Media Critics’ Blood Will Boil; Don Lemon Is A Disgrace

Don Lemon on Monday night revealed yet again why he’s the world’s greatest disgrace to news media.

Yes we’ve all known for a long time that Don Lemon is a racist who persistently looks down on black people, insisting that they all think alike and he speaks for them. And we’ve all known for a long time that he’s the most flagrantly partisan propagandist anywhere on your television. And but for media critics and foaming-at-the-mouth communists, the entire world stopped watching him long ago.

But if you’re among those media critics and you missed tonight’s disaster, get ready for your blood to boil…

The incredible onslaught of idiocy happened during a segment wherein a sober, intellectually honest, objective and entirely out-of-place guest was pitted against two unhinged lunatics who claim to be Republicans but have long since been exiled from their jobs in the swamp thanks entirely to President Trump’s promise to drain it.

I’m speaking of course about GOP swamp parasites Ana Navarro and Rick Wilson.

The sober voice of reason was Mike Shields, and he was outmatched-by-idiocy almost immediately when Lemon melted down like the snowflake he is at the mere mention of Obama’s name.

And things got progressively worse from there.

The real irony here is that Lemon’s unchecked partisan rage compelled him to cut Shields off at the top of his remarks…to lecture him about partisanship.

To be clear: As many readers know, I’m one of those media critics who monitors CNN almost exclusively. And I can tell you without question that Mike Shields is the best, most intellectually honest and objective analyst the network has. He attacks Trump as frequently as he defends him, and he always brings intelligent insight to the conversation.

But tonight, on Lemon’s ridiculous excuse for a panel, he never even got that chance.

After Lemon cut him off to intervene with yet another of his long-winded, empty-headed and partisan diatribes, Shields eventually reclaimed his time to at least try to salvage a fraction of the insight he was prepared to offer. However Lemon, intent on suffocating any dialogue that didn’t fuel hatred for President Trump and his supporters, shouted down his guest again…veering off completely into unhinged territory and calling Trump “an ass.”

Shields, understandably depleted of good faith at this point, called out Lemon’s inability to engage in civil discourse, noting “I’m trying to give you analysis; actually objective analysis of the political part of this versus his base politics. That’s not even a partisan thing to say. That’s a fact. Those two things are going to run in to each other before we get to the end of this. And that was actually answering your question about whether or not this was propaganda. But,” he continued while gesturing in frustration that was undoubtedly shared by any honest viewers who could stomach still watching, “we’re turning this in to crushing the president again.”


Shields repeatedly tried to make what may have been an insightful observation, and was repeatedly misunderstood and ignored and lectured thanks to Lemon’s partisan inability to listen despite being the host of a show purportedly dependent on the ability to hear what others are saying.

And as noted, things got progressively worse from there. You can see the full clip of the segment, below…

Watch Don Lemon signal his anger to viewers by claiming he almost used a swear word, feigning a near slip where “shit” would’ve been said instead of “stuff.”

Watch Rick Wilson, a starving swamp parasite who was the laughingstock of GOP communications before becoming one of the socialist Left’s greatest heroes, giddily end his uninteresting, unhelpful, uninterrupted string of idea vomit by showing just how terrible he is at communication; resorting to the lazy expletive “shitty” rather than finding a more intelligent way to articulate his views.

Watch Ana Navarro, who also claims to be a Republican despite having spent her entire Jeb-dependent career exclusively pushing for open borders, waste no time devolving into her trademarked shaky-voice-gonna-cry string of equally uninteresting, unhelpful, and yes uninterrupted hatred for President Trump and his supporters.

Watch Wilson mutter “Damnit” when Lemon tells Ana she’ll get the last word.

And watch Lemon accuse Shields of being the undisciplined idiot who said “Damnit” under his breath, when in fact it was Wilson.

And finally, watch Navarro — the bigot and unhinged Hispanic supremacist — disrespectfully shout Shields down and purposefully chew up the paltry ten seconds Lemon offered him at the end of the segment. What Navarro does here is nothing short of the anti free speech fascism common among the modern American Left. And she does it to the sheer delight of both Wilson and Lemon.

As noted, if you’re a media critic then while disasters are common at CNN, the convergence of idiocy and hostility in this segment will absolutely make your blood boil.


It’s a good thing CNN no longer has any viewers who tune in for honest analysis, because Shields — the one person who was there to provide such insight — was never able to even approach completing a thought.

While exiled GOP parasites Ana Navarro and Rick Wilson were drained from the swamp and are now relegated to spewing their hatred on CNN and reveling in praise from their exclusively socialist and communist followers on Twitter, Don Lemon actually still has a real job. But tonight, amid this unmitigated disaster, Lemon showed us that in addition to being a racist who thinks “white” is a pejorative and who dismisses blacks as idiots who can’t think for themselves — he’s also far and away CNN’s most pathetic and disgraceful host.

And that’s really saying something at a network that is far and away the least trusted, least watched name in news.





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