Ana Navarro Outs Herself: More Socialist & Elitist Than Conservative & Republican

Unhinged Ana Navarro took a notably less insane tone on Wednesday night while revealing that her values align far more with socialism and elitism, than with conservatism and Republicanism.

For anyone who doesn’t yet know, Donald Trump’s ascent in the Republican party exposed people like Ana for the con artists, grifters, and swamp parasites that they are. Her entire career as a “GOP strategist” was defined by failure. She and so many others — like Rick Wilson, Steve Schmidt and Nicolle Wallace, for example — told us that they were the most effective messengers for the GOP’s brand. They told us that they knew how to win socially and culturally, and that we should trust them. In the end, Ana and her equally useless ilk presided over the Republican party’s darkest decades — where day after day, quarter after quarter, and year after year our loyal voters and elected leaders were just beaten to a pulp by far more effective Democrat operations.

Then Trump came along and started winning the conversation socially and culturally, while also defeating one of the most powerful political operations in history — thus, almost single-handedly, securing a critical electoral victory as well.

He did it all, and he did it basically on his own.

And that was the end for people like Ana.

She made a lot of money doing a lousy job for the GOP, and Trump’s victories meant people like Ana were exposed as the useless grifters they are.

So now she goes on CNN several times a day to scream and yell about how awful Trump is. And tonight she revealed herself to be far more socialist and elitist than conservative and Republican.

The moment came during a discussion about a possible government shutdown.

Navarro, who aligns with the Democrats on almost everything including open borders but still claims to be a Republican, yet again took the Democrat position when it comes to a government shutdown.

“The people who get hurt in a government shutdown are the government workers, many of whom live paycheck to paycheck,” she said.

The problem with that statement is pretty obvious, but we don’t hear a lot of people call it out so I’ll just make the point clearly: Working for the government is not a charity, or a welfare operation. If the government shuts down and our biggest concern is that furloughed workers aren’t getting paychecks, then that means the work these employees are doing is of little actual value, if any. And the Democrats have long made that case. Whenever there is a shutdown, their hearts immediately start bleeding for the affected employees. But bolstering conservatives’ claims that the government is bloated and carries a lot of dead weight and spends a lot of unnecessary money, they say nothing about the actual work that those employees are supposed to be doing. Or the actual value they allegedly provide. That’s never the issue. The issue is always, “These poor government employees won’t get paid now.”

Well cry me a river. If you work for the government and your job goes away, and the first thing people worry about is where you’ll get your next paycheck from, then that means your job is kind of a joke. The first concern should be “Who will do that important job now?”

But socialists and elitists on the left don’t see it that way. They apparently think the US government is the largest corporate welfare scheme on the planet, and that most of the workers are charity cases who we keep around just so they can get paychecks.


Steve Cortes always does a good job making unique, strong points in the hostile, anti-Trump CNN environment. And tonight was no exception. But he did leave out the part where Ana Navarro exposed herself as a socialist and an elitist.

Like her bigoted Democrat pals, Ana Navarro looks down on America’s workers and thinks they all need handouts from the government in order to survive. It doesn’t matter if they actually add any real value. The only thing that matters to swamp parasites like Ana, is that we taxpayers and our private sector employers keep doling out the cash so the government can keep bank rolling useless hacks. Useless hacks like Ana was before Trump exiled her from the Republican establishment amid his successful efforts to drain the swamp.

Just like Rick Wilson, Nicolle Wallace and the rest of the demoted and/or exiled establishment GOP swamp dependents — Ana continues to let her true colors show. She never understood the value of Liberty. She never embraced the merits of individual freedom and personal responsibility. She never cared about the important, identity-averse civil rights movements that the Republican party has been responsible for throughout our nation’s history. All Ana ever cared about was open borders, and bilking the Republican establishment out of big dollars to cover her lavish lifestyle. And now that she’s dating some millionaire Democrat fundraiser twice her age and he’s picking up her tab, she can let her true colors show. To Ana, the only things that matter are open borders and turning our government in to a socialist welfare system so that elitist bigots like her can look down on you and feel good about themselves. And tonight, yet again, she made that very clear.

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  1. Socialist are doomed to a dismal existence…In America our Freedoms provide Protections against Fascist racist Democrats who Hate America.Oh yeah, And we have all the Guns.


  2. Anna Navarro is beyond a vile disgusting piglet. She looks like a “Latina” Betty Rubble and her accent makes me want to hurl, she is nothing but a joke. As a Hispanic woman myself, I’d back hand this ‘gata’ in a heart beat.


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