Jim Sciutto Drops Cohen ‘Bombshell’ On His Own Foot

CNN’s Jim Sciutto, who the network refuses to disclose was an Obama political appointee, fell flat on his face Friday afternoon while filling in as host for “The Lead.”

The nowhere-near-ready-for-primetime Sciutto was responsible for multiple awkward spots throughout the hour, but among the most notable came when he failed to corral typically reliable anti-Trump personalities Jeffrey Toobin and Phil Mudd.

In a fight to the death with The Onion, CNN’s days-long focus this week related to Michael Cohen being paid by business interests based on his proximity to President Trump.

This type of “consulting” of course happens all the time in DC.

In fact: Many savvy viewers look at CNN’s endless reliance on “anonymous sources.” And those viewers take note of how often those anonymous sources get the facts wrong in a way that creates fake news designed to hurt Trump. And those viewers then look at all the free air CNN gives anti-Trump Democrats like Adam Schiff, Eric Swalwell and Michael Avenatti. And those viewers then reasonably wonder what kind of pay-for-play or other collusion might be at work, where for example CNN’s most frequent guests are also their most chatty anonymous sources — facts be damned, as long as everything they do is designed to hurt President Trump.

Again…lobbying, consulting, pay-for-play — call it what you want but it’s commonplace in DC with politicians and the media as well.

But to hear CNN tell it (paraphrasing): “That Michael Cohen was a paid consultant to American businesses is yet more proof that Donald Trump is a Russian spy. And we’re sorry you had to find out this way but Trump along with everyone he knows will probably end up in prison by August. Thanks for watching. #FactsFirst!

Enter Toobin and Mudd who are some of the more sensational and colorful of CNN’s many anti-Trump voices. Even they couldn’t abide the ridiculousness of this Cohen story. And Jim Sciutto, whose resting face already screams “deer in the headlights,” was left hopelessly alone to defend a nontroversy that the entire network had spent days telling viewers is a really big deal.

Not so much, according to both Toobin and Mudd.


The ominous characterization in the chyron, “COMPANIES COME CLEAN ON COHEN DEALS,” is another example of CNN’s go-to move: Packaging the news in partisan characterizations to support their anti-Trump narrative.

Still another fun part of this week has been hearing CNN hosts and guests talk about how “swampy” Cohen’s actions were, and how outraged Trump supporters should be. They want us to believe that they have even the slightest clue what Trump supporters think when we hear “Drain The Swamp.” I’m not sure if they don’t know this fact or are just pretending not to know it, but as a Trump supporter, let me be very clear…

When we say “Drain The Swamp,” ending the type of deal-making that Cohen engaged in is definitely in our Top 1000. But exposing swamp-dependent Democrat propagandists who pretend to be legitimate newspeople, like literally everyone who works at CNN, is in our Top 3.

Sorry you had to find out this way Alysin Camerota and John Berman and Brooke Baldwin and Jake Tapper and Erin Burnett and Don Lemon and Fredricka Whitfield and Brian Stelter and Jim Sciutto.

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  1. cnn never stops the lying do they….and they apparently never will. but its hilarious that this one was so bad not even his own colleagues would support sciutto.


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