Open Letter To Swamp Parasite Max Boot

If you can still watch establishment Republican grifters like Max Boot make outrageous claims like “Trump only won because Russia meddled,” without eventually getting a little too fired up to stay nice about the whole situation, then you’re a bigger person than I am. For my part, at times, absent amplification and amid frustration, I’m going to swing below the belt. Such was the case, however marginally, in this letter to resident CNN “Republican” Max Boot. If you know who Max is and have seen his star rise among the socialist/communist left for railing against Trump, then you’ll probably appreciate this short but direct hit.

Hi Max,

I always enjoy seeing you on CNN.

Your observations are, in my opinion, extraordinarily helpful to our nation’s progress and unity.

Yes it’s true that you’re balding in the most graceless way possible! And yes it’s true that your teeth are a mess and your awkward delivery is eclipsed only by the uncomfortable mystery over whether your jaw is permanently wired shut. Yes it’s true that physically, generally speaking, you’re a terrifying freak. And any woman who ever said she loved you was actually in the process of conceding defeat; settling.

But that doesn’t mean that you can’t still help expose just how ineffective, desperate and pathetic swamp parasites (like you) truly are! Millions of us all across the nation are so appreciative that President Trump fired most of you, and demoted whoever was left.

I mean to be perfectly honest, Max: When we said “Drain the swamp,” you and your useless, grifting, swamp parasite pals are who we were talking about!

So thanks for taking your batsh*t crazy ideas out there every day, and reminding us all of how far our nation has come since con artists like you had a meaningful seat at the table.

Keep up the great work! Trump 2020!




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