Media Enable Enemies Of Speech & Supporters Of Violence

When responding to Maxine Waters’ call for mob violence against President Trump and his supporters, and Sarah Huckabee Sanders being booted from a soon-to-be-shuttered restaurant in Lexington, VA — the media nodded along as their guests shifted the blame…

What’s really unfortunate isn’t that Sarah Sanders was treated with disrespect. It’s that 2,000 babies have been violently ripped from their loving mothers’ arms. That’s what people should be upset about. And that’s really what people are upset about.

Got that?

It’s perfectly okay for elected Democrats to incite mob violence, and for business owners to put “WHITES DEMOCRATS ONLY” signs in their windows…because Donald Trump.

That response — waving off incivility and violence because recipients are deemed worthy of each — takes us right back to that important “Punch a Nazi” conversation that our nation started but refuses to finish.

For the record: The correct conclusion to that conversation is that violence is never an acceptable response to speech, even if the person speaking is a Nazi. But the conversation wasn’t helped in the wake of Charlottesville when Republicans like John McCain, Marco Rubio, Stephen Hayes and Mitt Romney joined Democrats like Nancy Pelosi, Jake Tapper, Chuck Schumer and Ana Navarro in their unchecked insistence that if violence happens and there’s a Nazi around, then it’s always and entirely the Nazi’s fault.

That’s not how it works. That’s not how any of this works. Yes our nation uniformly abhors racism. But that doesn’t mean it’s okay to respond to racist speech with violence. As noted since our nation’s founding: If we only protect speech we agree with, then we’re not really protecting free speech at all.

When it comes to the media’s role, they’ve been stoking anti-Trump violence for years and then dismissing or downplaying the news when it actually happens.

In the past year we’ve seen several examples of explicitly political violence carried out against elected Republicans, all at the hands of entirely lucid adherents to the liberal media and Democrat party…

We saw a Bernie Sanders supporter plot and carry out an attempt to assassinate multiple GOP congresspeople during a baseball practice.

We saw Rand Paul’s neighbor, a proud member of the NeverTrump left, unable to contain his hatred as he sprinted from his own yard in an unhinged bid to violently assault Senator Paul, whose biggest mistake was thinking it was still safe to mow his own lawn.

And we saw another adherent to the media’s anti-Trump hatred and ferocity use her car to stalk and try to kill a Republican Congressman because of how he voted with respect to healthcare reform.

(And these are just a few examples of media-enabled violence aimed explicitly at elected Republicans. It’s to say nothing of the grassroots violence celebrated by anti-Trump activists as a formal part of their platform, and subsequently ignored or otherwise absolved by a complicit mainstream media.)

If the tables were turned and it were elected Democrats being literally physically attacked, the media would opine exhaustively about how these are just public servants trying in good faith to do their jobs, while lamenting that hatred and violence will keep “other good people” from even wanting to get involved with politics.

But since the attacks are on elected officials who have supported President Trump, the media gives it a few minutes of gratuitous coverage before concluding that it’s a “both sides” problem…and that Donald Trump is really the one who deserves all the blame.

It’s absolute madness. The media stoke this fear, hatred and violence and then blame President Trump when it happens, thereby absolving the guilty parties and inspiring yet more fear, hatred and violence.

And we saw the exact same thing on Monday, when anti-Trump pundits on CNN and MSNBC were met by hosts with nods and empathy for their claims that discrimination and inciting mob violence are both bad, but Trump enforcing our immigration laws (which he was elected to do, in case anyone forgot) is worse.

We’re seeing the Left, enabled and supported as always by the media, ramp up their normalization of fear, hatred and violence. And they’re backed by intellectually lazy Republicans who lack the courage to say they love free speech more than they hate racism. As a result, the conclusion we’re hearing in the anti-Trump media and Twitter echo chambers is that it’s okay to punch a Nazi; that incivility is an acceptable response to speech you don’t like, and violence is an understandable one.

I disagree. And I think most voters disagree as well. The swamp parasites (media, Democrats, establishment GOP) and their small but vocal minority of hateful, bigoted, and violent liberal supporters will be in for a very rude wake up call this November. And again in 2020. And God willing every election after. Because it’s increasingly evident that freedom of speech, and from violence, both depend on it.


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