan, biased ways — is quickly becoming a thing of the past. And you don’t need any anonymous sources to confirm that reality. Everyone outside of the swamp sees it plain as day.

SUMMARIZING: A bunch of anonymous sources all telling a similar story is nothing more than gossip, until/unless at least some of those sources go on the record and are deemed to be credible in their capacity to make such assertions.

*The obstruction loop used by the media is: Trump is a racist, a rapist, a Russian spy and/or literally insane. These are the four stories that, on any given day, you’ll see them desperately pitching. The term “obstruction loop” was, to my knowledge, first asserted by Mollie Hemingway.


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