After Trump-Putin Summit, The Pearl-Clutching Media Is A Laughingstock

The US media, perhaps the most threatened of all the swamp parasites, are melting down because President Trump didn’t start a war with Russia.

I’m not sure why the media thinks the rest of us don’t know these things, but just to be clear…

Russia has meddled in the United States’ interests forever. It’s what they do. Frankly, it’s what all nations with even a modicum of power do. But the US media and their swamp allies (Democrats and establishment Republicans) are pretending they just found out about Russia’s covert operations to interfere with US interests. It’s been going on forever and the only reason they’re making more noise about it now is because Trump beat them in 2016. So by pumping rhetorical steroids in to Russia’s clear but entirely inconsequential efforts to “meddle,” the media get to a) make excuses for why they/Hillary lost and b) set an impossible precedent for President Trump that unless he makes Russia stop being Russia, he’s not only a failure but probably a Russian spy, too.

The media and their swamp co-dependents are also pretending not to know that sometimes it’s smart to keep your friends close and your enemies closer. When Obama talked about unclinching a fist and opening a hand, the media swooned. When Trump gives it a shot, the media meltdown. They want Trump to pick an entirely useless fight with Putin over a statistically insignificant act of espionage, and anything short of total diplomatic abandonment means Trump did it wrong. The media won’t be happy until/unless President Trump destroys any chance he’ll ever have of doing anything constructive with Russia. They want him to throw the same tantrum that they’ve been throwing for nearly 2 years now in an effort to discredit his Presidency. And most people see right through that.

But because #TheResistance pretends not to see right through it, the media are rewarded with accolades that make them think they’re actually fooling anyone. They’re not.

We all know Russia meddles.

We all know Russia’s meddling in 2016 amounted, generously, to squat.

We all know Russia won’t admit it, and that the US President crying about it won’t do anything except make us look weak.

We all know the media want to destroy President Trump and, like Russia, they’re happy to divide our nation and spread disinformation in order to do that.

It’s all very transparent and I just wish the swamp parasites – media, Democrats, establishment GOP — who are today feigning outrage knew that we see right through them.

We told them once in 2016.

I guess we’ll have to keep telling them in 2018 and 2020.

I’m cool with that.

Keep up the great work, President Trump. Intellectually honest patriots who share your America First and Drain The Swamp visions have your back. We see right through the swamp monsters’ lazy, idiot-grade pearl clutching. And while it’s too bad that they’re working so hard to make your job so much more difficult, we see and support the steps you’re taking to do things that will actually make a difference. And we know picking a fight with Vladimir Putin over a footnote in their anti-US operations, one which he’ll never cop to by the way, but one that the media wants us all to believe was basically an act of war (it wasn’t) because they hope it will explain away why you beat them and Hillary, would be pretty stupid. So we’re glad you didn’t do it, and we just hope your jockeying for position will still pay off despite the media’s best efforts to destroy you.


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  1. Great article agreed 100%. Even though the main stream media is so hell bent on dividing this nation and destroying this administration it just makes him fight harder. So proud of this president and his accomplishments.


    • Honestly you must be crackers. Liking some Trump policies–tax cuts, SC etc? Totally understandable. But to be be “PROUD” of this guy? Not possible for any thinking person


  2. OMG- perfect – exactly what what many of us think and realize absolutely perfectly worded. Thank you. I am flabbergasted at the level of dishonesty the media and corruptocrats like Schumer and Brennann have stooped to in order to maintain the narrative and feed the useful idiots. It feels like we are in the twilight zone. Trump has everyone against him including the sanctimonious leaders in his own party. Truly pathetic.


  3. Totally spot on! It dumbfounds me that people choose not to understand what President Trump is attempting to accomplish with this Russia summit. With his track record of words and actions that are repairing the previous decades of injury that “establishment” policies have caused, with even Trump haters like Assistant Attorney General Rod Rosenstein going on record again with the latest “Russian indictments”, as saying that, again, no Americans have been involved with this latest so-called “Russian collusion” issue, and in any case, whatever so-called collusion might have occurred, there was no impact on the outcome of any American election – the anti-Trump crowd still demands that President Trump delegitimize his own election, and play along with the narrative that the Russians helped him steal the election. It should be patently obvious that were he to make those kinds of ridiculous and untrue characterizations, just to go along with the “establishment and “media” falsely constructed narrative, President Trump would thereby also make progress in relating to Russia in a constructive way, much less doable. And lest anyone be mistaken, Fox News Channel cannot be relied upon to be a neutral evaluator of President Trump’s words or actions. FNC has plenty of folks who are more comfortable (at least acting) as part of “the swamp”, rather than having a truly independent thought about the likely strategy President Trump is employing, always intending to continue to “Make America Great Again”. Do they really believe that had Barack Obama had a third term, or had Hillary Clinton become President, that America would be stronger, better, or more secure then is the case after just a year and a half of Donald Trump as president?

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  4. I wish one of the constantly yapping #NeverTrump chihuahuas out there would explain how publically calling Putin a thug or accusing him of hacking our election is supposed to help us negotiate with him?

    Yeah, yeah, Putin is a bad person. But he is the shot-caller in Russia, so we either deal with him or we don’t deal with Russia at all. And if something should happen to Vladimir, the guy who replaces him will be another bad person.


  5. Never mind the ridiculous straw man – no rationale person wants war with Russia – the notion that Trump is draining any sort of swamp is absurd.

    At least be intellectually honest and admit your fascination with, and adoration of Trump is a juvenile need to own the libs and show up your betters.


  6. Weird how conservatives were outraged over Obama’s “apology tour,” but are now making excuses for Trump saying he trusts Vladimir Putin as much as he trusts U.S. intelligence.

    The Cult of Trump is real.


  7. Keep up the MRGA campaign, eggheads. Trump belly flopped into the “swamp” and now rules with reptilian ugliness. A pathological liar. A cheat. An adulterer. A con artist. Your guy.

    I detested him when he graced the tabloids during his extra-marital affairs, and I detest him now even more. He is an awful, horrible human being. Yuck!


  8. The Fake News Media isn’t writing to convince Trumps base. They writing to convince the Low information voter (the Democrat/left already believes this stuff). Why are they doing this? They revealed today what they have had in mind all this time; to make Trump look so bad and evil that even a coup by the Intelligence Community (in the form of some figure head politician) will look reasonable and needed.

    That’s it in a nutshell folks. The Infotainment industry has been fomenting and backing a coup d’etat against a sitting President with the use of audio/visual propaganda. Fed by the Intelligence Community they have been constantly “leaking” supposed information about Trump behind the scenes.

    You have to ask yourself; why is all that has happened is negative? Why are so much of what they say proved incorrect or willfully false? That’s because the average viewer takes little time to follow up on the headlines. And the headlines are shaping the minds of those not interested enough to find out the facts.

    Hopefully a Democrat loss in November might quiet this stuff down. If they achieve any sort of numbers to be able to seize control then we’ll be in a lot of trouble.

    Good luck. Have faith.


  9. I needed to find out, of the 64 million Americans who voted for a moron and of those who still form his ‘base,’ why they still passionately support him. So I read this.
    The argument goes like this. “Of course, the Russians always try to meddle. So what? Forget about it, move on.”
    Pretty simple argument.
    But ‘meddling’ goes deeper. There’s bribes, money laundering, blackmail, hacking, sabotage, collusion, treason. It wasn’t just those baddie Ruskies. There are Americans involved, too. And the damage the moron is inflicting on the rest of the world.


  10. Great analysis. More and more I believe our country HAS been infiltrated by the communists dating back to Ayers and friends entry into academia. Too many Marxist connections with all of the key players: Brennan, Obama, Jarrett and just as many to the Muslim Brotherhood – especially many of the leadership posts in the counter-intelligence security infrastructure. The leftist activism on campuses is not unorganized. The media has always been suspect.

    What’s truly disturbing is how seemingly unprepared the country seems to be to successfully cleanse itself of these parasites. Were it not for Trump’s clear-eyed vision, courage and his relentless communication around the media I fear for what might have happened.

    The #TrumpTrain movement seems to be more determined than ever to fight for America in the face of this massive organized threat. We didn’t fully appreciate what was at stake in 2016, but liberty is under attack. It is our turn now and the mid-terms is our first test. Our history is replete with stories of great and inspiring American heroes. Here is where we can write some chapters of our own. #KAG2018 #MAGA


    • The infiltration and the 5th Column started long before Ayers. You’d really enjoy reading Witness by Whittaker Chambers. Brilliant work. An enormous eye opener.


  11. Anyone who served in the Army in Europe from The 1950s through the 1990s knows full well what the Russians have always been doing. Barrack Obama, Harry Reid, Pelisy, Schumer and Macain know all too well that they were in power when THEY let Russia invade a sovereign country. THAT was the time to be tuff and to smack them in the mouth. It also appears now that Fox News, under their slogan of being fair and balanced are also just another propaganda arm for the establishment republicans.


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