Trump Beats Media At Their Own Game

The mainstream media was apoplectic this week after President Trump responded to their partisan questioning with partisan answers.

At the opening of every hour on CNN and MSNBC (and, I’m guessing, Shep Smith’s show), allegedly impartial journalists hyperventilated over what they uniformly characterized as flagrant lies told by the President in front of the White House. Then, throughout each hour, those allegedly impartial journalists commiserated with their equally anti-Trump guests over what a terrible person they think President Trump is.

Here’s what they left out, and hope their audiences don’t pick up on…

The answers President Trump gave during his lengthy press conference were no different than the reporting done by those asking the questions. Rather than report just the facts and let voters form their own opinions, the media in 2018 persistently characterize those facts in partisan, opinionated terms to fit their narratives.

As noted several times now: Media bias in 2018 isn’t about absence of fact. It’s about the prominence of partisan characterizations related to those facts. The media spend about 2% of their time reporting the facts, and the remaining 98% coloring and framing those facts to fit their anti-Trump narrative. This is why we call them “fake news.” It’s because Jake Tapper’s emotions, and Chuck Todd’s feelings, aren’t actually part of the news. But they both deliver their emotions and feelings to viewers day in and day out, as if their personal biases are the actual story. The real news ends where the partisan characterizing begins.

And they characterize the news, every time, from a pro-swamp and anti-Trump perspective. This parody of the CNN “Facts First” ad, written/directed/produced by yours truly, tells the story pretty well…

They all claim to be impartial journalists who report the news free from bias. But they all start and end every story from a left-sided perspective. And they’ve done it for decades. The difference today is that Donald Trump called them out for it, and voters rewarded him with a historic victory in 2016. He also promised to drain the swamp, which terrifies the media because most of them are parasites in that swamp and can’t survive without it.

As a result, the mainstream media have doubled down on their partisan bias in a Hail Mary attempt to sustain their power and influence. And they’re losing badly because President Trump is crushing them at their own game.

I’m sure when I finish watching the Sunday shows (on this my first Father’s Day as a dad, I haven’t even gotten to Cryin’ Jake Tapper’s show yet) there will be many more examples, but here’s one from NBC’s “Meet The Press.” Watch as allegedly impartial host Chuck Todd tees up a montage of alleged “lies” that President Trump told during his time with reporters this week…

We don’t have to work very hard to knock these out one by one…

One: “There is no trade war.” Trade, by its very nature, is competitive. And as Trump looks to fulfill his campaign promise of renegotiating trade deals more favorably for the US, the trade landscape is becoming more competitive. But Todd’s implication is that there is a single, irrefutable definition of “trade war,” and that we’re in one now. That’s how Todd characterizes this piece of news. Trump characterizes what’s happening differently. His assertion that “there is no trade war” is a matter of opinion, not fact. Todd’s assertion to the contrary is the only lie being told here.

Two: Trump said the IG report “totally exonerates me.” To most of us it’s a stretch to say it “totally exonerates” him because we’re waiting for Mueller’s investigation to do that, but the phrase is a subjective one and the sentiment is a matter of opinion. For Todd (and the rest of the media) to characterize this as a “lie,” is yet more evidence of their own partisan leanings. There is plenty in the IG report that even a bad lawyer could effectively argue is exculpatory with respect to alleged obstruction, as well as the initiation of the Russia investigation. Trump sees that. Todd pretends not to. Instead, he and his anti-Trump propagandist media peers all scream “LIE!” — yet again revealing their penchant for partisan characterizations, and Trump’s deft ability to hit them right back with partisan characterizations of his own.

Three: On Flynn, “maybe it turned out he didn’t lie.” Trump’s likely referring to evidence in the IG report that Flynn’s interrogation and subsequent prosecution may have been tainted by explicit political bias within the FBI, thereby muddying the integrity of the entire ordeal. In this case, it’s true that President Trump himself even suggested Flynn lied in a tweet dating back to December 2017. But in his well-hedged reversal this past week, Trump is doing exactly what the media does every single day: He’s putting a partisan spin on the news so that it fits the narrative he wants to communicate.

Four: “Manafort has nothing to do with our campaign.” Again, this is entirely subjective/opinion. Manafort was brought on exclusively to help at the convention, which could’ve otherwise been dangerous terrain for an outsider that the establishment wanted to defeat. In that way, many would consider Manafort an important part of the campaign. But it’s also relative. Stymieing the establishment so that the will of the voters would prevail, while important, wasn’t actually part of the campaign. The campaign, one could easily argue, was everything other than that. The campaign was about earning the voters’ support. Paul Manafort’s role was an unfortunately necessary evil in light of the campaign going so well where it mattered most: With the voters. And that aspect of the campaign, the most important aspect, is one that Manafort really had nothing to do with.

Five: The family separation is “the Democrats’ law.” It’s as much “the Democrats’ law” as the recession of 2008 was a result of Bush’s policies, which the media along with their Democrat allies spent years claiming was the truth. Yes it’s true that Bush could’ve done more to sound the alarm on the Democrats’ socialization of our housing market, thereby preventing or at least mitigating damage from the subsequent collapse of that market and the ensuing recession. Well, what’s good for the goose is good for the gander. If President Trump wants to blame immigration issues on Democrats who won’t take “yes” for an answer, he’s well within his rights to do so. And it’s not a “lie.” It’s politics.

Six: “Obama lost Crimea.” I think everyone reading has the hang of this by now. It’s a matter of subjective opinion. Trump’s claim is that because Putin didn’t respect Obama, he felt empowered to behave badly. The media, still deeply in love with the ex President, are mortified by what they perceive to be such a dastardly insinuation. But it’s one that many Americans share, and all President Trump did was assert his opinion to characterize events in a way that’s favorable to his narrative.

Just. Like. The. Media. Does. Every. Single. Day.

And they’ve been doing it for decades as a propaganda arm for Democrats and the grifting establishment Republicans who fear them. But these sad little swamp parasites that Americans used to respect (ie the media) are turning up the volume on their partisan characterizations because Trump called them out for it and — the best part for his supporters — he’s beating them at their own game.

Still not tired of winning.

BONUS FOOTAGE: Apparently they’re so triggered by Trump beating them at their own game, that they’re now back to the “mentally unfit” part of their anti-Trump narrative. This from the New York Times’ “conservative,” and yet another “Republican Strategist” who built his entire career getting crushed by the Democrats.


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