‘Space Force:’ The Greatest Trolling In Political History

Trump supporters have endured a tremendous amount of bullying, hatred and even violence thanks to the anti-Trump propagandists who masquerade as impartial journalists — and I think we’re now entitled to some fun.

Yes, of course, there’s all that winning. From the booming economy, to the generations-deep SCOTUS picks, to undoing Obama’s disastrous programs, to re-establishing a position of strength on the global stage, to upholding our immigration laws and reinforcing our sovereignty, to draining the swamp of political hacks like Unhinged Ana Navarro and media hacks like Resistance Jake Tapper.

And that’s great. Still not tired of winning!

But what about actual fun?

We’re due, and I think most of President Trump’s supporters would agree.

So here’s my proposal: Starting immediately after the 2018 midterms, I think every Trump supporter should publicly adopt two words and two words only…

“Space Force.”

In reaction to every new media nothingburger, every critique of President Trump, every promotion and/or celebration of his opposition — no matter what, all the time, every time, just reply or rally with “Space Force.”

And then when people ask what the heck you’re talking about, just keep going.

Me: “I said ‘Space Force.'”

Them: “Huh? I asked you about the proven fact that he’s a Russian spy. It’s proven. PROVEN!”

Me: “Space Force, I said.”

Them: “He’s a rapist/racist/literally insane. FACT!”

Me: “You’re crazy. Space Force. Case closed. Full stop. Facts matter. Space Force.”

Them: “He’s literally setting up concentration camps for infants and toddlers.”

Me: “I believe, that you believe, that what you’re saying is important. But hear me out on this: Space Force.”

If we could pull it off, it’d be the greatest trolling in the history of the world.

And of course President Trump would still win, because things are going that well and the media are that ridiculous.

“Space Force.”

No matter what, all the time, to all media and Resistance opposition…

…”Maybe you should study the Constitution for once. Because here’s what I know: Space Force!”

…”How about you read a book sometime? That’d be a good idea. If you did, then you’d know already: Space Force.”

…”FACT: *long pause* Space Force.”

Let’s do it. Let’s have some fun. Let’s make a mockery of the entire debate, because lord knows that’s one area where the laughingstock US media is way ahead of us. Let’s reciprocate.

Because I came here to chew gum and space force. And guess what? I’m all outta gum…

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  1. If you guys would just be serious for a minute, you’d understand what’s really important here: SPACE FORCE.


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