Meghan McCain Is A Cancer On Her Dad’s Legacy

Meghan McCain — who without nepotism would be smacking gum behind the cash register at an outlet mall — used her dad’s death as a chance to level smug, lazy attacks at President Trump.

And thanks to her dad’s cowardly devotion to the Washington D.C. swamp, that’s all anyone will remember about him.

Or her.

Because without him around to help promote her, Meghan McCain is one failed candidacy from being spit out the bottom of the media’s sewage system.

I can’t guarantee that The Meg will actually run for office — but I can guarantee that a lifetime of nepotism-enabled professional spoils have left her truly believing that anyone other than swamp parasites actually cares even a little bit about what she thinks, says or does.

Meghan McCain, the world’s most singularly definitive manifestation of “spoiled rotten brat,” legitimately believes that she has the experience and insight to make a positive impact on our nation through social and political activism.

And this was her last stand. It was her last chance to actually carve out a place among the swamp parasites who, to curry favor with her father, let her build a career rolling around in their excrement. And as usual she did exactly what they wanted her to do…

Instead of being present in the moment and honoring her dad’s life, she used his death to dishonor his legacy. Wearing what can best be described as Peter Strzok-like smugness, she — in the middle of her father’s funeral — inexplicably took multiple shots at the President of the United States.

And that’s all the swamp parasites (media, Democrats, establishment Republicans) wanted her to do. And that’s all they’re talking about. And that’s all anyone will remember.

Nice work, Meghan. If your goal was to spend your last 15 seconds of fame exploiting and tarnishing your dad’s memory, you nailed it.

I had intended to wait a while before lamenting John McCain’s post-military record of unabashed douchebaggery, but if Meghan and her swamp parasite pals want to politicize his memory — then we shouldn’t be expected to sit around watching them without saying something back.

It was bad enough when that dirtbag John McCain started using his death for political potshots even before our merciful Lord Jesus Christ took him, thus sparing us all from any more of his Sunday talk show lecturing and mutual media reacharounds. As he made plans to die, McCain wanted the world to know that Donald Trump wouldn’t be invited to the funeral. Who does that? (My understanding is that Trump, instead, went golfing. And it sounds like the weather was beautiful and he had a great round!) McCain and his silver-spoon-stuck-up-her-ass wife also wanted the world to know that Sarah Palin wouldn’t be invited. To be clear, if it weren’t for Sarah Palin then the election that McCain blew in 2008 would’ve been the single most brutal political clobbering in our nation’s history. Still, Palin was of course very gracious in her response to the annoying but predictable McCain family political hackery:

“Out of respect for Senator McCain and his family we have nothing to add at this point. The Palin family will always cherish their friendship with the McCains, and hold those memories dear.”

McCain also famously staved off primary defeats by promising to lead the charge in repealing and replacing Obamacare. But when the time came after literally the entire conservative movement across our nation had fought hard for almost a decade to give him that chance, McCain instead sided with the Democrats and voted to keep Obamacare.

Talk about putting swamp over country!

Make no mistake: That move was done entirely out of spite. There was no moral or social or even political calculation. There was John McCain and his personal, petty hatred for President Donald Trump. And nothing more.

And why did McCain hate Trump so much?

Donald Trump proved to the world what useless hacks and parasites people like John McCain are. Having never been in politics before he outworked, outsmarted and outperformed McCain and his entire army of establishment political grifters.

And so the only thing McCain had left of any actual value to his legacy was his military record. But frankly even that is highly questionable, as he’s rumored to have caused many US deaths and the stories of his heroism are said by many to be wildly exaggerated. Still, nobody with any real credibility or platform was going to drag McCain’s name or legacy through the mud posthumously. McCain was to be laid to rest, and with him that single trace of glory that could be still affixed to his name after his pathetic and destructive career as a political parasite.

But no more. Now, all anyone will remember is that his disgusting, spoiled rotten brat daughter stood up at his funeral…and used it to do the swamp’s bidding; to attack President Trump.

And spare me your “Listen to her whole eulogy!” cries. I did. And the entire thing was overshadowed by the stupid, lazy, totally inappropriate shots she took at President Trump. But it makes sense that she’d take those shots, because here’s something else everyone with a pulse is already aware of: The only reason the media cared at all about John McCain is because he too took shots at Trump. If McCain were a Trump ally, does anyone actually believe the media would have spent an entire week swooning over the 874 different “McCain Memorial” events that took place? Of course not. McCain was beloved by the media because he attacked Trump. And if he didn’t attack Trump, then the media would’ve just called him a racist even in death for — *shuffles deck, pulls out card* — overshadowing Aretha Franklin’s funeral.

So naturally, The Meg — yet again wholly incapable of anything even close to original substance — jumped on her daddy’s coattails and rode them all the way to one more round of media fawning.

And that’s all anyone will remember her dad for. And that’s all anyone will remember her for. I hope it was worth it, Meghan. But I assure you — even as a staunch critic of your dad’s — it wasn’t. Your dad was a disgrace to US politics in his life, and you’re a disgrace to the shred of dignity that was left of his legacy, in death. And it’s too late for you to do anything about that. And now that you’ve done your part and there’s nothing left for you to cash in on, the swamp will spit you out like raw sewage. Because you’re not even a parasite in the swamp. You’re so much lower than that. You were the spawn of a parasite, and there’s literally nothing left that you can offer the rapidly-draining and terrified occupants of the miserable DC world you and your parents had so long considered “home.”

Good riddance to yet more useless grifters.

Still not tired of winning!


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  1. I don’t see a person’s name attached to this article but whomever the author was deserves a Pulitzer Prize for Journalism. Totally on the mark with respect to Mr. McCain and his douche bag daughter.

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