Wolf Blitzer’s Touching Interview With His Son, Congressman Ruben Gallego

In a heart-warming break from the usual sniping, Wolf Blitzer on Thursday interviewed his son, Democrat Congressman Ruben Gallego, for what supporters and detractors alike will concede was one of the most loving moments ever witnessed on live television.

Several media critics had long wondered about Gallego’s connection to Blitzer and CNN. The young, round-faced Democrat is a frequent guest on the show — though he’s yet to bring even a shred of interesting or newsworthy information to the table.

Some speculated that Gallego had a close connection with a producer or booking agent for Blitzer’s show.

Others wondered aloud if the two were having a steamy, May December affair.

Reports have begun to emerge however that reveal Blitzer and Gallego to actually be father and son. A relationship that, in hindsight, should have been plain for all to see.

We’ve captured below just the questions that Blitzer asks Gallego. Take a look and see if you can keep a dry eye, watching this proud father lovingly lob softballs at his under-developed son.


There’s a lot to fret about in the news. And there’s a lot of division and angst among the American people. But if there’s one thing we can all agree on, it’s the bullet-proof adoration Blitzer proudly displays for his young offspring. As Gallego stutters and stammers through much of the interview, struggling to remember his Democrat talking points and at times losing his train of thought completely, Blitzer steps in to help reinforce those talking points and remind young Rube of the ones he left out.

It’s a beautiful demonstration of the air-tight bond between a proud father and his idiot son, and we appreciate CNN’s efforts to share it with us so we can all step back — even if only for a brief moment — to celebrate love.

Do I really have to say it? Fine. No. Ruben Gallego is not actually Wolf Blitzer’s son. But he’s on several times a month and Blitzer is yet to ask him a single question that could be considered by any standard to be meaningful let alone hard-hitting.


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