Bret Baier Gets Burned By CNN’s Fake News Hoax; Takes Fox News Down With Him

Fox News’ Bret Baier was badly burned on Wednesday night after bragging that he “stands firmly with CNN,” only to be slapped in the face by a reality that many of us already knew: CNN is fake news.

CNN — literally the least trusted, least watched, biggest name in fake news — was melting down because one of their anti-Trump propagandists, Kaitlan Collins, had been “banned” from a White House event.

Here was CNN’s Dana Bash (pronounced “Danna”) (for some reason) tweeting about the soon-to-be-exposed nontroversy:

Enter Fox News’ John Roberts, eagerly spreading the word on behalf of his fake news peers at CNN:

And finally a virtue signal-happy Bret Baier decided to pile on, giddily extolling the eminence of CNN’s phantom integrity:

And he spread this fake news and promoted CNN’s dishonesty not just on behalf of himself, but on behalf of the entire Fox News network.

Baier’s decision to “stand firmly with CNN” was an entirely uncritical one. He took the story at face value without doing a shred of diligence. Forget about the fact that CNN is besieged by anti-Trump propagandists masquerading as impartial journalists, and that the network is more responsible than any other for the entire media’s cratering trust and descent in to a generations-long excommunication from society’s good faith. Set all that aside. You’d think, at a minimum, Baier would want to know the details of what actually happened before “standing firm” with CNN and by association indicting the White House, along with all of President Trump’s supporters, for crimes that never actually happened.

Here’s what really happened…

So apparently yet again, another hoax perpetrated by CNN. Only this time they got a lot of help from Bret Baier and others who eagerly bought in to CNN’s lies, helped spread their fake news, and ultimately promoted yet more misinformation, division, and anger among the American people.

As I told Mr. Baier in an email, “You had one job: Stay out of the fray.” But he failed miserably at that, and eagerly so. And all predicated on what turned out to be yet another fake news hoax, this time not just reported by CNN — but actually manufactured by the network and its anti-Trump propagandists.

But at least one person was happy about Baier’s gross dereliction in judgment:

Do better, Bret. We know CNN never will. But we expect more out of you.

NOTE: I also told privately told Baier that I consider his show to be the most instrumental in daily news, and the one I recommend most to others who ask me where they should go for a good daily rundown. And while Baier’s personal flimsiness with respect to standing up to his more outwardly partisan peers has always been obvious to me, I thought he had typically done a good job. Certainly better than most. But his mask slipped today, and I’m certain this won’t be the last time. Still, despite that, in terms of “straight news,” he remains — at a minimum — the best of the worst.



  1. What else did you and Bet talk about privately? Was this over a bourbon, at a bar near Fox studios? Just a couple of journalists, talking shop? Or did you just DM him on Twitter, and he didn’t respond. Your comment suggests you had a private conversation with Bret. What was his end of this alleged private conversation?

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    • He emailed me six times on this topic (and vice versa), and his position remains largely what you’ve seen publicly. I’ll not divulge his end of our conversation beyond that because it was in fact a private (ie, off the record) exchange. Oh, and FYI: I’m not a journalist. I’m a social/political activist who happens to assert that activism often through the written word; I’m very partisan. Thanks for reading!

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  2. Seems that mistakes are now verbotten in America. Why is Brett not allowed to have an emotional response? To most journalist/reporters, any government attempt to limit access is wrong …. that he didn’t check further into the ‘facts’ can be excused on the basis that he made an honest mistake.


    • He is supposed to be trained not to be “allowed to have an emotional response? “. That is his job and he is paid very well for it.

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    • “he didn’t check further into the ‘facts’”
      You have one job, Sock Puppet of Baier; check into facts. You suck at your job.


    • One would think that Bret would not react emotionally to the report from CNN, but as a “journalist” would pursue the facts of the report. For accuracy, don’t ya know. Wait a while, give it some thought, check sources, etc. That he did not do that, instead just jumping on the bandwagon taints his credibility in all his other reportings.
      Keep in mind that Fox is now being run by the 2 liberal brothers, for the most part, and is slowly and insiduously beng turned to the left. This is just another example of that corruption which has already overtaken most of the other networks.
      Maybe, its just me. Nah. OAN and Newsmax might be the last refuges for conservative patriots to turn to for actual news coverage. Wanna watch Fox? Keep in mind the slant they may give to any news which may give a black eye to Trump. Be skeptical and always question the veracity of what is being reported.
      Bret did a fine job of alerting more folks to his possible dishonesty in reporting.
      Thanks for the post.


  3. Yeh, it’s embarrassing. But the real fun is on the FOX News radio network. Rush, Levine, Hannity, Shapiro, et al, bookended with news from the DNC and those anonymous sources, “critics accuse”, and the cherry?”fair and balanced”.


  4. Carlos is right. The Murdock sons have been liberalizing Fox since they effectively took over. If Hannity, Dobbs, Ingraham, Carlson and Paine go down, it’s over. They will start to chip away at them as well. If I was Hannity I would be making my exit strategy now. OAN is a good alternative as is Newmax. If Hannity was to go to one of these stations it would be a big catch to say the least for their network. Their viewership however is very small compared to FOX so in effect conservatives would be losing his voice on a national level.


  5. You assume a great deal about Mr.Baier, and Mr. Roberts. They are ‘journalists’ first and foremost. Apparently he’s readily willing to make the news about them And not exactly enamored with our POTUS. And Baier was has publicly expressed frustration with coworkers who are.


  6. It’s funny that the folks at FNC can STILL be duped by the likes of CNN! You’d think if ANYONE realized that CNN is NOT to be trusted (unless you’re looking for professional liars), it’s FNC!! The problem is that–like MANY Conservatives–folks at Fox are SO DESPERATE to prove they aren’t biased that they pander to the hucksters on the Left. This is what pandering to the enemy gets you…


  7. Sam,
    I just have to ask if you actually read the article?
    CNN puts out a story accusing the President and White House of limiting reporter access to the press event and thus damaging the “free press” (with the implied defamatory intent of “See the President and White House REALLY ARE trying to control the press and access to information”)
    Brett reads the “story”
    At this point Brett has a decision to make.
    Do I jump on my free press access pedestal, or I am smart enough to say to myself “Hmmmmm, CNN is frequently full of you know what with their reporting, maybe I should verify before taking a stand on this!”
    This should have been a no brainer decision (especially with it coming from CNN), and despite it being a no brainer decision Brett somehow manages to make the wrong decision.
    So, yes it was a mistake, and no the guy should not be tarred and feathered, but this is not in the realm of “honest mistake” its in the realm of “really, really, stupid mistake”.
    Hence, the point of the story!


  8. OAN 1st, but I record Tucker & Sean & then scan to apropos parts.
    Go whatfinger,com

    PS – I’m glad hot-air O’Riley was dumped


  9. Bret lives in his bubble like most media millionaires. I quit watching Fox in 2009 when the smartest journalist in the world according to him (Bill O’Reilly) didn’t vet Obama. Felt the filter was in place somewhat. Now I acquire most news from Drudge, Whatfinger and OANN. But receive dozens of news emails a day for unreported stories. Hume and Baier????? Can’t help but identify them as “closet” Never Trumpers and Globalists like most of the press. Reminds me of Walter Cronkite. These sites that don’t know your logged in are a pain like this one.


  10. FOX News has morphed into the MSM – no longer do any due diligence – just go with the fake leads. Sad day for journalism/media – they exist no more.


  11. How can one “stand with a snake? CNN libs dart their slithering toungs 24/7. Libs are slowly taking over Fox. Sad.


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