On Anniversary Of GOP Assassination Attempts, Jim Carrey Fantasizes About GOP Deaths

Exactly one year after a Bernie Sanders supporter tried to assassinate multiple Republicans, Hollywood’s Jim Carrey went on Twitter to fantasize about their deaths.

In the latest political expression from the once-funny 1990s comedian, Carrey shared a picture he drew of a plagiarized cartoon figure urinating on a grave shared by President Trump and the entire GOP.

The violent and vile depiction is wildly inappropriate on any day, but exponentially more so on the anniversary of the assassination attempts by one of Carrey’s liberal peers…

As most readers already know, it was one year ago to the day — June 14, 2017 — when a Bernie Sanders campaign volunteer pulled out a list of names and a rifle, and opened fire on elected Republicans who were practicing for a baseball game intended to promote unity amid so many partisan differences.

One year later, the Republican survivors of the politically-motivated assassination attempts bravely took to the field in yet another display of unity and goodwill with their Democrat friends. The day was a difficult one, but meant to set a positive tone of progress and respect at a time when political differences are becoming more pronounced.

Many Americans were already dismayed at the lack of attention given to the shooter’s political motivations. Unlike so many acts of violence we see in the news, the man who tried to assassinate Republicans in 2017 was by all accounts entirely lucid.

He wasn’t a madman.

There were no rantings about voices in his head.

There were no incoherent screeds that left more questions than answers.

To the contrary, there was a very clear and lucid plan-of-attack that started months in advance and ended when good guys with guns stopped the Bernie Sanders devotee before he could achieve his goal of murdering several elected Republicans in cold blood.

It was a terrifying moment in our nation’s political history, and one that received barely a fraction of the attention it deserved. The Democrat propagandists in the media, like Jake Tapper and Chuck Todd, will argue that the media covered the tragic event exhaustively.

But intellectually honest media consumers will note that what they did was “cover up” the facts of the event. The shooter was a lucid political activist who had come to believe the media’s hype: He believed that Donald Trump was a threat to our nation and humanity, and that complicit in President Trump’s governance, the more easily-accessible elected Republicans must be murdered in order to stop them from doing more damage, and to send a message about the seriousness of “The Resistance.”

That was the story. And the media never told it. Many in the media even implicitly blamed President Trump for “raising the temperature” to a level that resulted in such unhinged acts of violence.

And in the year since, the vast majority of the media — certainly all of CNN, which this author monitors almost exclusively — have changed nothing. Day after day they still lie about President Trump, and characterize every story from a dangerously left-wing perspective. Every nugget of information they can get their hands on, no matter how inaccurate or untrue it is, they spin as yet more evidence that President Trump is either a racist, a rapist, a Russian spy or mentally unfit to hold office. The media are creating unhinged hatred and anger toward our President and his supporters. And then when their adherents go out and commit acts of violence, the media ignores those stories or dismiss them as “just part of the political climate in ‘the age of Trump.'” The media report on “hate crimes” that almost every time turn out to be hoaxes, and then after creating fear and hatred all across our nation — forget to tell their viewers that the story they all wept over actually turned out to be untrue.

Donald Trump was elected by we the people on his promises to drain the swamp, and put America first. And since the vast majority of the mainstream media are parasites whose sustenance depends on that swamp, they’re terrified of him. Moreover, for decades conservatives in the grassroots have complained about media bias, and were told by our betters — Mitt Romney, John McCain, etc — that we’re not allowed to call out that bias. We were told that it was a losing fight, and that you can’t win elections by complaining about the media. And so on and on the drumbeat went, from coast to coast, as the mainstream media persistently characterized every story as a celebration of Democrats and demonization of Republicans. And we were all supposed to just accept that. But then Trump came along and upon experiencing firsthand just how corrupt and biased the media are, he decided to start punching back. And we loved him for it. Finally, someone who will call out the biased media. (Note: “Bias” in 2018 isn’t about absence of fact. It’s about prominence of partisan characterization. And virtually every time, across virtually all of the mainstream media, allegedly impartial “journalists” report the news from a pro-resistance, anti-Trump perspective. That’s what bias is today. That’s what “fake news” is. It’s manifest among the reality that once-trusted media institutions will spend 2% of their time reporting facts, and the remaining 98% of their time framing those facts to fit their partisan — anti-Trump, pro-swamp — narratives.)

And so as the media continues to lie and discredit itself, promoting unhinged anti-Trump hatred and absolving now-normalized Leftist violence, it’s no wonder that psychotic dirtbags like Jim Carrey are empowered to memorialize assassination attempts by crafting depictions of assassination porn. And it’s no wonder that rather than engage in some long overdue introspection about the hatred, hostility and violence they’re stoking all across our nation, the media instead reinforce the belief of so many that they truly are among America’s greatest impediments to both unity and progress. Or, as some may say, enemies of the people.

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  1. This guy needs immediate psychiatric attention. So many of these sick people walk around with the most vile thoughts waiting to vomit their mental illness on everyone they encounter. It’s not normal to fantasize about another person’s death. This isn’t difficult.


  2. Good article. In these extreme times, we are being exposed to who people really are. It is certainly an interesting journey.

    My question, why on God’s green earth would you monitor CNN almost exclusively. That seems rather self destructive in the extreme…


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