Resistance Jake Is Pretty Mad

Normally careful to feign impartiality, Resistance Jake Tapper had a very public and partisan meltdown on Monday upon learning that several of his swamp allies may have their security clearances pulled.

The escalating drama reached its peak (as of this writing) when Resistance Jake diverted from the topic at hand to play a game of snarky whataboutism. This, honest observers can safely assume, was Resistance’s way of blowing off some steam; deflecting from his swamp peers’ misfortune, while simultaneously leveling an attack on President Trump.

Here was Resistance’s first tweet…

Those are some of his best friends and closest allies in the battle to destroy the sitting United States President, and defend the swamp.

Following this story with some obviously angry energy, Resistance went on…

Oh no! How awful of the Trump Administration for potentially revoking the security clearances of people who have exactly zero cause to maintain those clearances!

He continued…

Hayden!? You mean the guy who looks exactly like a thumb, and spends most of his time on CNN defending his insane comparisons between Donald Trump and Adolf Hitler?!

Resistance Jake, noooooooo!!!1!


Thankfully, The Thumb was able to walk Resistance (temporarily) off the ledge…

But it didn’t last.

Resistance Jake — infuriated by his pro-swamp BFFs being stripped of their foremost conduit to leaking and career exploitation — lashed out, taking a shot that was as cheap as it was misinformed.

Do you feel better, Resistance Jake?

To be fair and honest, Trump was actually our nation’s second most prominent birther.

The most prominent birther was actually Barack Obama, who spent most of his career dishonestly claiming as an author that he was “Kenyan-born.”

I know words don’t matter and facts come last at CNN, so nobody expects you to do anything with this information other than call me racist for pointing it out.

But given your clear frustration today over your dirtbag buddies losing their security clearances, and the years you’ve spent doing Putin’s bidding by sowing distrust and disunity across America — I figured a little pile on was in order.

So now your day just got worse. As if it wasn’t bad enough that Trump’s poll numbers keep rising despite swamp parasites like you spending 24×7 lying about him, now your swamp host bodies are being drained of their lifeline…and you’re being called out yet again for being a partisan hack.

What’s that quip you and your pro-swamp, anti-Trump propagandist media peers say all the time?

Oh yeah…

“And it’s only Monday.”


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