The Media Tries To Define ‘The Swamp,’ Despite Epitomizing It

Trump supporters have very few voices in the media who truly get where we’re coming from, so it’s kind of hilarious when the media and others pretend to speak our language and know what we’re thinking…

The good news is that they’re trying to speak our language, which means President Trump is doing what many of us predicted he would: He’s winning the national conversation where it matters most, socially and culturally.


For as long as I can remember, feckless Republicans would adopt — rather than attack — the substance of the Democrats’ talking points.

A few recent examples…

  • Like when Kellyanne Conway and Paris Dennard both submitted to Democrat demands that we all view the world through race-colored lenses. (Read about that here).
  • Or when a CBS News host went unchecked despite implying that women should be viewed/judged as a monolith. (Read about that here.)
  • Or when we see Republicans adopt the anti-free speech, pro-groupthink phrase “Who we are as a nation.” (Read about that here.)

But for once, as predicted by many of President Trump’s earliest supporters, those tables are turning.

Now you have everyone from the socialists who pretend to be journalists on CNN, to the communists who pretend to be socialists in Congress, adopting Trump’s language in an effort to win voters over.

Specifically, the idea of “Draining The Swamp” has become universal in its importance.

And I always crack up when I hear some MSM/anti-Trump journalist talk about how “swampy” it is for people to spend a lot of money on office furnishings, or have their staff do things for them that aren’t directly job-related. Every day I hear at least one host on CNN say something about how disappointed I should be in Trump for not draining the swamp. It’s transparent and pathetic, but also hilarious.

And now Fauxcahontas (aka Elizabeth “Running Joke” Warren) is out there beating the tomtoms about “draining the swamp.”


I obviously don’t speak for all Trump supporters, but here’s my definition of “The Swamp,” which I’m guessing many other Trump supporters agree with…

First and foremost, it’s the grifter politicians who are there only to enrich themselves. This is just about the entire Democrat party, along with their dedicated whipping boys, the establishment Republicans.

Next, it’s the media and their inbred, elitist circles who are in bed with the politicians. This is basically the entirety of the DC media, along with most of the mainstream media who together work day and night to defend the swamp and tell us what/how to think.

Finally, it’s the useless “strategist, adviser, consultant” cesspool who have built careers as the lowest form of life in the swamp; the most destitute of the swamp’s many, many parasites.

But even the most destitute of the swamp’s parasites are still exponentially better off than the average working Joe in America. They make a lot more money, work a lot less, and have a lot more job security because the entire swamp is basically just a breeding ground for apathy, professional incest, and social/political exploitation.

That, to me and I’m guessing many other Trump supporters, is the swamp.


President Trump rails against the lobbyists and others, and that’s great. He’s spent his life helping stock the swamp as a businessman, so he knows far better than I how it works.

But as someone who’s just sick of the whole thing, and has spent his life being lied to and about by both the media and those who were supposedly elected to represent me, this is the swamp: Democrats, establishment Republicans, the cesspool of inbred consultants/strategists/advisers, and — perhaps most slimy — the useless media who serve as a propaganda arm for the entire thing.

And because the feckless Republicans have spent so many decades bowing down to the Democrats, those Democrats were able to greatly politicize most of the government in their favor. That’s why the BMV and other lazy, entitled government workers are largely hardcore Democrat activists. And that’s why when we talk about government shutdowns, people are more worried about workers not getting paychecks than the actual jobs not getting done. (And that’s crazy. And you may not have thought about it before. But you can read about it here.) Feckless Republicans bowing down to Democrats are why so many of the “Republicans” in the intelligence community are nothing more than political operatives there to defend and protect the swamp. It’s why the IRS was weaponized against conservatives, and there was exactly zero recourse for it.

So as 2018 and 2020 approach and we see the media/Democrats trying to adopt Trump’s language in an effort to speak to Trump voters, we should be more clear about who we’re talking about when we say “Drain The Swamp.”

And in case I wasn’t clear enough for the media who play that game — Chuck Todd, Brooke Baldwin, Jake Tapper, etc — we are talking about you. Same goes for Ana Navarro, Rick Wilson, Nicolle Wallace, Steve Schmidt, Stuart Stephens, Amanda Carpenter and the other now-exiled Republican grifters who built careers losing. To 65,000,000+ voting Americans, you’re all blights on our nation’s progress and unity. And when we say “Drain The Swamp” we’re a lot more focused on you than we are on someone actually doing a good job who spends too much on drapes. Or has a subordinate run errands for them. Sorry you had to find out this way. But yet again, as has been the case throughout your careers, your compasses are way off.

Of course we want responsible stewards of taxpayer dollars, and to see government spending in general greatly reduced. But when we say “Drain The Swamp,” we’re talking about the entire inbred media-and-politics class that for decades have built cushy careers doing nothing but helping themselves and each other.

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    • Interesting concept: “Trump, “knows” the swamp, because he spent his entire career, loading it up with political subordinates”!

      Now that he is President, he is trying to “un-do”, some of the political errors of this country? A very Nobel endeavor! Trump needs all of us Conservatives, in America, to help him achieve this goal! It is paramount to the existence of the United States! Trump, & us Constitutional Conservatives, must band together “NOW”, more than ever before, simply because there is a huge effort on the part of Liberals, to gain control over the “masses”…’s all about “greed, Power, & Money, { as Hillary, & Bill, have shown us time, & time again}…..These self-indulged opportunists must be defeated, or there will be no future for our children, & grandchildren! It’s all about “LESS GBMNT, & MORE PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY”!


    • Blind family-oriented loyalty, is an un-healthy thing! McCain, although he “was”, a “hero”, admitted he did things, he was not proud of…{Vietnam?}….torture would produce such results.

      McCain, was “really” a democrat, { moderate}, in a Republican disguise. His actions, in the Senate, proves this!

      Megan, should seek her own format/platform/ideals, in order to authenticate her political presence!


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