CNN Exploits McCain Family’s Pain; Self-Destructs

The absurdity has reached peak levels at CNN and there’s no way to sugarcoat it anymore: The network is a joke, and those allegedly impartial journalists who play along with them will never live down the years they’ve spent making themselves the punchline.

Now that CNN darling  Michael Avenatti is threatening reporters who are exposing him for being the ambulance chaser fraud that he is, the intellectually and professionally lazy producers and “talent” at CNN have filled up all of his would-be air time with hand-wringing about White House apologies.

We are officially in day 5 of Someone-Insulted-McCain-Gate.

For anyone who’s been under a rock: A White House staffer made a tasteless joke about John McCain’s fate. The staffer personally apologized to the McCain family, but the White House didn’t. Literally every day since — for five straight days now — CNN has obsessed over the non-story with endless analysis and faux outrage.

A few points…

First and foremost, this incident appears to have launched a new strategy for the White House in terms of dealing with leakers. And the media, either willfully or ignorantly, have completely missed the roll-out of that strategy. Sarah Sanders made it clear on the very first day that the White House would not be responding to matters that stem from internal leaks. Basically, the White House has determined that internal leaks are poison fruit and they’ll not dignify inquiry that stems from those leaks. It’s a clear (and arguably brilliant) strategy. But CNN hosts — all day, every day, for the last 5 days — are on their hands and knees pleading with their equally anti-Trump guests to help them understand why the White House won’t address the McCain “joke” more directly. The CNN producers and hosts lack either the integrity or the intellect to cede that Sanders was very clear on that, and neither bodes well for the already discredited network.

Second, John McCain once served his country honorably and should be commended for that. But he’s not infallible nor anywhere near above reproach. He has many, many shady dealings — both personally and politically — in his wake. And he’s proven in his latter years to be a petty, bitter man who puts swamp over country and personal animus over principle. And I’d hesitate to speak ill of a likely dying man, were it not for that dying man continuing to take his own ridiculously pathetic and personal potshots at his own opponents. I’m thinking foremost of McCain’s very public reveal that he doesn’t want President Trump to attend his funeral. Granted, McCain never to our knowledge explicitly said those words. But the media said them for him in their reports about who McCain does want to attend, and neither McCain nor anyone in his camp pushed back. In other words: After 843 years a U.S. Senator, John McCain knows how to trash somebody without actually getting his hands dirty. (If only he had a little more guts when it comes to communicating with the American public — like Trump does — he might’ve even been able to serve a term or two as President — like Trump will.) But CNN’s assertion that McCain can punch people in the face and shouldn’t be hit back because he’s likely doing so on his way to the exit, is absurd. I’ll cede that jokes about someone dying; about death itself; are stupid. Everyone knows that, even if some forget it in the heat of a particular moment. But John McCain is still slinging his own petty and personal shots, so don’t give me this “You can only disagree with him on policy or you’re awful” nonsense.

Third, finally and most importantly — other than cancer itself, no person or thing is stoking more pain and negative distraction for the McCain family than CNN. The network is almost entirely wall-to-wall with this ridiculous story. They’re the ones keeping it alive. They’ll say, as they always do, that “If only President Trump would do ‘x’, then we’d move on from this nonsense.” That’s a lie. CNN chooses what they cover. Trump doesn’t choose it for them. And virtually every minute of every day, CNN is choosing to cover stories based on which ones they believe will do the most damage to the United States President. This is one of those stories. Do you think Trump cares? Do you think, in these precious moments, the McCains care? Do you think the American people care? This is when Democrat propagandists like Jake Tapper and exiled Republican gaslighters like Amanda Carpenter would say, “Yes. I think the American people care about integrity StrawMan1 and honor StrawMan2 and doing what’s right StrawMan3.” But the only people who truly care about this “story” are those focused like a laser on hurting our President. CNN is using the McCain family’s grief and difficult time for their own cheap, political gain. And in doing so, CNN is only stoking new flames of hurt, anger, resentment, pettiness and partisanship.

My greatest social/political charter is mitigating identity-based division and disparity in America. And a very close second for me is exposing media bias (which often serves to enable that identity-based division and disparity). And I used to watch MSNBC because their bias was the most potent. But it’s been almost three years since CNN started making MSNBC look practically impartial. It’s been almost three years that I’ve been monitoring CNN for bias and intellectual dishonesty. And I mean it when I say that the last few months have revealed a dramatic rise in the network’s desperation and delusion. Their anti-Trump propaganda didn’t have a lot of teeth to start with. But as Trump’s numbers continue to rise, and he continues racking up win after win with respect to his agenda, CNN’s efforts to damage him have become utterly toothless.

Many thought CNN couldn’t embarrass itself any more than they already had with their fixation over the porn star and her ambulance chaser attorney. But then a Trump staffer made a bad joke that was leaked to the media and for which the White House didn’t apologize. And rather than accepting the universal acknowledgment that the joke was tasteless, and rather than exploring the White House’s apparently brand new strategy of diminishing leakers’ effectiveness by not dignifying inquiries with respect to the leaks, and rather than giving the McCain family a break from the onslaught of negative coverage but choosing instead to exploit the McCain’s grief — rather than doing any of those things, some CNN host and 8 anti-Trump “journalists” will be coming at you live for 37 minutes out of every hour, ready to dive wide and deep on “Why won’t the White House just apologize.”

CNN has always been at least partially discredited due to liberal bias. But “at least partially discredited” is light years away from “entirely broken,” which at this point is exactly where they are. I guess when Trump said he was going to Make America Great Again, he wasn’t messing around! Because CNN’s total and utter self-destruction as they moved away from “news” and cornered the media market pro-swamp, anti-Trump propaganda — is yet another terrific step in that direction.

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