First Amendment Cannibals On CNN Claim Free Speech Destroys Free Press

Wednesday on CNN, Brooke Baldwin along with several other journalists took turns crying about what they perceive to be President Trump’s attack on the first amendment.

This is a familiar refrain among the mainstream media. It goes something like this…

When President Trump attacks us in the media, he’s attacking the First Amendment. He’s attacking free speech, and the free press in America.

This of course is ridiculous. Their lazy, crazy implication is that the President of the United States is not entitled to free speech.

Spoiler alert, Brooke: He is.

The President, just like the rest of us, can say whatever he wants. And most honest and thoughtful onlookers would argue that doing so, despite the media’s sanctimonious preaching and weeping, is exactly what got President Trump elected in the first place.

If he wanted to, he could even attack them all personally.

He could say that Brooke Baldwin should probably pick a haircut that wasn’t popularized by Nigel from Spinal Tap.


He could remind people that contrary to popular belief, the job of a “Beta Tester” is not to follow Ryan Lizza around all day flicking his ear.


He could rail against April Ryan’s morbid obesity as being a terrible example for young people.


Or he could dwell on the fact that Kaitlan Collins’ terrifying Joker smile still can’t distract from the permanent five o’clock shadow that she just can’t seem to wax away from her upper lip.


He could do any of those things, and he’d be well within his rights as a US citizen, just as anyone else would be.

But he doesn’t do those things.

Instead he just complains about how each of them are pro-swamp, anti-Trump propagandists who are masquerading as impartial journalists. He rails against their fake news — which most of us understand to be highly partisan, pro-resistance characterizations that these allegedly impartial journalists try to pass off as neutral reporting.

That’s not an attack on the free press. It’s an attack on the dishonest press; a press that has long since been known to much of our nation as the Democrat Party’s most prominent propaganda wing.

And it’s an assertion of the President’s own First Amendment right.

That Baldwin, Lizza, Collins and Ryan believe the President is not entitled to his own free speech, is itself damning evidence of these [snow]flakes being anything but fair, honest, thoughtful and/or substantive journalists.

And they used up a good chunk of CNN’s air on Wednesday afternoon reinforcing that…

One by one, these obviously anti-Trump partisans took turns playing the victim and making themselves the story. They’ve spent every minute of Trump’s Presidency insisting without evidence that he’s either a racist (he’s not), a rapist (he’s not), a Russian spy (he’s not), or mentally unfit to hold the office (he is). If you look at the archives from any minute of any day over the last 18 months, you’ll find each one of these Democrat propagandists pushing any one of those narratives.

At no point do these people deliver just the facts.

Instead, they deliver their version of the facts and then characterize the story around those facts to fit their anti-Trump narrative.

For example…

The fact: President Trump rails against the media because he believes they’re unfair and dishonest.

The fact as presented by CNN: President Trump rails against the media because he believes they’re unfair and dishonest, which is yet another symptom of the mental instability we’ve been reporting on because what he’s really mad about is that we’re exposing the ubiquitous chaos that the Trump White House is enduring under the constant cloud of a Russia investigation that’s threatening to upend his entire Presidency as Mueller draws closer and closer to exposing not only collusion and obstruction of justice but possibly far more nefarious crimes as well. Sources say.

The difference, obviously, is stark.

“Fake news” isn’t about absence of fact, but about prominence of partisan characterization. And every day, all day, CNN and their peers like April Ryan cloud the facts with their own partisan characterizations. And every time, those partisan characterizations make “The Resistance” and “Never Trump” viewers stand up and cheer, while supporters of the President are left shaking their heads at what they correctly identify as yet more anti-Trump propaganda disguised as actual journalism.

And among the most grating of all the storylines was today’s, wherein the media get together and say that when the President exercises his own First Amendment, it’s an attack on theirs.

It’s not.

Yes it’s an attack, and effective one to be sure. For decades many voters and media consumers have lamented the obvious pro-Left, anti-Right bias in the mainstream media. But establishment Republicans like Jeb Bush and John Kasich and Mitt Romney told us we weren’t allowed to talk about that. They told us it was a losing battle, and we had to take the high road and just pretend it wasn’t happening. These liberal activists in the media dominate all the major networks, all the major newspapers, all of academia and all of Hollywood. They giddily shout their liberal and progressive messages from coast-to-coast all day long, while we the people in flyover country have to quietly endure it and pretend it’s just good, honest journalism.

Those days are done.

One of the biggest reasons Donald Trump won the Presidency is because he attacked the institutions that Republicans before him lacked the courage to confront. And the media is chief among those institutions. So if the political hacks at CNN and elsewhere in the mainstream media want to ignore that reality and pretend there’s nothing wrong with their blatantly biased “reporting,” that’s fine. But make no mistake: The greatest threat to the media isn’t President Trump. The greatest threat to the media is their own refusal to confess and repent for their partisan sins. And the more they sit around crying on each others’ shoulders about how mean this administration is to them, without looking inward and understanding that our nation’s hostility to the liberal media existed long before Donald Trump came along, then the more their own credibility will continue to tank as they’re further exposed for the partisan hacks that virtually all of them are (with sole exceptions being AM talk radio and a few voices on Fox News).

And contrary to their own ridiculous assertion, the President continuing to point that out isn’t “an attack on the free press.” They’re free to write and do whatever they want. But if it’s their credibility they’re worried about, then they’re not doing themselves any favors by blaming Trump’s right to free speech instead of their own blatantly obvious partisanship.


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