‘Face The Nation’ Host Promotes Bigotry

Sunday on “Face The Nation,” host Margaret Brennan repeatedly asked a question that many forward-thinking viewers will see as bigoted and sexist: “Does Donald Trump respect women?”

Now at first glance, I’m guessing a lot of people might think “What’s wrong with that?”

Well, that’s why I decided to write…

First of all, just to highlight the media’s growing infatuation with itself, it’s the typical kind of “Gotcha!” question that The Resistance Media dream up and then spend the next week patting themselves on the back for.

And it is typical. Just last week we saw ABC’s Jonathan Karl and CNN’s Anderson Cooper employ a similar line of questioning. On separate occasions, the two took turns asking Trump supporters to play “count the colors” with respect to the racial make-up of the Trump Administration. The questioning was — just like Brennan’s — lazy, regressive and bigoted. And in both cases, the folly of the questioning was missed by the right and celebrated by the left.

Brennan thought for sure that she’d be able to shame the women who support Trump and embolden the ones who oppose him. Unfortunately for Brennan, one of the women who supports President Trump was particularly blessed with the ability to effectively express her views. And she wasn’t going to be bullied in to Brennan’s corner.

You can watch the segment below, but I’m going to keep writing because even the effective Trump supporter missed the most important and potent answer to Brennan’s ridiculous question.

The correct answer should sound like this…

No. President Trump doesn’t respect women. And he doesn’t respect men. And he doesn’t respect white people. And he doesn’t respect black people. And he doesn’t respect Hispanics, Asians, gay people, straight people, Christians, Muslims or Jews. President Trump — like most of his supporters and I think and hope most Americans — respects individuals. And people who say they respect an entire class of people just because of their identity (race, ethnicity, gender, etc), aren’t much better than people who say they don’t respect people because of their identity. If you judge people based on identity, good or bad, then you’re a bigot. Because you judge people based on identity. And rather than try to celebrate that, Margaret, or plant those seeds in the minds of your millions of viewers, you should use your platform in more progressive ways that promote quality conversations and unity rather than social segregation and division.

That’s the right answer. Of course President Trump isn’t exactly on top of it either, when he says things like “Nobody loves the Hispanics more than Trump.” But I love it when he says that because I’m a partisan and I know it drives The Resistance Media (ie, the mainstream media) absolutely insane.

But I think more and more people on the right are waking up to what some of us have been preaching for years: Our nation was not long ago a very healthy body representing the wide-woke realization of Dr. King’s dream that we judge by character, rather than color/identity. But in the last few decades, the historically-consistent bigots in the Democrat party have — with the help of Hollywood, academia and the mainstream media — begun shackling people with manufactured grievance, and creating brand new division and hatred and segregation. And it’s time we start calling out people like Karl and Cooper for demanding that we all view the world through race-colored lenses, and others like Margaret Brennan for her own ridiculously regressive insistence that we view women as a monolith.

The same goes for questions like “What will President Trump do for women?”, or blacks, Hispanics, etc. Here’s the right answer for that…

The first thing President Trump will do for women, blacks, Hispanics and others, is tell Democrats and the media to stop treating them like their gender or skin color somehow means they need special treatment. That type of thinking is regressive and bigoted, and does more to create division than it does to inspire unity; more to corrupt Liberty than it does to celebrate individual freedom.

Again, that’s the right answer. And while I often pretend when writing pieces like this that many people are waking up to that reality, the truth is: I honestly haven’t heard anyone with a meaningful platform — in politics or conservative media — even come close to pushing that important evolution. But cream rises to the top, so someday soon they will.

And that’s a good thing.

Because Republicans have led every meaningful Civil Rights movement in our nation’s history against Democrats’ bigoted resistance, and the narrative shifts I describe above are without question the most important of our time in that ongoing battle.

Here’s the segment…

INTERESTING NOTE: I just went looking for the clip to include in this piece. What I found was very interesting. The “Face The Nation” Twitter account shared all the clips from this segment, except the one where the Trump supporter so effectively made the case for why she supports him. That clip, apparently, wasn’t worthy of being shared. So I grabbed it myself and uploaded it to YouTube.

NOTE ALSO: You can tell a lot about someone by the company they keep. Just like fascist hate-monger Chelsea Handler loves Jake Tapper (despite the fact that so many of Jake’s defenders claim he’s definitely impartial), it appears that Resistance General Stephen Colbert just loves Margaret Brennan. (Thus the featured image for this piece.) “Face The Nation” was, thanks to the end of The McLaughlin Group, the best of the worst in terms of the big 3 network Sunday shows. And it still is. But as I watched today I was compelled to call Brennan out for her question, because it’s time more people start call out the Left for their bigoted, identity-first worldviews.

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  1. I believe that our blood-bought American liberty is best preserved through individual sovereignty and accountability (with goodwill). But critically, the very definition of ‘good’ and ‘goodwill’ differs fundamentally by group identity. Many are siding against American self-ownership and opting for a false refuge in numbers.


  2. So many good points! My favorite, we are known by the company that we keep. Respect is good, fear works. Good people ought to be armed as they will, with wits and guns and The Truth. God Bless US Bitter Clingers. SHUN ICKY!


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