WaPo Fact Checker Brutally Ratio’d On Twitter For Lying About IG Report

The Washington Post’s fact checker was embarrassed Friday afternoon when audiences responded in droves to fact-check a dubious claim he made on Twitter.

The term “ratio’d” is used to describe what happens when a tweet gets more comments than retweets and/or likes. Typically, especially among the elitist blue checkmark set (“verified” users), their fame means lots of support from their professional bedfellows and followers. In other words: Retweets and likes stack up with far greater frequency than replies and comments. So when the replies and comments outpace the retweets and likes, it’s considered a testament to the questionable nature of a particular tweet’s content.

In this case it’s particularly noteworthy because the person being called out is none other than Glenn Kessler; The Washington Post’s resident fact-checker.

The claim…

Intellectually honest onlookers will note immediately that, in fact, the IG’s report did present several pieces of not-so-subtle evidence that the FBI’s leadership were plotting against President Trump’s election. In the most obvious examples, that FBI leadership even said so explicitly.

As captured by The Washington Examiner’s Byron York:

Armed with that and similar evidence, readers brutalized Kessler for spreading disinformation. A sampling…

It’s a slap in the face for any elitist blue checkmark to get ratio’d. But when you’re the alleged arbiter of media honesty and integrity, and the comments-to-RTs/Likes ratio is so exhaustively insurmountable (current count as of this writing is 210 replies to 19 retweets) — it’s more like a kick in the groin.

As if the media didn’t have enough problems, now even their “fact checkers” are getting destroyed by we the people. This is what it looks like when America First is winning, and the swamp is draining.

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