The Media’s Ronny Jackson Hole Keeps Getting Deeper

The media discredited itself at every turn with the Ronny Jackson story, and their hole keeps getting deeper.

First and most obviously: The media spent several days running stories about Ronny Jackson that were fed to them by dishonest political brokers engaged in a smear campaign. And while most of them would hedge their stories with disclaimers like “Of course these are just allegations as of right now,” the enthusiasm with which they put those allegations in to the public domain was unmistakable. Not to mention, at least on CNN, that fully 90% of their guests and analysts treated the allegations as absolute fact.

Second and less explored: If the allegations were true, who were these hopped up Obama Administration officials? On one hand you had the media and their guests opining about the ills of Ronny Jackson, the dope-peddling White House doctor. On the other, you’d think you’d have had a little curiosity about the rampant drug abuse that must have existed in order for a dealer to move product. But not once did I hear a single member of the anti-Trump media wade into those waters. From my seat, the idea that the White House was infested with recreational drug addicts is a lot more dangerous than the idea that they were able to get their fixes within the White House. But again, despite pushing the notion that Dr. Jackson was basically a party doctor who would give anyone anything they asked for, there was zero curiosity about how the corresponding drug abuse may have affected the production or integrity of the Obama Administration. I’m not going to act surprised by the media’s lack of intellectual consistency, curiosity or integrity here — but I’m also not going to pretend it doesn’t exist.

Third and completely unexplored: As the smears against Dr. Jackson are uniformly disproven, the media offer no apology for their role in smearing a presumably good man’s name. They offer no regret for obstructing a potentially outstanding leader for the critical US Department of Veterans Affairs. Instead, they again claim that this entire fiasco is President Trump’s fault. Let’s use an analogy: Imagine if I told you that it was going to rain today. And when it didn’t end up raining, rather than admit that I was wrong, I instead start lecturing you about leaving your umbrella at home. That’s basically what the media are doing with the Ronny Jackson story. They gleefully saturated the week’s news cycle with a coordinated smear campaign against Jackson, and now that the smears have been disproven, they’re blaming the entire episode on President Trump for “not vetting” Jackson. Vetting him for what? The potential that, when nominated, Democrats and the media would collude to conduct a dishonest smear campaign to sink his nomination? If this White House were held to that standard of vetting, then they’d never be able to nominate anyone. (Of course if the media had their way, that’d be fine. Donald Trump ran against them and the swamp they rely on, so they’re intent on taking him down.)

The question remains around Jackson’s experience, or lack thereof. But how quickly those raising that question most vocally forget that Donald J. Trump, who had no political experience at all, was duly elected to the Presidency. So in today’s political climate where gridlock is the norm and apathy the standard, lack of experience is arguably far more of an asset than a liability.

The points outlined above will, of course, remain entirely ignored by the mainstream media. But here in the real world most people are keenly aware of each. That’s why, despite the media’s best efforts, they continue to lose credibility. Meanwhile, Donald Trump’s America First movement is only getting stronger. And the media helping to smear a good man’s name, and then refusing to own up to that and instead blaming President Trump for “not vetting” a man whose track record remains squeaky clean, only reinforces one of President Trump’s most important points: It’s time we vet our media more closely, and expose the majority of them for the partisan liars they are.

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  1. Maybe it’s time to find out all we can about those who have cast the first stone. Surely, they will stand up to scrutiny as well – purer I trust than Caesar’s wife.


  2. There has to be a legal recourse if not even one thing they said was true, or even partially true, and the news media ran with it . . . I was shocked to hear there was no truth at all to any of it – and I’m battle hardened. There must be legal recourse and it must be pursued because this ‘smear’ garbage is ruining too many good people. PLUS – I need to see someone go after these that propagate this mess – – – the cut up unborn babies and sell them with NO punishment – they lie – they protest – they interfere . . . all to the detriment of the nation.

    If we cannot stop this – at least shaming them into silence – we are lost as a nation.


  3. Concur with your thoughts completely John. If this crap can not be stopped, we a s a country are doomed to extinction by the left-wing lieing media and politicians. It seems a very large libel lawsuit is called for, and I don’t generally care for lawsuit action.


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