Freudian Slip In CNN’s Latest ‘Facts First’ Ad

While meant to defend their integrity, CNN’s latest ad discredits the network and casually reveals their explicit bias.

See if you can spot it…

Did you catch it? I saw the ad probably a dozen times before it hit me. Let’s take a closer listen and include the obvious context, which is easily gleaned by anyone who’s watched CNN in the last 18 months…

This is a whole bunch of bananas.

The bananas are noise surrounding and created by President Trump.

Somewhere, buried within it, is an apple.

The apple is something nefarious that President Trump is guilty of.

Some people might try to tell you that there’s no point in looking for it.

President Trump and his supporters, who have said that the media and Democrats are engaged in a witch hunt.

But there’s only one way to know what’s been covered up: Start digging.

Something has definitely been covered up, and CNN wants credit for their steadfast commitment to exposing it.

Here’s the kicker…

The apple, according to CNN, is already there. The nefarious act. The crime. The thing President Trump is guilty of. It’s there. It definitely exists. And CNN knows it.

They already know that President Trump is guilty of something, even though they don’t know what it is and they can’t find it.

That’s not called journalism. That’s not called integrity or a good faith pursuit for the truth. It’s certainly not called real news.

That’s called having already decided what the outcome is before you actually do any work. It’s called having an agenda, and then manufacturing excuses to keep pushing that agenda. It’s called fake news. It’s called propaganda.

It’s called a witch hunt.

Now in the interest of intellectual honesty and fairness, this is just an ad. But it’s an ad that portrays exactly what President Trump and his supporters have long accused the media of doing. And the really impressive part is that CNN — unquestionably the most dishonest and dangerous of all the media outlets — actually wrote the ad to promote credibility and justify their endless onslaught of anti-Trump ferocity and conspiracy theories.

But they couldn’t even get through an ad without blowing it, presumably because they don’t employ a single person who can still recognize just how blatant their partisan witch hunt is. Sad!

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