Media’s Crusade To Save First Amendment By Attacking Free Speech

The perpetually unhinged media would like you to believe that free speech must be silenced if it dares to criticize the free press.

They are, of course and as usual, wrong.

Several times a week for the last year, you can find an 8 person panel of pro-swamp propagandists who masquerade as impartial journalists sitting around the CNN studio crying about how their entire institution is under siege.

Their evidence for this supposedly democracy-threatening assault is that people, including President Trump, criticize them.

You read that right.

They claim that my First Amendment right to free speech, and yours, and President Trump’s — must be chilled or even silenced if it’s used to criticize them or what they do.

This can best be described as First Amendment Cannibalism.

Free speech and a free press go hand-in-hand under our nation’s sacred First Amendment. But because the media have become political propagandists whose first allegiance is to the DC swamp that has for generations enabled and sustained them, that reality escapes them entirely. They never once stop to consider what they’re actually saying. They never once stop to consider that their [alleged] defense of a free press, is expressed as an attack on my right to free speech.

And they never stop to consider that because they don’t actually care about it.

Their breathless pearl-clutching over freedom of the press has nothing to do with the First Amendment or our nation’s sacred institutions. It has everything to do with their entirely transparent, overtly partisan desire to attack and destroy the sitting President of the United States.

Thus, their argument is so easily discredited and turned back on them.

I’m sorry Jake Tapper and Dana Bash and Shepard Smith and Chuck Todd and Katy Tur, but even President Trump is entitled to free speech. And when he uses his free speech to criticize you, it’s not an assault on the First Amendment. To the contrary, it’s an expression of it.

You can write whatever you want. And having spent two years accusing the duly elected President of being a racist, a rapist, a Russian spy and/or literally insane — it’s clear that “whatever you want” amounts every time to left-minded propaganda. And that’s why so many people stopped trusting you long before Donald Trump came on the scene. In fact when we elected President Trump to “Drain The Swamp,” you are an enormous part of what we had in mind. And that doesn’t mean we want to get rid of the free press. But like it or not, I am now the free press. And so is anyone else who chooses to write about what they see happening in the world, politically or socially or otherwise. You’re just not that special anymore. You’re just not that important anymore. We know you think you are. We know you all just love each other, and believe yourselves to be the single most critical load-bearing beam in our nation’s sustenance. But you’re not. You’re political and social activists, and we see right through you.

So if you want to keep bastardizing the First Amendment so that my rights are thwarted if your reputation is attacked, go ahead. But we have a name for it now: It’s First Amendment Cannibalism, and as you sit there dripping in grease and gorging on gristle, thinking you’re clever as you try to chill and suppress others’ speech — you’re only expediting your descent in to obscurity. And that’s fine with us. Because a lot of people, myself included, think you’re dishonest parasites who largely hate America and love only what it might someday become, if only the rubes voters would get out of your way and let you decide what we think and who we elect. Good luck with that.


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