Dear CNN Hosts: Your Failure Helps MAGA

Dear CNN Hosts,

I’m one of the literally tens of people who actually tune in to your shows each day. Only I don’t really watch, as much as I monitor. You see at a time when media credibility is cratering, one of my duties and great joys as a patriot is to help expose and document what’s driving that. And when it comes to exemplifying unhinged media bias and dishonesty, there’s no better example than CNN.

Take for instance these hits from Alisyn Camerota and John Berman and Brooke Baldwin and Jake Tapper and Jake Tapper again and Erin Burnett and Don Lemon and Don Lemon again and Fredricka Whitfield and Brian Stelter and Brian Stelter again and Jim Sciutto and Poppy Harlow and Jake Tapper one more time and Don Lemon one more time and of course let’s not forget that time your “Facts First” commercial accidentally revealed your laughable anti-Trump bias…

So this is just a quick note to thank each and every one of you for all you do. The mainstream media has long been among the swamp’s most insatiable parasites. Like the Democrats you propagandize for, you create more division, disparity and destruction across our nation in a single day — than President Trump and the entirety of his base ever will in their combined lifetimes. You’re a blight on our nation’s progress and unity, and the credibility free-fall you so effectively contribute to among the entire media institution is a tremendous victory for America.

So by all means, please keep up the terrible work. Our nation is depending on you!


Hrand Tookman

P.S. Honorable mention to Jeff Zeleny for being annoying and Wolf Blitzer for thinking everyone is an idiot.


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