Democrat 2018 Wins Could Be The Best Thing For Trump’s Agenda

While most of the pundits and activists are dug in to their partisan divides, thoughtful observers know that a Democrat-controlled Congress could be a boon for Trump’s “America First” agenda.

Donald Trump is a New York liberal. I’m a staunch conservative (or conservatarian, more accurately) — but I’ve supported President Trump since 2015 and I have a long papertrail to prove it. But the fact is, in today’s social and political climate, even a off-the-rack New York liberal can see that our country has been run in to the ground by political hacks who put the swamp over the country.

And that’s what Donald Trump saw, railed against, and won because of.

He’ll tell you that he needs Republicans in order to get anything done, and as long as the GOP is currently in power, that’s a fair analysis. But if the Democrats do win the House in 2018, and even the Senate, it by no means the end of a Trump agenda. To the contrary, it could mean the genesis of an even more defining aspect of his America First endeavor: Making America United Again (or at least starting us down that path).

If empowered with majorities, the Democrats will start their negotiations with the White House from a position of overreach. They’ll write and pass bills that President Trump rejects, and they’ll use his rejection as political bludgeons to help fill the 24×7 news cycle. But eventually, Trump will use his platform to push for bills that they can actually agree on. And several of the more rational Democrats (yes, readers: They do exist.) will bite. And then negotiations will begin. And before you know it, production will start occurring with a Democrat-controlled Congress and a Republican-controlled White House.

Real production.

And that’s pretty powerful.

Frankly, the establishment GOP is a lot like CNN: In a world of unscrupulous, biased and dishonest media — CNN is the most egregious because they claim to be impartial. Well many in the GOP, particularly among the most powerful, are no different. They all want you to believe that they’re better than big government Democrats, but in reality most are still very much part of the swamp. Their commitment isn’t to putting America First, but to putting the swamp first. And then, if there’s any time left, maybe at least pretending to do something for our nation so they can at least claim to have showed up to work that day.

“The swamp” is basically the mainstream media, the Democrats, and the establishment GOP to include virtually all of the DC insiders, consultants, strategists, and as we’ve unfortunately learned, many in our most powerful institutions to include the IRS and DOJ. They’re entirely useless grifters whose foremost commitments are to prop up themselves and each other on the backs of a hopeful and neutered electorate. For decades we’ve watched them all get fat and happy while lying to and about those of us who want to see our nation strengthened not through global capitulation and socialistic charity, but through independence and leadership that unapologetically does right for our nation because in the long run our national health is the most important ingredient to an increasingly vibrant free world.

Donald Trump, a lifelong New York liberal, saw that just like so many of us in the grassroots do. And he came to realize that despite his alignment with so many coastal elites, their apathy with respect to our national decline was not something he could abide. And so he set aside his New York liberal values and began speaking forcefully about the absence of strength and ambition from those we’ve been forced to rely on for “leadership.”

Donald Trump isn’t a racist. He isn’t any of the terrible things that the media and those brainwashed in to “The Resistance” have said about him. He’s a self-made billionaire with the smarts and guts to have withstood the swamp’s desperate, unfair and vicious attacks on him. And the country rewarded him with a historic Presidential victory. And now he’s governing just like he promised he would: He’s putting America first with the hope of making our nation — now divided and seen as largely impotent by the far more aggressively competitive global community — great again. And he’s chalking up a lot of successes along the way.

I once tweeted that while most politicians run for office to enrich themselves, Donald Trump — already a billionaire — will instead focus on actually helping our nation. Then-candidate Trump liked that tweet, and so he retweeted it with one word: “True.” Of course my Twitter account has since been suspended, so all that remains is this…

The fact remains, he’s actually committed to moving things forward. And he’s not in any way beholden to the partisan groupthink and gridlock that the swamp needed me, you and every other American to be caught up in. If the Democrats take power in Congress, watch for big things to happen. They’ll try at first to discredit him with legislation that he’ll never sign. But eventually some cracks will form in the dam that keeps DC so partisan and unproductive, and President Trump will exploit those cracks and work with Democrats in ways that very few in our nation currently thought was still possible.

Yes, conservatives and Republicans, that will mean that we cede policy items. But we’ll also get other policy items, and most importantly if my hopeful prediction comes to pass — a new bar will be set with respect to partisan divides and gridlock. And if that happens, it will mark the beginning of yet another Trump campaign promise: Draining the swamp of the career grifters who depend on the status quo to maintain power and riches.

Would it be better if the media and pollsters were yet again proven wrong, and the GOP held the House? Of course. There is no greater propaganda arm for the swamp than the mainstream media, so they are in fact the greatest enemy of our nation’s progress. And uniformly collective beatdowns like they incurred in 2016 will always be terrific wins for our nation. But if the Democrats do win, don’t believe the hype. Donald Trump isn’t at all the grifting swamp-dependent that defined basically every GOP Presidential candidate since Reagan. He’s entirely committed to strengthening our nation through security and prosperity. He’s entirely committed to putting America First, and draining the swamp of all the useless grifters who built careers accomplishing nothing except for keeping us divided.

I begged and pleaded with Trump’s team in 2016 to adopt “Make America United Again.” (More on that here and here.) I even got a one-on-one sit down with Corey Lewandowski in Trump Tower back in November 2015. They ignored my pleas, I’m guessing because President Trump — in what I’ll gladly concede is his infinitely more profound political instincts than my own — didn’t see value in it. But contrary to the beliefs of the most ardently partisan on both sides, the majority of those with whom we disagree are not evil, awful people. (More on that here and here.) And if the Democrats do win in 2018, then watch for President Trump to help move the “Make America United” ball forward in ways that few expected possible in our lifetimes. And that doesn’t in any way mean compromising his America First and Drain The Swamp agendas. In fact, it could even mean doing more to promote each with respect to the bigger picture and his legacy even after he leaves office in 2024, than he might have achieved with only legacy grifters like Mitch McConnell and Kevin friggin’ McCarthy to help.

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