Dear Diary: Jim Acosta Needs To Toughen Up

Jim Acosta’s very sad public diary is getting him a lot of sympathy from the media, but he and his peers might want to look in the mirror before overplaying their victim card.

When he’s not acting like a petulant child in the White House press briefing room, Acosta can be found at Trump rallies pretending to promote the First Amendment in the face of allegedly life-threatening attacks.

We’ve already discussed the newly-emerging concept of First Amendment Cannibalism, which happens when crybaby journalists like Jim say my right to free speech should be chilled if I use it to criticize the media. So when it comes to criticism generally, he and his pals really need to toughen up a bit.

But in terms of the ferocity of criticism they get, they should also take a minute to think about what it’s like to be a Trump supporter who watches CNN. (And I use the word “watch” loosely. In reality, the few of us who can tolerate CNN actually monitor the network for their explicit and persistent pro-swamp bias.)

When Jim is heckled at a Trump rally, he gets to use the enormous megaphone that CNN gives him to cry about it and play the victim. But when Jim and his co-workers spend literally 24×7 attacking me, and other Trump supporters, we have no recourse. We just have to sit there and endure it. Every day, all day, Jim and his peers tell us that we’re idiots. They say we’re rape apologists, or tools of Russian espionage. They call us racist, they say we’re stupid, and they work diligently against that which we work toward. CNN isn’t a news station. As any intellectually honest person will attest, the network is a full-time anti-Trump strategy session. They may occasionally invite a token voice on who actually supports and defends the President (and his supporters). But that person is always wildly outnumbered and battered by the host. Ultimately, all day every day, if you turn on CNN you’re going to see a host and a series of guests all sitting around talking about how awful Trump is — and discussing ways that they can obstruct and/or outright end his Presidency.

That simply isn’t news.

Jim is upset and scared because he shows up to Trump rallies to criticize the President and his supporters, and the President and his supporters respond with criticism of their own. And consistent with the spirit of a rally, they do so with greater degrees of enthusiasm than you might find in an environment where, for example, people are not rallying.

But this has Jim and his media peers [pretending to be] shaken to their core. They’re laughably convinced that they’re the first line of defense for freedom and the sole protectors of our sacred rights. They’ve breathtakingly overestimated their value and, in doing so, spend virtually all of their time and energy belittling and diminishing ours.

If Jim is sick of being treated badly at Trump rallies then he should think twice about how he and his peers treat Trump supporters. And spare me the anecdotal niceties that may occur between some Trump supporters and some hostile media. Or the fact that the media aren’t coming out and blatantly saying “Trump supporters are all racists and idiots.” (Although in Don Lemon’s case, for example, that’s exactly what he says.)

All day, every day, they sit around and imply that we’re idiots and worse. And we’re sitting there in our living rooms with no way to respond other than yelling in to the void through Twitter or Facebook posts. And we’re rarely heard. And we’ve been yelling about the biased media for decades now. Trump’s success, in part, was that he heard us. And he agreed with us. And when he said “Drain The Swamp,” many of us included the mainstream national media as parasites in that swamp that also needed to go.

We’re mad, Jim. And you guys make us mad. It’s not Trump. It’s you. It’s you and your peers whose entire mission is to destroy the sitting US President, and meddle in our elections so that your will — rather than our own — is done.

And who could blame you? Trump and his supporters are a threat to so-called “journalists” like you. We’re a threat because we’re exposing you for what you really are. You’re not a journalist. You’re a propagandist. You already have your narrative, and the “news” you manufacture is designed obviously and explicitly only to further that narrative. We’re not a threat to the free press. We’re a threat to the swamp’s most prominent propaganda arm. The press will be just fine. It’s ubiquitous and as long as we have free speech, always will be. (People like me are now the press too, Jim. I know that kills you because we don’t care about your cocktail parties or approval, but it’s true.) So the free press will be fine. It’s the Democrats, establishment Republicans and their swamp media allies who need to worry.

So yes, we don’t like you. And yes, at a rally where people are supposed to get fired up, you’re going to hear about it. But at least you have a platform that you can use to voice your opinion about the situation. Before Donald Trump, we didn’t. And if you think for a second that we’re going to let you take away the one platform we finally have, or that we won’t fight you for it, think again.

EXIT OBSERVATION (courtesy of Derek Hunter)


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