Rich Lowry Goes On CNN; Suplexes Everyone In The Room

National Review’s Rich Lowry decided yet again to visit CNN and show viewers the honesty and fairness that persistently elude the network.

The topic was one that every American, and probably every person in the world, is entirely consumed by (paraphrasing)…

Why didn’t that one girl apologize for what that other girl said about that guy from the White House? McCannes or whatever. The Vice President. Or whatever. You know what I’m talking about. That guy. And that lady. And that other lady. Why didn’t that other lady apologize?

Yes gripping indeed. And while the drama is playing out several times an hour on CNN, the answers remain few. All we know for sure is that (paraphrasing)…

President Trump and everyone who works with him are terrible people. And most should probably be in prison. And none are fit to serve the American people. But that’s all we know for sure at this hour. There are still a lot of unanswered questions and we’ll be asking all of them, all night, here on CNN.

Yes all was going according to schedule. A typical night of hysterical pearl-clutching breathlessly panted out by swamp-dependent grifters uniformly demoted by Trump and now masquerading as impartial journalists or flag-waving patriots who just want to save our country from the horrible, awful, evil, duly elected President of the United States whose progress in the first 18 months is already historic and whose numbers continue climbing despite the media’s 24×7 attacks on him.

Yep. Right on schedule.

And then they made the mistake of asking Rich Lowry a question. And Rich Lowry, despite being a founding member of the Never Trump movement, couldn’t resist releasing some intellectual honesty in to the air despite it’s relative toxicity in the CNN studios.

Asked by John Berman if Trump should’ve apologized to McCain for the comment made by a White House staffer, Lowry began “It would’ve been the easiest and the right thing to do, and we wouldn’t be talking about it anymore if they just apologized.”

Before we get to the good stuff: I disagree with Lowry’s assertion that we wouldn’t be talking about it if they apologized. The media sets their own agenda. Never let them tell you that if only Trump wouldn’t do “X,” then they’d be covering all the more important issues. It’s a lie. They cover what they want to cover, and 99% of the time it’s whatever story they think can do the most damage to the President of the United States. For this story, if the White House apologized for the staffer’s comment, then tonight all the talk would be about all the other times the White House didn’t apologize. And endless psychoanalysis from political hacks who suddenly think they’re doctors about whether or not this is a sign of the President losing his faculties. Every time I hear that — “Well we’re only talking about this ridiculous story because of something Trump did [or didn’t] do!” — I cringe. It’s a lie. The media set their own agenda. And they choose to cover whatever they think will most damage Trump.

I digress…

Lowry more than made up for that incorrect analysis when he dropped this gem, which you could practically hear suck all the air right out of the room…

“There were about 3 dozen times or more — I don’t know how many — during the campaign when you would’ve thought the smart, wise, politic thing for Trump to do would have been to apologize.

And he never did.

And he won.”

The delivery was excellent. Watch and see for yourself:

When you monitor CNN (for bias and fake news) as much as I do, you can tell when someone just dropkicked the entire room.

This was one of those times.

For all of their hand-wringing, pearl-clutching and finger-wagging — Trump has never once bowed to the swamp’s demands. And yet all he’s done is win.

That’s a tough pill for the folks at CNN to swallow, and it’s always worth memorializing when they’re forced to do it anyway.

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