Enough Already: Meghan McCain Is An Idiot

If it weren’t for her dad’s power and influence, Meghan McCain would be smacking gum behind the cash register at an outlet mall.

Nothing against cashiers, of course. But there’s a lot of daylight between people who work common jobs, and people who are repeatedly afforded global platforms from which to spew their purely nepotism-enabled idiocy. And that’s what we get from Meghan McCain, and everyone except her equally swamp-entrenched peers knows it.

Ann Coulter, who I don’t always agree with but often do, refers to Meghan as “a professional Senator’s daughter.” This is a fair and accurate statement. Meghan’s entire career is predicated not on her own skill, ability or even work ethic — but on the fact that her dad is a 3,859 term US Senator. And Meghan’s personality reveals that reality every step of the way: She’s a spoiled rotten little mean girl with an unduly inflated sense of self worth that’s validated by swamp parasites who either hate Trump or love power and, in either case, see fawning over Meghan McCain as a productive means to their preferred ends.

The media just love her. She’s bounced around from cushy gig to cushy gig; everywhere from SNL and The Daily Beast, to Fox News and now ABC. In the latter few roles, she preaches the swamp-over-country drivel that Democrats, media and establishment Republicans wish the rest of us rubes would “get.” And the middle-aged McCain does it all under the pretense of speaking for a younger generation of Republicans.

Meghan McCain doesn’t speak for anyone. Her lazily-crafted opinions are as shallow as her credentials. She’s yet to bring even a shred of substantive, original thought to the table that promotes the virtues of Liberty and American Exceptionalism which amplify the American Right (ie Republicanism) she claims to align with. Instead, every sentiment she makes news for sounds something like…

I just think Republicans need to be more like Democrats and that’s what I’m hearing from all my super young 40 year old Republican friends and TV producers and pro-Resistance Twitter followers who all tell me I’m right and so it’s obvious that I am and now I’ll wait patiently for my persistently Democrat audiences to applaud me for being so forward thinking as to identify with and support literally every one of their emotionally-charged feels except I do it under the guise of being a ‘Republican’ because my dad is one and he’s known for being a maverick and I want to be considered edgy so that’s what I am too and by the way anyone who disagrees with me is either an idiot or a racist but probably both and I just think the world would be better if there were world peace and I don’t see why that’s so hard for people to accept that but whatevs I’ll never understand all these morons like Donald Trump and Sean Hannity who for some reason get more respect from the people in the grassroots who I’m totally one of except for the fact that y’know like I’ve never actually worked for anything in my life and y’know like I’m still up here in front of the cameras with all of you guys in the mainstream media but the reason I’m here is because my super young 40 year old Republican and TV producer friends have named me the voice of their generation and I totes earned that on my merits and you guys should all listen to me.

Enter a handful of NeverTrump writers and editors hanging on by a thread to their own credibility and jobs in conservative media, to spin the above idiocy in to a headline that reads “Meghan McCain EVISCERATES Joy Behar and Donald Trump AT THE SAME TIME!!!1!

I’ve bitten my tongue on McCain for a long time. I frankly feel a little bad for her. But a few years in to Trump’s takeover of the GOP, and her kicking/screaming tantrums over that reality coupled with the fawning swamp media who adore her for it, and my patience has run out.

And out of respect of her family and her father during a difficult time, I can’t even say all the things I really want to say. While her ailing father’s mortality is being manipulated by the media to frame their ongoing partisan narrative(s), I — a lowly blogger with little-to-no actual reach or voice — won’t stoop to those same levels of dragging a dying man in to my political fights.

Of course there’s no getting around the fact that her father’s political prominence is all that’s satiated Meghan’s spoiled rotten lust for fame, and so I’ll note that much. But that’s where I’ll stop, for now, when it comes to ensnaring Senator McCain in my criticisms of his daughter. There is however much more to say, and should Meghan still be a factor at a time when it’s more appropriate to level additional criticisms, I’ll do it. (Spoiler alert: She won’t be.) But now isn’t that time.

And so looking solely at Meghan’s own social, professional and intellectual deficits and in no way auditing or articulating their proximity to what will be her father’s legacy — I’ll get to the point…

There is nothing Meghan McCain has ever done in her entire public life that is in any way “brave.” There’s nothing she’s brought to the table that wasn’t already there. There’s zero nobility or honor in her attempts to help frame so many of our nation’s conversations. There is only a spoiled rotten brat who has been foist to the upper echelons of media by equally inbred swamp parasites.

I’m a 40 year old short-of-the-mark Christian and conservatarian who finds a home in the Republican party. I’ve long surmised that if people want to combat the greatest threat to marriage they should focus on divorce, including those they casually ignore among their own friends and family, rather than on sexual preference. My commitment to mitigating identity-based division and disparity (ie, defeating racism and bigotry) is well-documented and towers at the top of my efforts and aspirations. The only time I’ve said “all Muslims” is when I’m talking about the media and Left’s efforts to segregate and manipulate them. And contrary to the media’s claims which are then reinforced by Meghan’s lectures, many other Republicans are also hip to these positions and sentiments and don’t need the “leadership” of Meghan f**king McCain to realize them. And I’m sick to death of watching her get reacharounds from every corner of the swamp/mainstream media every time she spits out some stupid, lazy bullshit like this…

“Joe Biden is one of the great political leaders of all time.” Really, Meghan?


Joe Biden is a dirtbag, politically born and raised in the filthiest depths of the swamp. And if he’s embedded himself in the McCain’s grief during this difficult time, then it’s not without his own political aspirations at the forefront. I can’t imagine watching my own dad so visibly face mortality as John McCain, by all accounts, is right now. (I say “by all accounts” because I still believe in miracles and would love to see, and pray for, one now that will spare Senator McCain for decades to come.) And having endured the unthinkable tragedy of burying his own son, I’m sure Biden is able to scrape together a similar sentiment of humanity in his respect and support for Meghan’s family. But I guaranf**kingtee you he wouldn’t come within 100 miles of them if he weren’t angling for a 2020 run. It’s no secret that John McCain is among the most vocal and mainstream-media-revered lieutenants in the NeverTrump army. How powerful for Biden to pick up all of that support for his campaign a few years from now. Little did he know, though many of us could have easily predicted, that Senator McCain’s thimble-deep daughter would start campaigning for him so soon. But here she is doing just that, without even realizing it, as the media squee and cheer in delight. And she doesn’t even realize it because she’s a vehicle fueled solely by DC inbreeding and, but for a few token and entirely useless exceptions, the exhaust fumes she leaves in her massive wake amount to trashing the right and propagandizing for the left.

On deck for similar analysis: Ana Navarro, Rick Wilson, Amanda Carpenter, Seth and Bethany Mandel (probably the most aggressive case of couples IDS ever documented), Steve Schmidt, Nicolle Wallace and Tara Setmayer to name a few. “I see now! You just hate anyone who criticizes Trump!” Wrong. I often disagree with people who criticize Trump, but the preceding names and others who will imminently be added to that list are — like Meghan McCain — the manifestation of undue amplification; promoted as arbiters of right-minded messaging efficacy despite careers built only on failure and, however unintended, service exclusively to the Left.


  1. True McCain: (with supporting links)
    ▪ His plane was shot down over Viet Nam…. because he was ordered to break off the chase… and refused to obey orders.
    ▪ At the same time, both shoulders were broken… because he refused to follow instructions of how to protect self when ejecting from aircraft.. ( lack of medical treatment allowed the broken bones to heal as they are now… he was never tortured!)
    ▪ As soon as he was able to talk, he told his captors exactly who his Father and Grand-father is (was).
    ▪ He wasn’t given a choice for release. Congress feared the public learning of ‘special treatment’ and refused to have him released.
    ▪ There are (or was) pictures of him riding around in Hanoi with the prison camp commander… treated like a guest!
    ▪ After becoming a Senator, he prevented funds to find and rescue MIAs still being held in hidden prison camps.
    ▪ Showboating, McCAIN nearly sank U.S.S. Forrestal Aircraft Carrier, Killing 134 Sailors
    ▪ McCains entire life is nothing more than lies concocted to make him seem a hero.

    Songbird McCain tapes found and released. 

    POW betrayal. 


    Meeting with known terrorists?

    McCain funded by Soro’s since 2001? 


  2. I’d like to share a story on Senator Joe Biden that happened 31 years ago, which may be relevant to Biden’s Thursday evening debate with Paul Ryan. It involved Biden’s international humiliation of a good man, and it became a habit for Biden. I’m confident Biden may aim to repeat the performance with Paul Ryan in the vice-presidential debate, looking to “Quayle” the youthful Wisconsin congressman in a way worse than Lloyd Bentsen might have done.
    The “good man” I’m referring to is William P. “Bill” Clark, also known as Judge Clark. Clark, now 80 years old and living in Paso Robles, California, was Ronald Reagan’s confidant, closest aide, and single most important adviser in the effort to take down the Soviet Union. He was widely heralded from left to right, from the likes of Maureen Dowd to Lou Cannon to Edmund Morris to Cap Weinberger to Michael Reagan. But before Clark could do the crucial work he did for President Reagan, he had to survive confirmation hearings before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee in February 1981.
    Reagan had just succeeded in convincing Clark to give up his California Supreme Court seat—to which Governor Reagan had appointed him—to help him come to Washington to run the State Department. Reagan wanted an “America Desk” at State, someone loyal who could ensure the department would be an asset, not a liability. He needed a second-in-command there to help keep an eye on Secretary of State Al Haig. He wanted someone who was not known as a foreign-policy expert but was a sure-thing to get things done, to keep order, and to truly run the department. He knew he could trust Clark completely.
    Unfortunately for Clark, the post required Senate approval, where, at the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, a grinning Joe Biden was poised to embarrass Reagan’s new guy. So, on February 2, 1981, Clark took questions from the senators, including Biden, who launched into what theWashington Post would call, “The Interrogation of Justice Clark.”
    Biden began by patronizing Clark for his ability to put himself through school as the son of a poor rancher. “I, for one, think it admirable the way in which you have conducted yourself in getting to and through school,” began Biden. “I have a great deal of admiration for you.”
    Biden then expressed his admiration by placing Clark in the stockade, asking him a series of specific questions he knew the judge would not be able to answer.
    “I sincerely hope you can answer these questions,” averred Biden. “Let me begin with southern Africa—not South Africa, but southern Africa, such as Namibia, Zimbabwe, Swaziland, Mozambique, Angola and so on…. Can you tell me who is the prime minister of South Africa?” Clark answered: “No, sir, I cannot.”
    As the cameras clicked and the evening-news crews started salivating, Biden pressed on: “Can you tell me who the prime minister of Zimbabwe is?” Clark: “It would be a guess.”
    Senator Biden then ran through other policy specifics, curiously avoiding the Soviet-Cold War issues that Clark knew well. As he did, Biden inter-mixed his questions with feigned apologies. Biden: “I really don’t like doing this, Justice Clark, but I don’t know how else to get at the point.” And a second time:
    I really apologize, Mr. Justice. I know you are on the spot, and I don’t know how else I can do my job. This is one of the most distasteful question-and-answer periods in which I have participated. And, by the way, no one but me, not my staff, suggested that I use this approach… But this issue with regard to you, justice, in my opinion, is not whether or not you are bright. I think you are a bright man…. I have incredible regard for you. I really mean that.
    As this went on, Clark’s family, which sat nearby, absorbed each Biden jab like a punch to the gut. “I was absolutely fried, furious,” said Clark’s son Colin. “I turned purple with rage.” Another son who was there, Pete, a tough, literal cowboy, intensely proud of his father, to this day recalls how the episode “still hurts.”
    In fact, Biden “admired” Clark so much, with such “incredible regard,” that he finished the grilling by announcing that he would not be supporting his nomination.
    For his part, Clark was a paragon of restraint and civility, calmly telling Biden, “I respect that position, senator,” before adding, “I just have one point to make.” Clark then explained, as he had in his opening statement, that President Reagan did not bring him on board as a policy expert, particularly on individual issue areas. “Regarding making policy,” said Clark, “I have discussed this with both the president and the secretary [Al Haig]. Perhaps I did not make that clear, or maybe you came in a little after my description of what we consider to be the role. My position will not be involved in making policy, but rather in coordinating and implementing in the position as deputy secretary of state.”
    Clark had indeed made that clear, as did the other senators, who jumped in to reiterate the fact. Even the ultra-liberal Senator Alan Cranston (D-CA) rushed to Clark’s defense. Biden didn’t care.
    The damage to Clark was done. Joe Biden may have been “sorry, Judge, really,” but he had so humiliated Clark that the judge became the laughing stock of the world, as the international press lampooned him. Most appreciative of Biden’s performance were the Soviets, who turned Biden’s work into basically a TASS press release.
    The press feeding frenzy abated momentarily on February 24, when Clark’s appointment came before the full Senate, which easily approved his nomination.
    Clark stoically took the beating. A devout man, he seems to have seen it as his cross to bear, as some overdue suffering that he ought to be willing to take. And his humility was such that he never publicly shared Biden’s off-camera, quasi-apology to him, which he told to me (his biographer) many years later: Biden casually pulled Clark aside in the hallway, away from reporters, smirked, slapped him on the back, and said, “Hey, Judge, no hard feelings…. And don’t worry: I didn’t know the answers to those questions either.”
    This would hardly be the first time that Senator Biden did this sort of thing. He would do similar things to Ed Meese—with Meese’s wife and kids looking on—when Meese was recommended as attorney general under Reagan, and also to Clarence Thomas, when Thomas was recommended for the Supreme Court. Thomas recounts Biden’s treatment of him in his memoirs. There, too, Biden finished the notorious “high-tech lynching” of Thomas with the same no-hard-feelings smile. Call it the Biden Treatment.
    That brings me to Paul Ryan, the young running mate of Mitt Romney. What might Paul Ryan expect from a grinning Joe Biden this Thursday evening? My advice is that Ryan be ready for some embarrassing shots. Given that Biden fancies himself a foreign-policy expert, whereas Ryan is not, Ryan might want to prepare for Biden peppering him with questions like those he posed to Bill Clark—with a salivating press looking on. If that happens, Ryan should quickly remind Biden that (this time) it isn’t his job to ask the questions. Or, maybe Ryan could ask Biden if knows the current level of the federal debt, especially over the last four years.


    • Linda Kay,

      Thank you so much for sharing this history with me. It’s shameful. I felt his insincerity on a gut level, and now that you have shared this history I feel vindicated in a strange sort of way.

      Liked by 1 person

  3. I agree with the author but in Meghan’s defense, she is no different than Clintons daughter Chelsea, the Kennedy clan thru their generation, Jenna Bush, Patti Davis, …all utilizing the political DNA given to them by the lottery of birth. Their way is paved by just being an offspring and political favors. Of course, the same can be said of most of DC..someone owes someone so we become subject to incompetence, arrogance, downright stupidity in every phase if government not because of what they know but “who” they know. Meghan is following family tradition because her Dad likewise was the benefactor of his father, the Admiral. The Admiral got his son into the naval academy to which his stellar academic record of graduating 2nd to the bottom of his class made John McCain eligible to be a navy pilot? Not by any stroke of the imagination would any other cadet received that coveted assignment because of their grade standing. John McCain should have been running the ship store. Thus is the way of the rich and powerful. Those who are not blesses with family connections have to do it on merit, we have to earn it. Meghan just has to smile and take up space. Washington is littered with them.


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