Chuck Todd’s Documented History Of Redefining ‘Truth’

On Sunday’s ‘Meet The Press,’ host Chuck Todd squeed with delight when Rudy Giuliani unwittingly asserted legal nuance that could be weaponized to mock Trump’s team and give fodder to disingenuous critics.

The statement from Giuliani, as most of you already know: “Truth isn’t truth!”

Of course there was a lot more to Giuliani’s comments than those three words. The crux of his argument, as he went on to note: “Donald Trump says ‘I didn’t talk about Flynn with Comey.’ Comey says, ‘You did talk about it.’ So tell me what the truth is!”

In the context of a legal investigation, it’s a fair and easily-discernable point. At least to the intellectually honest.

But to swamp parasites like Chuck Todd who push anti-Trump propaganda and call it “news,” there’s no way Rudy would get away with making that point. Since most of you probably haven’t even seen the whole clip, here it is teed up to that part of the segment. (No need to watch the last several minutes unless you want to. Just a minute or so will give you the context that the media is universally leaving out.)

By leaving out the context and just running with “Truth isn’t truth!”, the media give yet more false hope to their anti-Trump constituency. They get a good laugh for a few days, but nothing changes. Why? Because their enthusiasm, yet again, is built on paper-thin dishonesty that in the end amounts generously to “squat.”

It’s reminiscent of Kellyanne Conway’s correct, but widely mocked, comments about “alternative facts.”

FACT: I’m writing this article because I care about intellectual honesty, and want to defend President Trump.

ALTERNATIVE FACT: I’m writing this article because I’m a partisan with an agenda.

Both of those things are facts. Both exist. But the framing makes them appear to be entirely separate facts. They’re not. They’re alternative facts, existing in the eye of the beholder.

But to the media, there’s no latitude or nuance when it comes to people defending President Trump. The media along with the Democrats and establishment Republicans are parasites in the swamp that Trump promised to drain, and so they’ll take every opportunity to attack and destroy President Trump and his supporters; to usurp the will of American voters who elected the sitting President of the United States.

Alexandish Ocatvia-Croissanwich can ban the press from a public event, and offer a hilarious excuse for it, and the press get in line to celebrate her hilarious excuse. Latitude and permissiveness for nuance know no bounds when it comes the media’s socialist and communist peers…

But if someone defending Trump dares to speak 2-3 words that, taken without context, can be weaponized against them…the anti-Trump propagandists masquerading as impartial journalists will jump at that chance every time.

Such was the case with Kellyanne’s “alternative facts” comment and now, again, with Rudy’s “truth isn’t truth” legalese.

So I decided to take a look back at Chuck Todd’s own references to “truth,” and what I found was pretty entertaining.

So wait. There’s such as a thing as “too much truth?” But I thought the truth was the truth. Now you’re telling me there’s a version of it where there’s too much of it? Is that different than the right amount of it? Depending on the subject matter and audiences, might opinions vary on what that right amount is? I woke up today with no questions about varying perspectives on “truth.” Now I have so many.

Okay now I’m really confused. So there’s “the truth,” but then there’s also a truth that’s specific to an individual? And that truth isn’t the same as the regular truth? So there’s my truth, and then there’s your truth? That sounds an awful lot like what Rudy Giuliani was saying. But that couldn’t be the case, because Chuck Todd and his idiot pals have spent the last 24 hours mocking Giuliani for saying that. Hmmmm.

Again, what’s with this “your truth” stuff? I thought there was only one truth. But apparently, if the evidence here is accurate (and it is), Chuck Todd believes there can be more than one perspective on what “truth” is. And that makes sense to most of us. Unless you’re a Trump supporter and they catch you saying it! Then their posture rests entirely on intellectually dishonest mocking and disingenuous finger-wagging.

And I guarantee if there were a way to review every word Chuck Todd has ever said on camera, we’d find several examples of him saying something along the lines of “The truth isn’t always so simple.” Or “What appears to be the truth, isn’t always that black and white.” Or “Different people have different versions of the same series of events.” And that’s basically what Rudy Giuliani said.

But because the media is nothing more than a propaganda arm for AntiFa and The Resistance, they’ll just keep trying to run down other folks so hard, completely unaware that their flagrant partisanship is the best campaign ad President Trump could ever ask for.

Yet another very bad day for Resistance Chuck Todd. Maybe he should consider his own insights sometime.


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One comment

  1. TRUTH: Chuck Todd is no Tim Russert. Russert spoke with integrity. He spoke softly and carried a big stick.
    Chuck Todd rants incessantly and has nothing to swing.


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