Nike Continues Its Long Tradition Of Exploiting Minorities

After building their brand on the abuse of brown children in third world countries, and watching with glee as kids in America literally murder each other in the streets for their over-priced goods, the people at Nike have decided to take yet another step in their exploitation of brown people: Perpetuating the myth that racism, not broken homes, is the cause of disparity for Americans who happen to be black.

I’ve noted many times that Colin Kaepernick and the rest of the NFL players are free to protest if they so choose. And the owners are free to create rules against it, and the fans are free to stop watching.

And as we all know: Every one of those rights exists thanks to the sacrifice of those who fought and died for our freedoms, the first of which allows for free speech and expression.

That’s why American patriots like President Trump note that the national anthem is a time to celebrate our nation’s heroes. And they say the athletes who protest during the anthem are dishonoring those heroes’ many sacrifices. So Nike’s claim in their latest ad campaign — that Colin Kaepernick “sacrificed everything” by dishonoring those who literally gave their lives for his freedoms — is aggressively stupid.

But again, Kaepernick — whose career in the NFL was already over because he’s terrible — has the right to build a new career as a professional protester/victim. And the players who were actually good enough to still have jobs in the league also have the right to protest. Owners and the league have the right to allow or disallow behavior as they see fit within the confines of their employ. Americans have the right to stop watching, speak out, etc. And Nike has the right to pour gasoline all over itself and then light the match, which I’m pretty damn sure is exactly what they just did.

I legitimately don’t have any gripes with any of that, because all of those rights are why I stand for the anthem and honor those who gave everything for our freedoms.

My problem — the reason I must stand and speak out — is that the players who are protesting and those who support them are perpetuating a myth about racism and disparity that only results in both racism and disparity getting worse.

It’s absolutely true that Americans who happen to be black do endure disproportionate disparity. They endure that disparity with respect to broken homes, education, income, and instances of crime.

Professional victims like Colin Kaepernick, and bigoted liberals like the executives at Nike who support him, want you to believe racism is the cause of the disparity.

It’s not.

And the most simple and obvious proof that racism isn’t the problem is that Asians — not whites — experience the most favorable results in every one of those most meaningful metrics (intact families, education, income, absence of crime).

So how can that be?

Well, the answer is pretty simple. But you don’t hear about it much because modern day slavemasters like Colin Kaepernick, and historically-consistent Democrat bigots like the ones who run things at Nike and ESPN, they all roll their eyes at the truth.

What’s more, they say people who speak the truth are — wait for it — “RACIST!”

The truth is that broken homes are the single greatest driver of disparity in America. And when a young person grows up in a broken home, his education suffers. (Education starts and ends at home. School is just a middle man. So kids who fail, more often than not, have parents failing them.) And when a child’s education suffers, he has less opportunity to earn a decent income. And when he has less opportunity to earn a decent income, he’s more predisposed to crime. And when he’s more predisposed to crime, he’ll have more run-ins with the police. And when he has more run-ins with the police, he’s more likely to experience police aggression and/or end up in prison.

It wasn’t substantively about race until Democrats and their Uncle Toms (Colin Kaepernick, Angela Rye, Bakari Sellers, etc — all of whom grew up in loving, committed, two parent homes) decided to make it about race. And with the help of the media, Hollywood and academia, now it’s only about race. And thanks to Nike’s latest act of bigoted exploitation, lots of young black kids will see their ads and believe that “whiteness” is a disease. Or be taught to fear, rather than respect, law enforcement. And lots of white kids will learn to knock themselves down a few pegs and pity their black and brown peers. And some of those black kids will be mad at white kids. And some of those white kids will be defensive about their skin color. And they’re all ending up hyperfocused on race because liberals are telling them that’s the right thing to do.

Whether it inspires people who think they’re doing good or those intent on doing bad, the so-called “social justice” movement that Nike has chosen to exploit only creates more racism.

And none of the newly engaged — the well-intended or the ill-intended — were racist until Colin Kaepernick, and regressive social deadbeats like the powers that be at Nike, came on the scene and started pretending that hyperfocus on skin color is actually a good thing.

And they do it all in the name of combating both racism, and the variety of disparities endured by Americans who happen to be black.

But in reality they’re only creating brand new racism.

And the disparity only gets worse, generation after generation, because historically-consistent Democrats just keep finding new ways to keep blacks on their plantation. And in order to do that in 2018, they have to ignore the facts…

19% of Asians grow up in broken homes.

29% of whites grow up in broken homes.

53% of Hispanics grow up in broken homes.

72% of blacks grow up in broken homes.


It’s an absolutely staggering number. But all across the media, Hollywood and even academia — Democrats and social justice warrior activists insist that it doesn’t matter. They insist that it’s a myth that broken homes create disparity. Any honest person will concede that generally speaking, two are better than one when it comes to parenting. Two parents mean more time, resources, energy — and perhaps most importantly: Two parents who honor their commitments to each other and their family, even and especially in the face of adversity, mean a shining example for their kids of what love looks like, and how it inspires accountability in the family members who get to experience it.

Kids in broken homes, on the other hand, get less time, energy and resources from their parent. And those kids have no real example, at home every single night and every single morning, of what it means when two people join together, out of love for their children, to honor and remain dedicated to their most sacred commitments.

That. Matters!

But Kaepernick — raised in a loving, committed, two parent home — and those like him make a pretty good living pretending to be professional victims. And companies like Nike, whose entire brand is built on exploiting brown people and watching with glee as they literally murder each other for their shoes, will continue helping perpetuate the myth that creates just more racism and more disparity. And they’ll all continue ignoring the obvious. They’ll all continue pretending that broken homes have nothing to do with the disparity endured by Americans who happen to be black. And they’ll keep creating brand new racism. And making our country more hateful. And working hard to keep black people on the Democrats’ plantation where they can be more easily controlled and manipulated. But more and more black people are waking up and seeing through the lies. And that means as the generations go on, we will start seeing fewer and fewer broken black families, and less and less disproportionate disparity.

And at that point, the reckoning comes. That’s when the history books will start recording people like Colin Kaepernick, and companies like Nike, and movements like Black Lives Matter along with the historically-consistent [racist] Democrat party that enabled them all — the history books will record them all as being the great dividers and enslavers of our time. The history books will recognize that the only thing that changed since 1863 and 1964 is that the Democrats’ commitment to slavery and segregation went from literal to metaphoric, while still manufacturing destruction and pain all across our nation for generations at a time.

NOTE: I know there might be a lot of single parents who take offense to this post and rationale. My question to them: Do you want your daughter to grow up to become a single mom? Do you want your son to abandon his commitments when he becomes an adult? This post isn’t about you, specifically. It’s a post about the future. And it’s a post about single versus two-parent households, generally speaking. As noted in several other pieces I’ve written: Plenty of great, accountable kids come from single parent homes — and plenty of terrible kids come from two parent homes. But generally speaking, two are better than one when it comes to parenting. And we need to stop ignoring that, and/or pretending it’s not the case.


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  1. “The #NFL season will start this week, unfortunately once again @Kaepernick7 is not on a NFL roster. Even though he is one of the best Quarterbacks in the league,”

    Stupid Tweet … Kaepernick is NOT in the league so how can anyone assert he is one of the best QB’s?


  2. Millions of brave American Soldiers fought and died in wars to protect our Flag, our Constitution and the freedoms that allow slugs like Colin Kaepernick and the other highly over-paid NFL a-holes to kneel during the playing of the National Anthem and disrespect everything they fought and died for.


  3. What Brennan, Mahmoud & Nike Have In Common — They Hate Our Flag

    Kaepernick’s ghoulish face is going to attract customers?

    So are the financial backers and shareholders celebrating these decisions too?
    Are Sales and Marketing people over at Nike happy today?
    Business would be great if it weren’t for the customers

    Stupid liberals and business don’t mix.
    Business and activism don’t mix, you would think these CEO morons would have more brains…

    New business strategy: pissing off half your customers

    Sales and marketing people at Nike might jump ship quickly before the rush.
    Sales about to soar at Under Armour, Adidas, Reebok, Puma, etc.
    American people who love our country have plenty of alternatives

    “… and all of a sudden the NFL cares about social justice”



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