Pro-Illegal Immigration ‘Empathy’ Does More Harm Than Good

While Democrats and their supporters claim to be helping the less fortunate, what they’re actually doing is crushing individual liberty and blurring the church/state separation they once clung to so dearly.

It’s true that many of the people from south of our border are good, hard-working people who prioritize their families and faith above all else. But I spent 3 years living with many of them who are in the US illegally, and I quickly learned how entitlement and lawlessness corrupt and destroy any chance they may have ever had to truly realize the American dream.

As noted in a piece dating back to February 2017 called “Letter To The Left: Stop ‘Helping‘”…

Spend a few years in the Bronx. Get to know your neighborhood well. You’ll find most of the illegal immigrants are really good people who love their families and who want to work hard…and who truly believe their number one job is to lie and cheat at every opportunity so they can get more from the government.

You do this. You create this absence of Liberty and entitlement to lawlessness. This is your platform. And you can couch it in whatever “social justice” nonsense you want, but it comes down to simple bigotry. In 2017, bigotry isn’t about hate. It’s about pity. And the people you pity lose the one thing that enabled so much opportunity and prosperity and exceptionalism here in the USA: Liberty.

I can’t stress this enough: I know that many elected Democrats and the vast majority of their grassroots supporters are well-intended. They think what they’re doing is good. They think what they’re doing is helpful. Yes it’s also true that many of them believe the ends justify the means, and so they’re happy to actually create division, disparity and destruction in order to achieve what they believe will be a more morally just America. But the vast majority of them aren’t purposefully manufacturing hatred and crises in order to achieve social and political change. The vast majority look at poor people flooding our borders and think, while they can’t personally do anything to help, they can at least encourage our government to open its doors so these people can have a chance at life in our great nation.

First and foremost, every one of these well-intended Democrat supporters can do something personally to help. They can write a check to a charity that helps people south of the border. Or they can even write a check to any of the hundreds of illegal immigrant advocacy groups here in the US. But, and I apologize if this offends those whom it indicts, but the vast majority of them don’t want to lift a finger to personally do anything. As is the case with “free healthcare,” most well-intended Democrat and SJW/liberal activists have never once actually stepped up to do anything personally. Their solution is to demand that the government (ie, the entire nation and all of its citizens) do the charity. That’s it. That’s all most of them do. And then they pat themselves on the back while claiming to be our nation’s great arbiters of moral fiber, simultaneously claiming that anyone who disagrees with them is racist, greedy, hateful, etc.

For this piece I’m setting aside the important conversation about not using the government to impose morality. And I’m setting aside Democrat activists’ conflicting views about the importance of intact families, and the degree to which our nation is or isn’t a cesspool of white supremacy. (But it practically goes without saying, the most vocal Democrats’ views on both of those topics change dramatically depending on the conversation. For illegal immigrants, any impediment to intact families amounts to literal Nazism, and our nation is a great beacon of light and hope. For US citizens, the importance of intact families is a myth steeped in white supremacy that cripples our nation and ensures any non-whites are destined to experience only hatred and failure at the hands of their ubiquitous American oppressors.)

But I’m setting all that aside…

Instead, for this piece, I’m sticking specifically to this point: Our lax border enforcement and generous benefits programs couple to seduce illegal immigrants here by the millions. And by allowing them in to our nation only to live in the shadows illegally, they are doomed to prioritize entitlement and lawlessness above all else. It’s not because they’re bad people. It’s because we — sheepishly submitting to the socially and intellectually lazy, but still well-intended Democrats and their fascist splinter-faction the SJWs — condition illegal immigrants to depend on that entitlement and lawlessness. We let them come here illegally and start building new lives all under the pretense that they find ways to do so without getting caught. We tell them that our laws are unjust and they have the right to break them. We teach them about fraud with respect to means-tested welfare programs, and wage reporting. We create entire communities that fear assimilation, value social segregation, and celebrate what amounts to wholesale ethnic supremacy.

This is the actual result of the American Left’s hands-off approach to “empathy.” They’re not helping anyone. They’re corrupting if not outright crushing the individual liberty of otherwise good, hard-working people who are seduced to our nation illegally in a socially toxic benefits-for-loyalty scheme. And what most Democrats describe as “empathy” is actually bigoted sympathy that dismisses as hopeless all whose experiences are diverse from their own. They see people who clearly have less than they do, and conclude that it’s their moral obligation to lower the bar so those people can have a shot at “more.”

I stumbled on a philosophical observation sometime in my late 20s that left me, at my best, careful not to judge anyone. I don’t judge the rich person who has more than I do as being better off, nor the poor person who has less as being worse off. Such judgments are nothing more than a form of bigotry. I don’t know these people. I don’t know their lives. And I can’t draw meaningful conclusions based just on what I see, or based solely on my own experiences. I believe in forgiveness, promoting kindness, giving to charity and being a positive force for good — but I abide each of these by my own deeds. At no point do I want anyone or anything, particularly not the government, to do it for me. So I will volunteer my time to help the blind, and I’ll donate to causes that seek a cure for cystic fibrosis or help bring clean drinking water to parts of the world that need it. I look for the good even in those who say I’m a racist for believing in our national sovereignty. And someday I aspire to tithe to my church. These are things that I choose to do.

And if you want to help people south of our border, you can start by not patting yourself on the back for welcoming them to our nation amid lowered bars derived from your own bigoted sympathy — which guarantees them nothing other than an unhealthy sense of entitlement and an indefinite and ubiquitous commitment to lawlessness.

As noted so many times already, you’re not helping anyone.

Stop being lazy. Stop being bigoted. And stop exacerbating all the problems you purport to combat. If you want to do good, then go ahead and do it. But stop using the government to do good on your behalf, or to impose your version of morality on everyone else. “Who we are” is a nation of free and diverse individuals, bound not by monolithic emotion. We have borders and sovereignty, and it’s our government’s duty to protect both. And when you demand that our government lower the bar for some people because you personally feel bad for them, you’re prioritizing your bigotry over our national sovereignty. You’re scapegoating the state for your own shortcomings at church, and you’re heaping pity on people by the millions that ensures their American dream will forever be displaced by a natural embrace of liberty-crushing entitlement and aversion to assimilation.


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  1. Watch this video of Obumbler and other democraps talking about illegal immigration and then look up the word “hypocrite” in the dictionary and you will see a picture of a democrap and a liberal.


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