After Two Years Of Calling Trump A Liar, Media Aghast At Revelation That Trump Lies

While alleging to be the smartest people in the room, and despite having spent two years insisting that all Trump does is lie — the pearl-clutching media are apparently the last ones in America to figure out that Donald Trump does in fact lie.

In some cases, he’s extremely honest. Like when it comes to the big issues that people actually care about: Immigration, America’s standing in the world, creating a good business climate in the US, etc. Some would even argue he’s too honest in some of these conversations.

But in other cases, when it comes to things that don’t actually matter much, yes — I hope you’re sitting down — the man that you in the media have spent two years calling a compulsive liar, will at times lie.

I’m sorry you had to find out this way.

Yes, he probably slept with Stormy Daniels and that other one.

And yes he probably paid money to keep the indiscretion out of the headlines.

No, he’s probably not actually worth $10B. My guess, just shooting from the hip, it’s probably closer to $3-4B.

And of course there’s no definitive proof that “nobody loves [blacks, Hispanics, women, gays, etc] more than” Trump. It’s entirely possible that somebody out there does. It’s entirely possible that Trump is lying.

I’ll even cede that it’s possible — possible — that 18 months in to his first term, it’s not yet demonstrably true that he’s the greatest President in the history of the world.

I could go on, but let’s get to the point: Yes, he may have known about the meeting his son had with Russians at Trump Tower in 2016. And he may have denied knowing about it because he thought admitting it could get him in real trouble, or give the press a ton of ammunition to attack him, or both.

And if I’m just making an honest, educated guess: He probably knew about the meeting, and then he probably denied knowing about it to protect himself.

We don’t actually know at all because the speculation is based entirely on the word of newly-Sainted Michael Cohen. In fact it’s not even based on Cohen’s word. It’s based on an anonymous source’s word, about what Michael Cohen might have said. But if it is true, then yes…President Trump will continue lying about it because he obviously embraces the “Admit nothing, deny everything, counter-accuse” school of thought.

And yes they obviously lied when they said the meeting was about adoption. They went to the meeting hoping for dirt. But they didn’t get it. Like so many other meetings Donald Trump Jr. probably takes throughout the day, the people he met with lied about what they had to offer him — and they lied about what they wanted from him. In the end, what they wanted was help with an adoption-related matter. So while “it was about adoption” is plenty true, I’ll still grant you that he lied by withholding the part about wanting to get dirt on Hillary.

So now what?

The meeting itself is still as much of a dud for Mueller and the media, as it was for Trump’s campaign. It obviously captures the imagination of many Trump critics, but in terms of legal implications, there’s no there there. Nobody is going to charge, let alone convict, anyone of wanting to get dirt on a political opponent and not getting it. The Trumps could’ve set up a tent outside the Kremlin with a sign that says “Please Help Us!”, and the only actual repercussion they’d face would be political.

And as most of us know, that is really what this is all about.

The media is lying to us. They’re claiming, along with their Democrat and establishment Republican swamp allies, that this is just about election integrity. But we all know they just want to destroy President Trump.

We all know they’re lying to us.

The media lies to us a lot. And they have for a long time. And so do Democrats. And so do establishment Republicans. They lie when they tell us that it’s racist to want our immigration laws upheld. They lie when they tell us that war is the only answer. They lie when they tell us during election seasons how much they hate each other, and they lie during off-years when they tell us how much they love each other. All they do, all day long, is spin and lie. And during elections it’s in furtherance of their own interests, and the rest of the time it’s in furtherance of the swamp that they all live in. At no point are any of these people — politicians or the media — actually doing anything that puts America (and Americans) first.

For my part, as a Trump supporter, I hope he keeps lying to the media and his political opponents. Because, for better or worse, that’s how this racket goes. And it’s been that way long before Trump showed up. But he’s the one who’s the greatest threat to their status quo, so they’re all ganging up on him; calling him a liar and acting like they’ve never seen it before.

When he came out and said “Would” vs “Wouldn’t,” I knew he was lying through his teeth. And I loved it. I loved how insane that would drive the media. I don’t think that was his intention. I think his intention was just to put something out there that would poison the media’s narrative. But I still loved it because I knew it would drive them crazy, and there was nothing they could do about it other than take turns melting down and passing the smelling salts.

That’s me. I’m a Trump supporter. And you holier-than-thou liars who for decades have gotten rich by putting swamp over country — you can go to hell for all I care. I love seeing Trump lie to you. I love seeing your hourly meltdowns and unhinged freakouts. I love what Trump is doing to you, and I love what he’s doing for America.

Because you — the swamp, most notably the media — have been lying to us, and using us, and exploiting us for decades. Even those of you in the media who might secretly be right-minded, you have to pretend to be progressive activists because there’s no seat for you at the US media table if you’re not. In fact, I’d bet that most of the rank-and-file media aren’t even progressive/socialist activists. They just have to act like it because the number one thing they learned in college is that being a liberal is how you fit in if you want to be part of the liberal-dominated media.

But the media is flagrantly partisan, and the biggest lie of all is when they sit there with a straight face and try to tell us they’re not. And they’ve gone absolutely off the rails with their hatred for President Trump, and it’s nothing short of hilarious that they think we don’t see it. And that they think we believe they’re “just reporting the facts” or “just doing their jobs.” Literally every hour of every day on CNN, it’s an anti-Trump strategy session. It’s not news. It’s propaganda. And they lie to us when they tell it is news. And they lie when they tell us they’re not partisan. And we’re sick of it. And at this moment in our nation’s history, after decades of these lies and the right half of our country having to just suck it up — we needed a fighter who will lie as blatantly and boldly as they do.

And now we have one.

And I’m still not tired of winning.

Despite all the noise, attacks, distractions and sideshows that you in the media are trying to flood us with — we still know that Trump and his team are making tremendous strides with respect to the economy, immigration, national security, and our reaffirmed independence on the global stage.

So go ahead and be outraged. Shriek out the word “Unprecedented!” 759 times a day. But you’ve been lying to us for most of our lives, and so have the swamp-dependent politicians you share a bed with. You’re simply not allowed to spend your entire day slapping me in the face and then act real surprised when I eventually close my fist and hit you back.

And that’s what I did when I voted for Trump. And that’s what I’m going to keep doing. Because when it comes to the national conversation I’m perfectly comfortable fighting fire with fire (your lies with Trump’s). Especially considering when it comes to actual policy and governance (that boring stuff you don’t want to cover), you’re just getting crushed. Which *hint hint Gorsuch and Kavanaugh* you are.

Wake me when he lies about something that actually matters to us.

Exit Prediction

Mueller will eventually come out with a report that gives a ton of fuel to the media, Democrats and establishment/NeverTrump Republicans. There will be nothing legally actionable. But the report will be carefully worded so its content can be used to bludgeon Trump in 2020. There will be no actual, legal wrongdoing. Or anything even close to it. Ultimately, Mueller’s entire investigation will amount to an above-the-law political operation that culminates in opposition research which the media and Democrats can use against Trump. They’ll treat it as if it’s something more than that, but it won’t be. And the evidence that I’m right will be that, in the end, Mueller will produce only words. Nothing actionable. Just words that can then be used to launch a brand new smear campaign. And it won’t work. Because the people will see right through it.


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  1. I’m an ignorant, deceived, immoral, addicted, totalitarian Democrat that wants to put everyone in prison and bankrupt them if they don’t bake me a cake should I decide to desecrate holy matrimony. I like destroying western civilization and taking it up the anus when I’m not calling everyone names.


  2. Agree, well said.
    Trump is lying to the swamp for us and country.
    The media and the swamp are lying to us for their benefit.


  3. I don’t know if President Trump has or has not lied, but I don’t care if he has because you are 100% correct when you say he has done it for love of country and we the people if he has. Quite frankly I hope he does an enormous sweep and arrests all the people who have been inciting and participating in violence in an attempt to destroy this nation. People have been killed, been shot, been beat up, been robbed, businesses has been destroyed, hard working Americans have had their rights trampled on for profit and I am sick of it. I grew up when this country was free, safe, and clean. For God’s sake the children in our nation have grown up without mothers in the home and look where that has gotten us. Kids need their mothers and have had no one to give them the love and attention they need. Is it any wonder that they look to the government and warped teachers in their desperate attempt for love? Is it any wonder that they are even willing to pretend they think they are a different sex just to feel special? We need this rot cleared out now.


  4. An excellent overview of Trump and his motivations. We love him because he’s human, warts and all, and wants only the best for our country. And the fact that he drives the Libs bats**t crazy is icing on the cake. MAGA


  5. Great article, I think Trump WILL go down in history as the greatest President – the right person at the right time.


  6. Hilarious that the Dems spend 90% of their Trump-stopping efforts to prove that he’s done something that isn’t even illegal! This whole flap about who he slept with (BEFORE he even became a politician) and if he was blackmailed to keep them quiet–WHO CARES!? At least he offered to pay to keep them quiet…Bill Clinton DESTROYED them to keep them quiet–and he was doing them IN THE WHITE HOUSE!

    I’m not worried about a mogul who enjoyed his success by chasing women (something ALL successful men do). And since when is it illegal to be blackmailed by strippers!? LOL!

    Democrats kill me. They ought to worry about how they’ll win another election once we STOP the illegal alien voting nonsense.

    Liked by 1 person

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