View From Inside The CNN Bubble

If you only watch CNN, you’d be forgiven for thinking that President Trump ordered widespread child abuse at our border in order to satisfy his Nazis-only base and distract from the twin realities that impeachment is imminent and Melania wants a divorce.

And I can attest to this because, as many readers already know, I only watch CNN.

The ferocity of CNN’s anti-Trump propaganda is eclipsed only by its consistency. This despite their laughable claim of being an impartial media organization that delivers the news in entirely non-partisan terms.

For intellectually honest media consumers with the stomach to tune in, it truly is breathtaking.

I’ve been monitoring CNN for bias and dishonesty ever since they made the decision in 2015 to become the most flagrantly hate-fueled Trump critics on the planet.

They’re worse than the Democrat politicians because everyone knows the Democrats are partisan.

They’re worse than The Resistance because everyone knows The Resistance is a fringe of persistently vocal liberals and SJWs who will always resist anything that obstructs their pursuit of a more fascist and socialist/communist America.

More than any political party or activist movement or biased mainstream media organization — CNN is the most dishonest, hateful and persistent of all of President Trump’s critics.

And that’s probably why they’re also the least trusted and least watched name in news.

Every now and then I’ll come up for air, and usually find about what I expected: Either the real news is the exact opposite of what CNN has been reporting, or CNN’s reporting has been wildly hyperbolic and the real news amounts to a fraction of what they’re desperately trying to convince their viewers that reality looks like.

Today, with Wolf Blitzer in the background earning an Oscar for the combination of fear and desperation with which he delivers his anti-Trump propaganda, I stopped by Twitter to see what the rest of the world was talking about. And while I’ve always known just how disgraceful CNN’s dishonesty and partisanship is, it struck me with unique weight today as I realized that they — the mainstream media — are truly the ones who are so out of step with the actual mainstream.

That little girl they literally wept over in what they determined after a few hours was an “iconic photo” revealing the horror of family separation at the border? Not so much.

The national outcry over Hitlerian child abuse being grotesquely leveled by the felonious white supremacists we released from prison to patrol our border? Not so much.

The harrowing stories of young mothers and young daughters who represent fully 95% of those coming to our nation illegally? Not so much.

The harsh, indisputable reality that America is falling apart and everyone except “Trump’s cult” knows it? Not so much.

Things keep getting worse for Trump? Not so much.

President Trump is to blame for the terrifying crisis unfolding at our southern border? Not so much.

And all this is to say nothing of the stories that aren’t being told at CNN, like about political corruption at the highest levels of the FBI, the damage caused by illegal immigration, the historic strength of the economy and/or how President Trump is leveraging that strength in an effort to help the American worker.

I used to worry that the bias of the institutional left (mainstream media, Hollywood, academia) would influence the mood of the nation. But having personally lived in CNN’s flailing anti-Trump bubble for almost the past 3 years, it’s becoming increasingly clear that no one is more out-of-touch with the mainstream than the mainstream media itself.


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