No, CNN: Trump Didn’t Tell NBC He Fired Comey Over Russia

While CNN’s fake journalists lie to their viewers several times a day in furtherance of their anti-Trump narrative, one particular lie seems to come up far more often than the others. That lie: President Trump told Lester Holt he fired Comey because of the Russia investigation.

Their alleged proof is President Trump’s interview with Lester Holt back in May 2017. During the interview, President Trump said…

“But regardless of recommendations I was going to fire Comey, knowing there was no good time to do it. And in fact when I decided to just do it I said to myself, ‘You know, this Russia thing with Trump and Russia is a made up story; it’s an excuse by the Democrats for having lost an election that they should have won.’”

That’s it. That’s their proof that President Trump “admitted he fired Comey over the Russia investigation.” Do you see that admission anywhere in that quote? I don’t. Because it’s not there. In fact the only thing objectively evident in that quote is that President Trump was aware of “the Trump/Russia thing” at the same time he fired Comey.

If I say “I was aware it was snowing outside when I decided to drive my car,” it doesn’t mean I decided to drive my car because it was snowing outside. But according to CNN, when President Trump says “I was aware of the Russia thing when I fired Comey” it means he fired Comey because of the Russia thing. The conclusion is lazy and dishonest and yet more proof that CNN is nothing more than an anti-Trump propaganda arm manufacturing fake news to support their partisan narrative.

This is also yet another good opportunity to take the media to their logical conclusion: CNN’s logical conclusion with respect to this lie is that President Trump told Lester Holt that the reason he fired Jim Comey was the Russia investigation.

Think about that for a moment. Their claim is that Donald Trump, the President of the United States, was perfectly comfortable telling a mainstream media reporter during a live interview that he felt the best way to handle the Russia investigation was to fire the man in charge of it.

On what planet does anyone actually believe that President Trump would be stupid enough to think that would work, let alone admit to it during a live interview?

It’s ridiculous on its face, and yet every few weeks CNN’s hosts (ie, #TheResistance) set the assertion down in the middle of the room and casually imply that’s exactly what happened.

Still the most damning evidence that CNN is lying to their viewers can be found in the rest of Trump’s comments, which CNN conveniently choose to leave out. In the very next breath after the portion they spend days obsessing over, Holt asked Trump if he was angry at Comey about the Russia investigation. Trump’s reply…

“As far as I’m concerned, I want that thing [the Russia investigation] to be absolutely done properly. When I did this now I said ‘I probably maybe will confuse people. Maybe I’ll expand that — y’know — I’ll lengthen the time, because it should be over with.’ It should, in my opinion, it should’ve been over with a long time ago because all it is is an excuse. But I said to myself ‘I might even lengthen out the investigation but I have to do the right thing for the American people.’”


So there is President Trump stating clearly that while many might interpret the move as one intended to disrupt the Russia investigation, it wasn’t his reason for firing Comey. And in fact he knew firing Comey might only amplify and draw out the Russia investigation. But Comey, who had badly discredited the FBI and lost credibility with virtually everyone on both sides of the aisle, had to go. And so President Trump did the right thing and fired him regardless of what others might think about it.

As a separate observation, it’s both prophetic and poetic that President Trump lamented his firing Comey “might confuse people.” It’s prophetic because that’s exactly what CNN is aggressively doing (lying to people; deceiving them; trying to confuse them), and it’s poetic because they’re using as evidence the very interview wherein he floated that concern.

That’s three bulletproof arguments debunking CNN’s lie that President Trump admitted to Lester Holt that he fired Comey because of the Russia investigation.

  1. CNN mischaracterizing the Trump/Holt excerpt, insisting that it’s evidence Trump fired Comey over Russia when nothing in the quote they’re using even comes close to making that case.
  2. The logical conclusion of what they’re implying, which is that Trump thought firing Comey would end the Russia investigation and that it would be a good idea to tell the world that’s what he was thinking and that’s what he did.
  3. CNN choosing to deceive viewers and leave out the portion of Trump’s comments where he makes clear that he didn’t fire Comey over Russia, and if he was thinking about “the Trump/Russia thing” at all then it was with the tough-but-necessary realization that firing Comey would probably only prolong that conversation.

But there they are — all smiles, all day, all over CNN — lying to themselves, each other, and their viewers…all in furtherance of their pro-swamp, pro-resistance, anti-Trump narrative. Given the weight of its implication and the frequency with which they tell it, that “Trump admitted he fired Comey because of the Russia investigation” could very well turn out to be CNN’s biggest lie of the year.

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