Frustrated CNN Host Lies To Viewers

A frustrated and angry Poppy Harlow lied to CNN viewers on Friday morning when she misrepresented the facts in an effort to discredit the sitting United States President.

The CNN host was talking at the time with Republican House Representative Leonard Lance (NJ-7). Taking advantage of her on-air guest’s inability to see the actual tweet, Harlow lied about what President Trump wrote and used that lie in an attempt to bludgeon the President.

Here is what President Trump tweeted…

In terms of hard assertion, the operative words here are “reports are” and “if true.”

And Representative Lance, when asked about the President’s claims and without the ability to actually see/read the tweet, conceded that he didn’t know all the facts and thus didn’t want to form a conclusion.

Harlow — who claims to be impartial — pressed “You said you don’t know if this true. You don’t know if there was an informant. The President is saying here there was. He’s saying there were reports that there was at least one.”

Harlow — who claims to be a neutral journalist — went on, “Should the President be making assertions like this if by the admission of his own attorney, they don’t even know if it’s fact?”

Harlow — who sanctimoniously and unnecessarily lectures others that “Words Matter!” — ignored the President’s words when she tripled down, “Should the President, your party, a Republican, be making assertions like this not based in knowledge of the fact?”

Harlow — who sanctimoniously and unnecessarily lectures others that “Facts Matter!” — ignored the facts when she badgered her guest, again dishonestly, “Does it concern you that the President is making assertions without knowledge of the fact?”

Harlow — who represents a network that claims to put “Facts First!” — ignored the facts and lied to viewers, and her guest, in each of the four statements above.

The President’s only factual assertion in his tweet is that a report exists with information in it. At no point did he assert that the information in the report is confirmed as factual. To the contrary, he added an additional “if true” at the end of his statement thus reinforcing his clear-eyed approach to the story.

And yet in four separate instances CNN’s Poppy Harlow lied about the President’s words in an effort to browbeat her guest, discredit President Trump and deceive CNN viewers.


You just watched Poppy Harlow literally manufacture fake news. President Trump never made the claims that Harlow four times told viewers he did. She completely made it up. She lied. If you remove the words “reports are” and “if true” from Trump’s tweet, then Harlow’s claims would be accurate. But you can’t do that because, as Harlow and her peers incessantly and unnecessarily like to shriek throughout the day, “Words Matter!” So what we’re left with here is yet another example of a CNN host creating fake news and lying to their audiences in an effort to attack the US President.

Every hour, several times throughout the hour, you can find similar examples like this on CNN. The network and its staff are emotionally and financially invested in President Trump’s demise, but he keeps getting stronger while CNN and the swamp they rely on keep getting weaker. This has led to clear frustration and likely a lot of depression among the CNN staff. Thus, their pro-Democrat propagandizing has become embarrassingly sloppy as they reaffirm throughout the day that words don’t matter and facts come last.

Still not tired of winning.

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  1. It really is disappointing that CNN still presents itself as a new organization. The number of out right lies they have been caught in is astounding. If they truly were interested in the facts and reporting real news wouldn’t that have fixed this by now?


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