Racist NYTs’ Maggie Haberman Saves Helter Stelter & Resistance Jake

Maggie Haberman, of the racist New York Times, got pummeled by readers as her mask of impartiality was fully eclipsed by the reality of her predictable and lazy attacks on President Trump.

This time around, it was…

Actually let’s back up, first. This won’t take but a minute.

The media, in general, is getting crushed right now. And to the entire right half of our nation, who for generations have been lied to and about by that same media, that’s terrific.

On Saturday President Trump tweeted that he condemns “all types of racism.”

Nothing too controversial there, right?


By Sunday morning, Resistance Jake Tapper was weeping live on air because — apparently — condemning “all types of racism” is itself a very racist thing to do. (It was on CNN’s State Of The Union. You can find the clips if you want.)

Then you have Brian Stelter dry-humping the news that the media is, in fact, the opposition party to President Trump and his supporters.

Mr. Walter Kirn spoke for a lot of us when he called out Stelter’s [most recent] idiocy…

And finally, we have Maggie Haberman getting trounced for a piece she wrote that condemns President Trump because he said something awful was too nice to women.


Bring on the dragging…

Even fans of the Racist New York Times thought Haberman’s piece was a joke…

So to recap…

According to Resistance Jake Tapper, denouncing all racism is racist.

According to Brian Stelter, the media uniting to assert partisan opposition is proof that they’re not partisan.

And according to Maggie Haberman, saying something nice about some women means you hate all women.

We know that if AltLeft goons like Resistance Jake, Helter Stelter and Haberman love America at all — then they love only what it might someday become if they can destroy it and rebuild it as something far more socialist/communist. So in that way, they — like most professional Leftists — truly are enemies of the American people. But let’s set that nuanced, philosophical perspective aside. More explicitly and flagrantly, these increasingly laughable and partisan displays by the media show that, without equivocation or qualification, heavy hitters at CNN and New York Times are absolutely the enemy of anyone who voted for and/or supports the President of the United States. And if that’s what they and their Democrat allies want to run on in 2018 and 2020, it’s fine with us.

Because we’re still not tired of winning.

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