BUSTED: Jake Tapper Tries, Fails To Bury Evidence Of His Partisanship

CNN’s Jake Tapper was caught lying in yet another failed effort to cast himself as an impartial journalist, as opposed to the anti-Trump propagandist that he actually is.

It happened on Twitter when Tapper said he’d been trying to book Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer on his show, “State Of The Union,” for a year and a half.

Asked by one of his followers if that meant Schumer was dodging Tapper’s presumably tough questions, Resistance Jake agreed…

And others were quick to bolster the ridiculous claim…

Got that? For a year and a half Jake Tapper has been wanting to grill Chuck Schumer, but Schumer refuses because Tapper is too tough of an interviewer.

Enter the actual record.

Jake Tapper interviewed Chuck Schumer on “State Of The Union” just over a year ago, in May 2017. It’s understandable however that Tapper wants people to forget about that interview because it was a disgusting display of journalistic malpractice and partisanship. The “interview” was a lovefest of softballs and pro-Democrat strategizing, which you can watch for yourself and read about here.

Some will say “Well he interviewed him 13 months ago, he said 18 months ago, not a big deal.” But it is a big deal. Every single day we hear Tapper and his CNN pals cry out, “Words Matter!” and “Facts Matter!” (As if there’s anyone on the planet who doesn’t already know that.) So not only do Tapper’s dishonest words and aversion to facts matter, but even more so, his casual embrace of the laughable idea that Schumer is dodging him because he’s “too tough.” Go watch his last interview with Schumer and tell me what you think.

I know other swamp dependents on the right, like Seth Mandel and Jazz Shaw, like to prop Tapper up as being a stalwart of media credibility. But it’s just not the case.

If Resistance Jake is such an honest broker and beacon of media credibility, why do so many other Resistance stooges love him so much?

Granted, he’ll say those recent examples were just part of his book tour, where everyone is obligated to play nice. But do you honestly think Jimmy Kimmel and Stephen Colbert would be that enthusiastically chummy with someone who didn’t share their humorless hatred for President Trump (and his supporters)?

Here’s another example. Chelsea Handler. The woman literally quit her career in comedy just so she could focus on hating President Trump (and his supporters) full time.

But for some reason, she just loves Jake Tapper.


And then there’s the litany of Jake’s so-called “work.”

Just a few headlines from this blog alone…

Two Interviews Show Jake Tapper’s Bias: Here you can watch Resistance Jake interview a Democrat and a Republican in the same hour. See if you can spot the difference!

Jake Tapper Angrily ‘Derailed’ By Colleague’s Reporting: One of his colleagues accidentally filed a report that wasn’t 100% anti-Trump, and Resistance Jake wasn’t happy about it.

Or how about the time Resistance Jake was caught lying to viewers, insisting falsely that Trump told NBC he fired Comey in order to end the Russia investigation?

And here’s an excerpt from a more comprehensive analysis of Tapper’s bias, which he tries to conceal by occasionally throwing scraps to the Right…

And then he’ll go right back to his regularly scheduled pro-resistance, pro-SJW propagandizing. And he’ll stay there 24×7 until the next 10-minute window of opportunity comes along for him to throw a few scraps “our” way.

I see it. Many others, like John Nolte and Ace Of Spades HQ, see it. But many more don’t. Many more find themselves pleasantly surprised that “finally” someone in the mainstream media actually does something they like. And many of those people see it happen a few times, and they come to the conclusion that Jake Tapper is “actually pretty decent.” He’s isn’t. Literally every minute of every day that these same “Jake Tapper is actually pretty decent” media consumers aren’t singing his praises, it’s because he’s doing the exact same thing that all the other mainstream media and CNN partisans are doing: Characterizing the news so it fits a narrative that promotes their uniformly liberal bias.

The fact that Jake Tapper can push that anti-Trump, pro-liberal bias all day long and still rack up boy band-like fandom from some of the most amplified and once-respected voices on the right — that he manipulates these media kingmakers so easily, throwing scraps only when his political calculus tells him it’s safe among his base and cause(s) to do so — is what makes him such an important target for critics of media bias.

Jake Tapper is a firmly anti-Trump, pro-swamp partisan who started his career lobbying against the Second Amendment, and will end it getting pulverized by President Trump. And that’s why many of us voted for President Trump. For decades our elected betters in the GOP told us we weren’t allowed to call out media bias. They said it was a losing fight and we just have to accept that America’s institutional left, thanks to existing strangleholds in Hollywood and academia, has enveloped the entirety of the mainstream media. They said it’s just the way it is and we can’t possibly win that fight so there’s no point in having it.

Then Donald Trump came along, and after being attacked by the media dishonestly for his honest assessment of problems at our border, he didn’t back down. He didn’t bow down to the media’s lazy, dishonest attacks. He punched back. And he kept punching back. And he became President in a historic victory, while punching back. And now his numbers are improving while Resistance Jake Tapper and CNN’s numbers are in a persistent freefall.

History will record Resistance Jake along with his SJW and swamp-over-country friends as being blights on our nation’s progress and unity. However well-intended they may be, they do nothing but divide our nation and exacerbate the social disparity and destruction that they purport to combat. And some of them, like Jake, do it on purpose. They purposefully fuel hatred and pain in order to tear our country down, because they aspire to build it back up as something far more socialistic that they think will result in a more equitable redistribution of resources. They’re wrong, and history will judge them for it…and no matter how much Resistance Jake might want to bury evidence and deny being a partisan hack, more and more people are seeing right through it.

*****UPDATE, 6/26/18 at 3:44PM ET*****


*****UPDATE, 7/10/18 at 1:58AM ET*****

As Joe Gabriel Simonson noted, this is real.

Resistance Jake continues to keep, and be celebrated by, terrible company.



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