Liberals Are America’s Most Effective Hate Group

What most liberals describe as “empathy” is actually bigoted sympathy that dismisses as hopeless anyone whose experiences are diverse from their own.

They’re not doing it on purpose. They’re not intentionally segregating brown people, and promoting racial and ethnic supremacy groups. They’re not intentionally teaching your children that they should judge themselves and others based on skin color, instead of character. They’re not intentionally stripping Hispanics and blacks of their individual liberty, and replacing it with righteous enthusiasm for lawlessness and entitlement.

They think what they’re doing is good. They think they’re helping. They think that by insisting on perpetual pity for people with brown skin, and by calling “whiteness” a disease that needs to be eradicated, they’re actually helping move our nation forward.

They’re completely unaware that their lazy, bigoted brand of identity-dependent “empathy” is actually a blight on our nation’s progress and unity.

But some of them, particularly the more powerful ones in politics and the media, are aware of the destruction they’re creating. For them, sowing discord and creating strife are cornerstones for revolution. For these radicals who pretend to be moderate Democrats and/or impartial journalists, America is actually a really bad place. From their perspective, any good our nation has done is wiped out by our long history of sin. If they love America at all, they love it for what it might someday become if We The People would just get out of the way and let them fundamentally transform our nation in to something that will — by their estimation — be better for us all. But you can’t fundamentally transform something without destroying what it is right now. For the generations-old power structure that many call the swamp (Democrats, establishment Republicans and mainstream media), that means striking at the core of the United States.

It means dividing us.

And just ask the Russians: There’s no better way to divide us than by race and ethnicity.

While the desperate and nearly defeated media and their fellow swamp parasites have spent two years insisting that Russia’s main goal was to get Trump elected, the actual evidence suggests that Russia was focused more than anything else on creating identity-based distrust, discord and disunity.

Think about that for a minute…

Russia’s well-documented strategy for destroying America is the same as Democrats’ for winning elections: Identity politics.

So yes, the powerful elites atop the swamp know exactly what they’re doing. They know that they’re stripping brown people of their individual liberty, and shackling them with manufactured grievance. They know that by blaming “RACISM!” instead of broken homes for the many disparities black people endure, they’re only creating more anger and enabling more disparity. They know that every time they force someone to apologize for saying “All Lives Matter,” or every time they use “white” as a pejorative, or every time they lament the disease of “whiteness” — they’re inspiring young white men and women to lash out at what they perceive to be credible, racial attacks on them personally.

The power brokers up top are well aware of what they’re doing.

But most of the grassroots liberals and even their idiot splinter faction, the “social justice warriors,” are oblivious.

The Catholic high schools, like Magnificat and St. Ignatius in Northeast Ohio which now teach “social justice” more than the Bible, think they’re just doing what Jesus would want them to do. They think, apparently, that God’s big plan this whole time has been for the government to force us to behave in moral and charitable ways, and that’s what they — along with the Pope — now aspire to.

The Pussy Hat brigades, Unitarian Universalist churches, terrorist AntiFa cells, and really the entire Resistance at the grassroots level — they all think what they’re doing is actually good. They’re replacing debate and free speech with violence and intolerance, but they forgive themselves because they believe it’s all for a good cause.

And virtually every time, when you peel back the layers, that “good cause” comes down to you being a racist. And black/brown people needing their help and protection. And America being a terrible place.

So much negativity. So much deception. So much destructive rhetoric and policy that creates only more division and disparity.

CNN, the biggest name in fake news, will spend hours exploiting racially-charged stories that only create more negativity and hatred. They tell the story, as they always do, from a left-sided perspective that exploits rather than conveys the news of the moment. And weeks later when it’s revealed that the hate crime was a hoax, they either don’t cover it at all or cover it just long enough to get the sentence out. They ignore entirely the bigger story about the epidemic of hoax hate crimes being manufactured by liberals all across our nation. But that’s understandable because they, the media, are largely the ones stoking the fear and inspiring those hoax hate crimes. (RELATED: Hoax Hate Crimes More Pervasive Than Real Hate Crimes)

Now you might say, “Donald Trump is the one stoking fear and hatred!” I disagree entirely. Here’s a piece I wrote that debunks several accusations about President Trump being a racist. If you want to throw others at me, feel free to. The comment section is below and I’ll do my best to respond in a timely fashion.

The well-intended but wildly wrong grassroots left — with a lot of help from historically-consistent/racist Democrats, lazy/power-hungry establishment Republicans, and America-hating, socialist/communist media figures who masquerade as impartial journalists — all of these forces work together, some unwittingly, to keep minorities literally segregated and metaphorically enslaved.

In plain sight they tell black people that their skin color means getting and keeping an ID is too difficult.

In plain sight they tell Hispanics that their ethnicity means immigrating legally is just too difficult, and so they need a pass.

In plain sight they ignore the reality that 72% of black kids grow up in broken homes, and instead they say “RACISM!” and “WHITENESS!” are the cause of the disparity those kids endure; disparity that so often follows them in to adulthood.

In plain sight they say that if you claim to judge character instead of color — then you’re the racist. And that only by judging color first, your own and others’, can we truly become a nation where everyone is treated equally.

The white liberals whose entire social and political lives are built on the idea that you’re a racist and black/brown people need their pity, are the biggest and most destructive collection of bigots our nation has seen in modern times. They’re the biggest and most effective hate group in our nation, exacerbating division and destruction at every level while purporting to combat both.

Thankfully a lot of people are staring to wake up. And if President Trump starts talking honestly and openly about it and makes it a pillar of his 2020 campaign, then a lot more will start to see what’s been sitting there in plain sight this whole time. And then we can start the big job of making America united again. Because that — exposing the Left’s plain sight bigotry, and dependence on keeping us divided and aggrieved — is the most important civil rights opportunity of our time.


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  1. Thoughtful as always. As to Trump campaigning, I’ve a question. Do you believe that if he took on our National Motto that he could build an effective strategy? Does E Pluribus Unum have any meaning anymore? It would seem a powerful message to me because in the 1940s and 50s, it was taught. I think no longer which is a mistake. It’s the opposite of identity politics. It’s a very, very big tent. Americans. Legal of course.


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