LeBron James: Still A Social Deadbeat

UPDATE, 8/6/18: He’s not a deadbeat, social or otherwise. He’s doing his best to give kids a better chance at fuller lives. Still, heated rhetoric aside, I stand by the enterprise assertion that as long as he/others blame racism for disparity and say nothing about broken homes, then both racism and disparity end up getting worse.

LeBron James is still working hard to create division, racism, disparity and destruction all across our nation.

He isn’t saying anything about men taking care of and/or honoring their commitments to their families.

He isn’t saying anything about the empirically-proven, negative impact that broken homes have on children.

He’s throwing a tiny percentage of his wealth around to help some kids who need it right this moment. And that’s great. But until he speaks out against broken homes, he’s not really doing anything to affect any actual change.

To LeBron and other casualties of leftism, little things like “family” aren’t really that important. To these well-intended but wildly wrong wannabe do-gooders, the village is what really matters. It’s up to the village to take care of kids. The two people who actually created the child are just an afterthought, if that.

Sure they say that family matters. And they point to garbage conclusions about “fatherhood involvement” as discerned by the Obama-era (and thus highly politicized) CDC. (If you haven’t heard about that yet, the Obama-era CDC produced a study that determined “fatherhood involvement” was actually pretty consistent across all races. And so, the story goes, it’s a myth that broken homes actually create disparity. Yes. Really. I wrote about and documented it in several pieces, including the very first post nearly 3 years ago that explains the name of this blog: Love Breeds Accountability. Check it out.)

But when it comes to loving, committed, lead-by-example, 2 parent homes — LeBron and his SJW pals are worse than flat-footed.

They’re no-shows.

LeBron tells Don Lemon that President Trump is using sports to divide us, and that sports have never been used to divide us. Yet he stands proudly in solidarity with the NFL players who misappropriate blame for black disparity and, in doing so, not only divide our nation but also make every problem worse. (Check out NFL Players Misappropriate Blame; Create Destruction.)

Racism gets worse because they’re teaching young black kids that skin color matters more than anything else. And they’re teaching young white kids that they should knock themselves down a few pegs and feel bad about their skin color. And if you say “All Lives Matter,” you have to apologize. And social segregation — celebrating “black Twitter” or “Hispanic Pride!” or using “white people” as a pejorative — all these are good things, per the LeBron crowd.

The true problem — broken homes — gets worse, because LeBron and his SJW pals in the NFL aren’t saying anything about it. And their silence is effectively consent and approval. This is very simple and if they plan to teach math and basic reasoning at LeBron’s school, then hopefully the kids who attend will be able to follow…

When it comes to parenting, two are generally better than one. Two parents mean more time, energy and resources. Two parents who honor their commitments to each other and their family, even and especially in the face of adversity, are leading by example for their kids. They’re raising their kids to see what commitment and dedication and honor look like. They’re raising them to know what love feels like between two people who start a family together. They’re inspiring hopefulness and, most importantly of all, accountability in their kids. So then those kids grow up to be adults who knew they were loved, who knew that good people believed in them, and who saw the sacrifices that sometimes must be made in life when we make commitments, and then honor those commitments.

Those are healthy lessons that two parents who stick together — two adults who should know better than to just give up or abandon their commitments — can teach their kids.

But LeBron James and his SJW pals in the NFL don’t see it that way.

In fact they and their supporters call me “RACIST!” for even suggesting it.

Because that’s what they do.

They ignore the real problems and instead just divide us further by falsely claiming that racism is ubiquitous in the most free, prosperous, and upwardly mobile nation that’s ever existed in the history of the world.

That 72% of black kids grow up in broken homes (compared to 29% of whites and 17% of Asians) isn’t even a factor, per LeBron and his SJW pals.

The problem, they say, is that white people are basically just [usually unwitting] assholes and black people are their perpetual victims.

It’s disgusting and destructive and I’m sick to death of watching these idiots get credit for “helping” when all they’re doing is ignoring the real problems — ignoring the tough problems — and instead making everything worse.

LeBron grew up in a single parent home. So he doesn’t have a clue what I’m talking about. And if he wasn’t a good athlete, who knows how his life would have turned out. I’m glad he’s trying to do something to help kids who need it right now, but unless he gets the guts to start speaking out about fathers and mothers honoring their commitments to each other and their families, and as long as he’s just blaming “racism” for the disparity endured by Americans who happen to be black, he’s hurting more than he’s actually helping.

I’m glad he can play basketball and I’m glad he’s got some money to throw around and it’s terrific that he can put on a pair of glasses and pretend to suddenly be a beacon of philosophical progress and social enlightenment. But like his idiot pals in the NFL, as long as he misappropriates blame for the disparity that Americans who happen to be black endure, he’s just making all the problems worse.

NOTE: I know there might be a lot of single parents who take offense to this post and rationale. My question to them: Do you want your daughter to grow up to become a single mom? Do you want your son to abandon his commitments when he becomes an adult? This post isn’t about you, specifically. It’s a post about the future. And it’s a post about single versus two-parent households, generally speaking. As noted in several other pieces I’ve written: Plenty of great, accountable kids come from single parent homes — and plenty of terrible kids come from two parent homes. But generally speaking, two are better than one when it comes to parenting. And we need to stop ignoring that, and/or pretending it’s not the case.


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  1. It is going to take a while to rebuild what the Communist (Progressive, SJW, Liberal) haters have done to American families. It was done on purpose and with malice.

    President Trump met with black ministers and leaders the other day who are working to help the black communities heal and become contributing citizens again. Many who attended were actually insulted by other blacks who have only learned how to hate and nothing about how to love.

    Jobs and prison reform will help them to rebuild their communities quickly.

    Celebrities live in a very different world and are really not capable of giving advice to people who want to marry, have jobs, raise families and enjoy life in peace and safety.

    I enjoyed your article. You are correct about what needs to be done. I added you to my favorites links.

    There is no substitute for love that money can buy. No amount of celebrity means as much as looking into the eyes of people you love, that really love you and actually see you and not just the mask you wear.

    We love what we take care of and we take care of what we love. Mutual love and accountability is the highest meaning of life at every age and in every circumstance.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. The Day after Obama was elected to his first term i spoke to a black man at work. He started the conversation in an attempt to see how mad I was about it. I told him i wasn’t mad at all. This man has the opportunity to get minorities helped. To emphasize the importance of education, and work and to encourage men to not leave their children. He was in a position (with street cred) like no other person on the face of the earth. He squandered that opportunity. Shame on him.


  3. I’ve employed young men for the last thirty odd years. Those who came from broken homes, on marrying and fathering children exhibited one most clear commitment: they weren’t going to, under any imaginable circumstance, divorce and leave their children in the situation they as kids found themselves. One hundred percent of them expressed the same commitment. I’m sure not all succeeded, but one underdog percent is telling.


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