CNN Host Destroyed By Border Patrol Spokesman

National Border Patrol spokesman Chris Cabrera unceremoniously deported CNN host Brooke Baldwin from her own reckless, pro-illegal immigration narrative.

The non-partisan law enforcement hero hit everything from the media’s ignorance of what really happens at the border, to the illegal alien parents’ culpability in being so reckless with their children, to the double standard between US citizens vs illegal immigrants for whom “kid gloves” are used.

Baldwin, a Democrat propagandist masquerading as an impartial journalist, was so crushed by the weight of intellectual honesty that she actually started siding with the agent, a sign that even the anti-Trump producers in her ear were left speechless when confronted by an actual expert as opposed to the anti-Trump stooges they normally book.

“If you guys have seen some of the stuff that we’ve seen down here, you guys would understand just how important it is to have a tough stance to divert people from coming here. When you see a 12 year old girl with a Plan B pill, or with their parents put her on birth control because they know that getting violated is part of the journey, that’s just a terrible way to live.” Cabrera continued, “When you see a 4 year old girl traveling alone with just her parents’ phone number written across her shirt, I mean come on now something needs to be done. We had a 9 year old boy last year have a heat stroke and die in front of us with no family around. And that’s because we’re allowing people to continue to take advantage of this system.”


Mind you, the full segment (which you can view at the bottom of this page) started with Baldwin playing a disgusting piece of propaganda circulating around the media. It’s a black screen with just audio of kids crying in the background, intended clearly to make listeners’ imaginations run wild with horrible thoughts about what the scene might look like. But Cabrera, speaking only from experience and without a political agenda, repeatedly crushed Baldwin’s repulsive narrative that this is all President Trump’s fault and he’s evil for “allowing” it to happen.

The fact is, the progressive activists posing as neutral reporters in our mainstream media are doing the same thing to illegal immigrants that they do with US citizen parents: They’re ignoring parents’ own failures and irresponsibility, and instead manufacturing animosity aimed at all the allegedly hateful and/or greedy people who don’t share the Left’s bigoted sympathies. And in doing so, the media and SJW Left are exacerbating literally every problem they purport to combat — from division and bigotry, to disparity and poverty, to destruction and pain.

The promotion of committed, lead-by-example, 2-parent homes is why this blog is called Love Breeds Accountability. So I’ve written on this topic plenty and you can read about it in pretty much every post where the word “parents” appears.

And that, the importance of responsible parents, brings us back to Chris Cabrera and his total destruction of Brooke Baldwin’s hyper-partisan, anti-Trump, pro-illegal immigration narrative…

“The other thing that needs to be looked at here is we do have a lot of unaccompanied children coming over. And the fact remains, the parents are already hear in the United States, and they’re sending for these kids. And these kids are traveling solo across 2 or 3 countries and when they get here they’re reunited with the families. And to me that’s mind-blowing, because you can’t do that as a United States citizen: You can’t send your 5 year old kid to ride on top of a train through 3 states and when they get there they’re coming back to you. You get prosecuted. Yet when it comes to illegal families, we put on the kid gloves and we don’t look out for the best interest of the child, and that’s another thing that needs to be changed.”

A complicated double standard, juxtaposed brilliantly by Agent Cabrera in a way that’s easy to understand and can’t be ignored.


Donald Trump isn’t to blame for the problems at our border. Agent Cabrera and the heroes in law enforcement who work with him aren’t to blame for the problems at our border. US citizens who voted for President Trump and want to see our laws upheld aren’t to blame for the problems at our border.

The people responsible for the problems at our border are the illegal immigrants who choose to break our laws and breach our sovereignty by entering our country illegally. And if anyone else is to blame, it’s the media — like Brooke Baldwin and the rest of the CNN hosts — along with the bigoted politicians and SJWs who seduce illegal immigrants here in an obvious benefits-for-loyalty scheme.

And the argument being made now by the activist media is that we should reward them if they exploit their children as a means of participating in that scheme.

They’re not only endangering the children and absolving those truly responsible, but they’re inspiring a liberty-crushing combination of lawlessness and entitlement in the illegal immigrant adults they claim to be “helping.”

You can watch the full Chris Cabrera interview below. And I encourage you to do so. Certainly not just because he demolishes the useless idiot CNN had hosting that particular hour, but because we should all better understand just how non-partisan heroism truly is. He and his peers, who are being compared to “Nazis” and “child abusers” in nearly all corners of the political debate, face these horrific realities every day. And it’s not their fault. And it’s not President Trump’s fault. And it’s not my fault or yours. It’s the fault of reckless illegal alien parents and the bigoted Left who seduce them here as a matter of political strategy, leaving heroes like Chris Cabrera there to witness and clean up after the subsequent death, destruction and despair.


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