Hilarious Re-enactment Of White House Press Briefing

Good comedy almost never leans to the right, but this “Bad Lip Reading” starring Sarah Sanders and the White House press pool is absolutely hilarious.

And you know it leans to the right because your liberal friends would hate it. Maybe because it reveals the truth: Sarah Sanders is a total boss, while the White House reporters are largely aimless, shiftless little children.

So if you know anything about White House press briefings and you support President Trump, you’ll love this…

I highly doubt the “Bad Lip Reading” people lean to the right. But who knows. Maybe they do. And that would be great, because we desperately need some better comedy on our side.

Before now, the funniest pro-right comedy I’d seen was from Saturday Night Live! It was that hilarious “Max The Dog Who Loves Trump” sketch. And it’s very possible that the writers of that sketch thought they were attacking us.

Before that it was the classic George Carlin bit about global warming. But he, too, had just as material (maybe more?) attacking our side.

The left has a consistent stream of politically-aligned comedy content to enjoy.

We have basically nothing.

The closest thing I’ve seen even to an attempt is that dumb “Newsbusted!” thing that NewsBusters does. And I feel bad saying that, but I think even they know they’re working twice as hard for half the funny. They’re doing their best and that’s great. And it’s more than I’m doing! But it’s still not nearly enough. Because it’s not actually funny. (Wow and I just went to get that link you see embedded in the word “Newsbusted!”, and it looks like they closed up shop back in 2016. It just wasn’t that good. But they meant well.)

And come to think of it, Allie Stuckey actually showed her chops with the impeccably timed and produced satirical interview of Alexandria Octavio-Cortez. The awkward silences, glances, mashing — all very tough to do and all done masterfully here:

Hope to see more from her, but I’d love for her and others to join up so we’re not just depending on a single person who can lose us with one bad set/sketch.

We’ve got some good writers on the right and a lot of great humor around us. Hopefully one of these days some of that combines to give us some consistently good comedy content. Until then, it’s worth writing about when we get a glimpse of what that might look like.

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