Wokeness Is Afoot For Americans Who Happen To Be Black

All across our nation today, Americans who happen to be black are asking themselves important questions about political and social doctrine.

I say “Americans who happen to be black” because that’s how I view them. The same goes for Americans who happen to be white, Hispanic, Asian, gay, Christian, Muslim, Jewish, male, female etc.

Identity politics demand that we put what we are ahead of who we are: “You might be John Smith, but never forget that before that you’re a black man. Or a gay woman. Or a Hispanic immigrant. Or a Muslim believer.” I reject that clearly divisive and regressive position, and have sought to adopt language that refutes it.

The Democrats meanwhile have for decades claimed to embrace diversity, but it’s a much different story once you enter their universe.

Welcome to the Democrat party, where we accept everyone! Now that you’re here, please go to your assigned section…

Blacks over there because our nation has always hated you, and you need us to protect you.

Hispanics over there because our nation just started hating you recently, and you need us to protect you.

Women over there because our nation is sexist against you, and you need us to protect you.

LGBTQ over there because our nation discriminates against you, and you need us to protect you.

Muslims over there because our nation fears you, and you need us to protect you.

The Democrats’ entire platform is built on the idea that while you may be an individual, you are far more importantly a member of an assigned group wherein you’re to assume perpetual grievance.

In that way, “grievance” today has become the new shackle.

The Democrats and their SJW foot soldiers take otherwise powerful individuals and reduce them to members of an assigned group, insisting that members of that group cannot possibly function in this country until the Democrats have more power and can fix things for them.

It’s a destructive, divisive and debilitating low road that the so-called progressive movement in our nation has expertly navigated for decades.

And in doing so they’ve only created more hatred, and more division, and more disparity.

Granted, as noted often on these pages and elsewhere, most of the rank-and-file — from the do-gooder white suburban types who lament their own white privilege, to the most stalwart black activists who think we need to tear down the Washington monument — they’re well-intended. They’re not purposefully tearing our nation apart, or committing Americans who happen to be black to inter-generational disparity and corruption of individual liberty.

Additionally, we on the right — lovers of Liberty — have done an atrocious job effectively communicating our message, and indicting those in our nation who see value in identity-based division and disparity.

Read this piece about President Trump’s team not getting it.

Or this piece about our most amplified conservative messengers not getting it.

And for those of us who see it, it’s extremely painful to watch: The Democrats have set our entire nation on fire with respect to race and identity. And then they blame the Republicans. And the Republicans fail to mount an effective defense. And then, most painfully, the fires rage on…growing more destructive with every passing generation.

But something important happened in recent days when massive voices from popular culture began speaking up about “free thinkers.”

It started when Candace Owens, the Communications Director for the conservative non-profit Turning Point USA, spoke out at UCLA about “the victor mentality and the victim mentality.”


Many of us have spent our lives watching the Democrats in media and elsewhere misappropriate blame for racial disparity, as said disparities only get worse. And any time an American who happens to be black speaks out about that reality, they are attacked for it.

We see people like CNN host Don Lemon tacitly but persistently imply that all black people think alike, and that he is their spokesperson. And that idea, that all black people think as a monolith, persists. In fact today many Americans who happen to be black are proud to segregate themselves as being part of “the black community” instead of, or at least before and more importantly than, the American fabric. The Democrats love this because people are easier to control when they’re in groups, and they’re easier to control when they believe they’ve been aggrieved. So the self-segregation that we see all across our nation — predicated entirely on manufactured grievance that is promoted by Hollywood, the media, and academia — is a perfect scenario for the Left. And the Republican politicians and messengers, as noted, have done a terrible job fighting back.

They talk constantly about what they will “do for” black people. That brand of lazy Republicanism, while embraced unfortunately also by President Trump, is something that many of us in the grassroots are increasingly aware of and disappointed by.

To be clear, what the Republican party can “do for” black people is to stop feeding the narrative that skin color merits some kind of unique treatment; to stop chasing the Democrat message of division and grievance, and start leading with the Republican message of unity and liberty.

With no sign that anyone in the Republican party or conservative media has any inclination of taking that critical, bold, truly progressive step that our nation so desperately needs — enter Kanye West. And Kim Kardashian. And Chance The Rapper.

Enter the idea of “free thinkers.”

After Owens’ thoughtful message began to take hold, complete with controversial rhetoric about slavery and plantations, she came under fire from all the usual groups.

And then this happened…

And this…

Many began doing exactly what Candace and others said they would, and effectively trying to “drag Kanye back to the plantation” and/or demonize him for his views. So his wife, Kim Kardashian West, came to his defense…

And then, perhaps most importantly as of this writing, this happened…

An enormously important, simple statement from Chance The Rapper; one of the most far-reaching and respected voices in popular culture: “Black people don’t have to be democrats.”

In the last few years there’s been a lot of talk about “being woke.” The expression basically means being aware of racial division, and well-prepared to help mitigate it.

But most of the people who spoke about wokeness were pushing the same social segregation and racial division that the Democrats have nurtured for generations.

They wrongly say that opinions don’t matter as much if they’re coming from white people.

They wrongly say that, in America, we cannot have a conversation without first stipulating that “black lives matter.” (Fully 99.99% of our nation already knows that, so the implication that it needs to be stipulated is both offensive and unserious. It creates division and exacerbates wounds, instead of allowing for unity and healing.)

They say that the way forward in our nation is for blacks, whites, Hispanics and everyone else to see the world through racial and ethnic lenses.

They say that anyone who claims to judge character and ignore race or ethnicity, are themselves racists.

They say we all must focus on skin color before anything else, and only then can we go on to have a progressive and “woke” nation.

They’re of course wildly wrong, as their recipe for progress requires the most flagrantly regressive posture anyone could take with respect to race and identity.

But today, thanks to Candace Owens and Kanye West and Kim Kardashian West and Chance The Rapper — millions of Americans who happen to be black are re-thinking their loyalty to the Democrat party. And for someone like me whose entire social and political existence is wrapped up in mitigating identity-based disparity and helping to make America united again as our nation needs the meaningful contribution of all its citizens…

As someone who named his blog LoveBreedsAccountability because I know that the absence of committed, 2 parent homes drive disparity more than anything else, and that Americans who happen to be black endure that disparity in numbers exponentially greater than anyone else…

As someone who sees many in the Democrat party and among the activist left as, however well-intended they may ultimately be, fostering pain and disparity for Americans who happen to be black along with racial disunity all across our nation…

It’s a really good day.

Here’s to many more like them in the future, as true wokeness begins to take hold — and people all across our nation free themselves from the social segregation and political doctrine that has for generations created only more division, more disparity and more destruction.


  1. Candace and Kanye are good reminders that people can think and choose. It seems very doubtful to me that the “Woke” movement will move any significant number of voters away from Democrats. That’s because the identity politics you describe are both deeply ingrained and the punishment for leaving is large and unforgiving. But, we can dream that people will awaken. It would be better if Trump and the Republicans had a clear and compelling message though.


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